Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Exchange with a Liberal Advocate of Socialized Medicine 公费医疗-个体自由消亡的征兆

My Exchange with a Liberal Advocate of Socialized Medicine 公费医疗-个体自由消亡的征兆

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Here I post my exchange with an advocate of socialized medicine. In my ten years of professional athletic life in China, I had no X-ray examination when I knew I fractured my bones. Iodine plus gauze wraps was all I got. This is my experience with China's socialized medicine -- Don't go that way, American citizens!! --- Kai Chen

在这里我将我与一位美国公费医疗的辩护者的对话公布于众。 在我在中国的十年职业篮球生涯中,尽管我自己知道我曾多次由运动创伤而骨折,我竟从没有过X光的检查。 上点儿碘酒包一包就是我从中国的公费医疗得到的全部。 我还是号称“国宝”的人呢! 美国的公民们:千万不要走公费医疗的恶路。 --- 陈凯



you must remember that the founding fathers were not in agreement with one another. They fought bitterly over the role of government in the lives of Americans, just as we do today. And the founding fathers were not attempting to set up a government that they would like, but to ensure that the will of the majority of the electorate was done, but not at the expense of the rights of the individual.

We are the founding fathers of the future.



The principles enunciated in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution (Bill of Rights) established the meaning of this country. Deviation from these documents, as the current Obama administration exhibited, is a betrayal of American spirit. To say that the current administration is close to the domestic enemy of American constitution is not an overstatement. The essence of democracy is the protection of the individual liberty, not the dominance of the majority.

We are not the founding fathers of America as the liberals so arrogantly state. We are the inheritors of a most precious set of principles human beings fought for thousands of years to understand and grasp. We are the protectors of this set of principles that is eternal in nature. I will fight to the death against those who want to change/transform this country's principles, for they are so dear to my heart and they are the reasons I came and called myself an American. Hopefully you are not one of those who yearns for socialist/communist heaven on earth, for if you are you will be indeed my mortal enemy.

Thanks for the message though. Kai Chen

First, you know that I stand with you against the disgusting tyrrany of the Chinese government and the truly evil methods it employs to control its citizens, including outright murder. I applaud your efforts in that regard. I oppose all such governments.

But about FDIC: are you for a public option that insures our savings or are you against a public option that insures our savings? You didn't answer this question. I only ask this, Kai, because this is an example of a federal program that one could certainly brand as Socialist. I am certain that many have. Incidentally, stop signs are a Socialist means of controlling us, too, under that definition. Why should I have to stop at an intersection? Because the government tells me it's for the "common good"?

My ultimate question is this: how is Obama exhibiting a "sick yearning to control an outcome", and how does FDIC insurance of our savings deposits not fall into that category? I really need to know when people like you denigrate this president, exactly what policy you are opposing. Otherwise it's all just childish name calling.

And finally, you should be more careful with languge. Using the term "mortal enemy" means you would want to kill me, literally murder me, for having a different opinion than you. That's what the Chinese government does. That could be interpreted as a death threat. Oh, and by the way, by telling me that you would kill me for disagreeing with you, you are violating my First Amendment right to free speech. Ironic, isn't it?

Thanks, Bill

The road to hell is paved with best intentions. All communist/socialist dictators brainwash their people by telling them they have the best intentions for them. But power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A healthy society is a society that government does not monopolize power (to decide). The power to decide dwells upon each individual. Government controlled program has one most insidious/evil effect -- making everyone in society an object of governmental power and thus diminishing individual's integrity, freedom and dignity. Because no one is able to compete with government, so everyone will focus on competing with his neighbors to get a little more from the slave-holder. Government is the biggest slave-holder in human history. In socialized medicine, you will have to go back-doors, to bribe, to beg, to blackmail, to intimidate, to pretend..., just to save your own lives. Human lives will gradually deteriorate into nothing and human dignity a remote past.

A free society is a society in which consumers/individuals have choices, and the primary competition is among the providers of services/products. By subjecting each individual as just a number under government bureaucracy, the nature of the society is perverted/turned upside down. Think twice before you hand your power to decide to any government or others.

Once you lose your own power to the government, you will need a revolution, often bloody ones, to get the power back to the individuals again. I do not want to see bloodshed in America, as I have too often witnessed in China.

Best. Kai Chen

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