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刘宗正对中文病态一思 Hugo Liu on Defects of Chinese Language

陈凯 按:刘宗正先生曾专修中文。 他对中文的病态与危害有自己独特的见解。 我在此转载他的访谈视频。

Kai Chen's Words: Hugo Liu is a friend of mine and an expert in the origin of Chinese language. He has a unique view point on the defects and poisonous effect of the Chinese language on human perception of reality and truth.  Hereby I re-post his interview by Samuel Lee on this issue.


From Fiona Zhao: 


1/3/14  On Facebook 


其实,人是可以自由的,人是可以幸福的是一种“信仰”,而这种信仰是来源与人与“神”的关系,也就是基督文明。认为人生是充满了喜乐的,生命值得庆贺的。而中国的“神”都是让人离开生活,遁世的,认为人之成为人,是一件令人沮丧的事情。这两种对生命,对人生的态度是完全反向的。这是一个非常深刻的议题,我思考了很久。认为我不属于一个反对我的存在以及反对生命存在的文化。最终决定彻底离开中国文化,走入基督文明,拥抱自己生命的意义。为此,付出了沉重的代价。但是,当我进入到自由中,体味到生活的甘甜,生命的激情时,我认为这一切是非常值得。Freedom is not free. 我的根从来就不在中国,我的根在自由里。不要来生不做中国人,这一刻起,就可以不做中国人。

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

美國黑人牧師對自己種族的看法 A Courageous Pastor Tells the Truth

陈凯一语   Kai Chen's Words: 

Indeed, "Only truth shall set you free".  

Truth is often uncomfortable, even painful.  But truth is always liberating. 

It is always hard to face the truth. But the pastor has a great courage to face the truth and tell it like it is. The Chinese should face the truth that their own culture and language are big liabilities for them to achieve freedom.

Only a great Christian can face the truth, pursue the truth with courage and follow the truth with conviction. I am very moved by the pastor's fiery but truthful statement. I only wish there were someone like him in the Chinese community.

Friday, December 13, 2013

章家敦访谈/中国面临崩溃 Gordon Chang "China on the Edge"

Gordon Chang "China on the Edge"
China's warship challenges US Navy.

From Kai Chen:  

I attended Gordon Chang's speech on China last night. I concur with his point that China is indeed on edge of lashing out/collapse. Something big is happening both in the Chinese regime's power circle and in the Chinese military. The recent aggressive behavior on the part of Chinese military signals a desperate and very shaky political situation in China. 

China has never been a nation state. China has always been a despotic dynasty. Today's China is a "communist party dynasty". It does not respect borders. Its territories expands and contracts according to the power strength from the central government. It views surrounding countries not as neighbors, but as subjects of the emperors. Its military owns loyalty not to the state, but to particular persons in the power structure. With the communist party dynasty's last gasps to survive, most likely it will lash out at the neighboring countries and the US, as the signs manifested recently. 

China's economy is faltering with only 1-2 % real growth rate (the regime brags about 7-8%). The banks are in the mode of defaulting. The regional governments in the provinces are splitting. The Xi's position in the recent trasition is very shaky to say the least. The military's hard-liners such as General Liu Yazhou is ascending via threatening rhetoric toward the US and Japan and the neighboring countries. With Obama's appeasement policies in the world toward tyrannies, we are approching the situation before WWII. Brace yourself for a perfect storm.


Gordon Guthrie Chang (Chinese: 章家敦; pinyin: Zhāng Jiādūn) is a lawyer, author, and television pundit, best known for his book The Coming Collapse of China (2001), in which he argued that the hidden non-performing loans of the "Big Four" Chinese State banks would likely bring down China's financial system and its communist government and China would collapse in 2006. In Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World (2006), Chang suggests that North Korea is most likely to target Japan, not South Korea. Chang suggests that North Korean nuclear ambitions could be forestalled if there was concerted multi-national diplomacy, with some "limits to patience" backed up by threat of an all-out Korean war.

