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From Nixon to Obama - Nihilism over Freedom 从尼克松到奥巴马:改变世界重要还是自由重要?!

From Nixon to Obama - Nihilism over Freedom 从尼克松到奥巴马:改变世界重要还是自由重要?!

Do we want only change or do we want freedom?

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Link to the Nixon Library website on "World Leaders": 尼克松图书博物馆网上链锁: (世界领袖部)

I now post the passage about the section of "World Leaders" in the Nixon Presidential Library/Museum below for your reference. Nixon's standard for a world leader is whether he makes a difference. Such standard is nihilistic in nature and devoid of any moral values. Today Obama wants the same thing for the world - "change". But to what direction? Is "change" what we should want or is "Freedom" what we all want? Are we living to breathe only or are we living to seek freedom, dignity and happiness? The biggest picture is lost in the current perversion of American political cultural landscape. If it is only "change" we want, then what is the difference between Washington and Hitler, between Martin Luther King and Mao. --- Kai Chen

我现在将尼克松图书博物馆的网上链锁贴在这里。 尼克松对“世界领袖”的定义是他是否对世界的变化产生过作用。 这种定义在性质上是彻头彻尾的虚无和毫无价值取向的。 今天奥巴马同样高叫着“改变”。 但是向哪儿改变? (中国专制文化“虚无”的癌症已经扩散到了世界的每一个角落包括美国。)我们究竟要一个强权交接的“变化”还是要自由? 我们活着只是为了呼吸还是为了自由、尊严与幸福? 人们的道德盲点在今天美国政治文化的变态腐败中到达了一个新的恶界。 如果我们只追求“变化”(朝代循环),那华盛顿与希特勒、马丁路德.金与毛泽东便没有任何区别。 --- 陈凯


What kind of difference has Mao made to the world?

Supplemental information on Nixon Library website: 尼克松图书博物馆网上链锁: (世界领袖部)

World Leaders 世界领袖部

World Leaders presentation features priceless gifts presented to President and Mrs. Nixon by heads of state and government from all over the world, and ten life-size statues of world leaders who met President Nixon's criterion for great leadership: "Did they make a difference?"

(翻译: 世界领袖部陈列了许多宝贵的外国首脑与政府赠与尼克松总统夫妇的礼物及十个真人大小的世界领袖塑像。 他们是根据尼克松本人对领袖标准的要求而设立的。 那就是:“由于他们的存在世界改变了吗?")

The world leaders represented are:

Mao Tse-Tung and Chou En-lai, China
Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev, USSR
Anwar el-Sadat, Egypt
Golda Meir, Israel
Winston Churchill, Great Britain
Konrad Adenauer, West Germany
Shigeru Yoshida, Japan
Charles deGaulle, France

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