Wednesday, September 23, 2009

做好事不是为了有好报,退党也不是为了保平安 Be Good for Goodness Sake

做好事不是为了有好报,退党也不是为了保平安 Be Good for Goodness Sake


做好事不是为了有好报,退党也不是为了保平安, 为了怕人说“崇洋媚外”而远离美国所代表的价值只说明专制虚无文化的顽固。 内外敌友亲疏也不是真实的价值与道德标准。 真实、正义、自由、尊严才是永世终极的人们应该勇敢追求的价值。 为了正义去做好事、为了尊严而退党、为了自由而崇尚美国所代表的价值才是每一个反共的人应去遵循的行为动机。 只讲“党”“国”而不讲“人的真实价值”是中国专制腐败文化心态的写照。 --- 陈凯

Be good for goodness sake, not because you can have more benefit for yourself and your offsprings. Quit the communist party for defeating evil and espousing justice, not because you can be secure and safe. Chinese or foreign, enemy or friend, family or neighbor.., should never be the standard to judge what is right or wrong, good or evil, true or false.... Truth, justice, liberty and human dignity are the true values for human beings everywhere on the planet earth. Courage is needed to pursue these values. We should do good for justice, quit the communist party for your human dignity, love America for the freedom and liberty it represents.... The very phenomenon that among the Chinese that there is only talk about "Party", "Nation", "Government".., but no talk at all about "Human Beings" shows how corrupt the Chinese political culture is. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

Have you noticed that even among the Chinese anti-communist groups, there is a lack of pursuit of values: Truth, Justice, Liberty and Dignity? Beside FLG which espouses "Truth, Kindness and Forbearance", no Chinese organizations, inside China or overseas, has ever pursued any true human values.

Inside China, there is the official slogan for the country to become "prosperous", "strong", "harmonious", “united", "socialist", ”China-loving".... Outside of China, there is the talk about "party or anti-party", or "China-loving or China-betraying".... There is absolutely no talk about "human beings", besides the rampant mention of "Chinese". I have long been sick and tired to see the despotic nihilism run amuck among the Chinese-speaking population.

Here I reiterate the values I printed on my Olympic Freedom T-shirt: Truth, Justice, Liberty and Dignity. And my activity against the Chinese despotism/tyranny represented by the communist regime is only based on such eternal values discovered through thousands of years of human conflict/struggle to search for meaning of existence.

Best. Kai Chen
Quote from Andrew Klavan (引言):

如美国的建国者们所知: 拥抱自由的理念就意味着放弃其他貌似崇高的伪理念。 如果你真的向往自由,你就不可能追求财富均等,因为自由会暴露人的才能,努力与运气的不均等。 如果你真的向往自由,你就不可能有财政收入上的安定感, 因为自由竞争会使有的企业成功、有的企业失败。 如果你真的向往自由,你就不可能得到永久的和平,因为自由会暴露人性中的败坏,会使有的人压迫损害其他人;由此那些邪恶的压迫他人的人必须被用强力制服。

虽然自由的代价是相当大的,自由的宝贵则是无价的。 自由使我们每一个人品尝他生命本源的意义、选择他自身的美德、搜寻他自己的真实信仰。 自由将我们每一个人所理解的领域的门豁然打开,因为在宇宙中没有比独立的、没有干扰的头脑与他人的交流更能使智慧的源泉涌流。 自由为我们每一个人开拓了通往真实自我认同与真实的爱的旅途。 自由使人懂得:每一个人都是独特的与不能替代的。

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