Gordon Chang continues to maintain that China is on the brink of collapse and that the people are one step away from revolution.[2] He also argues that China is a "new dot-com bubble", adding that the rapid growth by China is not supported by various internal factors such as decrease in population growth as well as slowing retail sales.[3] In a separate interview, he remarked that China achieved its 149.2% of its current trade surplus with the United States through "lying, cheating and stealing" and that if China decided to realize its threat that had been expressed since August 2007 to sell its US Treasurys, it would actually hurt its own economy which is reliant on exports to the United States; the economy of the United States would be hurt by a sell off of Treasurys, causing the United States to buy less from China, which would in turn hurt the Chinese economy.


Assassination Rumors in China

A return to “the ruthless era of ancient Chinese palace politics”?


December 10, 2013 - 11:03 pm

For about a week, assassination rumors have been swirling around the Chinese capital. According to reports carried in Hong Kong outlets such as Mingjing News, Zhou Yongkang has been detained for involvement in a plot to kill Xi Jinping, the newish ruler of China. Since then, various sites, especially the U.S.-based Boxun News, have carried articles relaying murderous activities attributed to Zhou, who was the country’s internal security czar until November 2012.

Zhou, 71, has also been accused of using two members of the People’s Armed Police — once under his command — to kill his ex-wife. His two drivers reportedly confessed to their role in the murder and were given terms of 15 to 20 years in prison. According to news articles, they were released after serving just three and four years and given jobs in the state-run petroleum industry, which at the time was controlled by Zhou and his political allies.

These various reports, widely circulated, remain unconfirmed, although it is clear the once mighty Zhou is in political trouble of some sort. In November, state media reported that he offered condolences to the family of an educator, an indication that he was still in good standing in the Party. Nonetheless, it is curious that Zhou has dropped out of view. He was last seen in public on October 1, at the National Day celebrations of the China University of Petroleum.

Moreover, his son, Zhou Bin, is reported to be under a form of house arrest in Beijing and cooperating with authorities. A number of Zhou Yongkang’s associates in the petroleum industry — most notably Jiang Jiemin — have been detained. Also under investigation, according to one source, are Zhou’s secretary, bodyguards, and drivers.

The rumors of last week, although highly sensational, provide a context for events in the past few months that at the time had seemed out-of-place. In August, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported that Zhou was under investigation for corruption.

Then, the move against Zhou seemed to be an unprecedented violation of the Communist Party’s unwritten rule that no member of the Politburo Standing Committee can be held accountable (Zhou left the Standing Committee, the apex of Chinese political power, in November 2012). The prosecution, however, becomes more understandable if he in fact plotted to kill Xi Jinping.

It should also be noted that the rumors about Zhou’s coup attempt give credence to the stories that in March of 2012 there was gunfire inside Zhongnanhai, the Communist Party leadership compound in Beijing, and in the surrounding streets, where there were also armored car movements.  And the unconfirmed stories add to the speculation that Bo Xilai, once China’s more openly ambitious politician, was trying to either raise a private army or encourage elements of the People’s Liberation Army to support him in subversive endeavors of some sort. Bo and Zhou are believed to have been, if not co-conspirators, then extremely close allies.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

陈凯新作/曼德拉过世一思 Some Thoughts about Mandela's Passing

Mandela was seeking Castro's communist regime's support


Some Thoughts about Mandela's Passing 

by Kai Chen 12/6/2013 

If someone said this to a Jew - "I think Nazism is good, only Hitler didn't practice it right", the Jew probably would spit on his face. But when Mandela claimed that communism the ideal is good, only no one in the world practiced it right, no one in the world reacted, due to political correctness. Everyone remains silent and ignores/denies the evil in this statement of endorsement/sympathy, due to fear of being called a racist. There is a parallel between Obama's outrageous anti-American, anti-Constitution, illegal behavior in the White House, and blind singing of undeserved praise of Mandela today. 

This is why when Obama skipped this year's Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech anniversary celebration, no one said anything and ignored the hidden evil in such an act. But when Obama is going to Mandela's funeral, everyone has to sing in praise of him, due to the political correctness. 

This is why today's world is sick and dangerous: If a white person says something hateful about someone not white, it is racism and a hell will be raised. But if someone not white says something hateful about a white person, it is NOT racism and a deafening silence ensues. Logic and conscience told me something terribly wrong about this. 

In today's world and America, if one ever said anything to show sympathy to Nazism, it is NOT tolerated. But if someone said anything to show sympathy to Communism, not only is he tolerated in society, he is celebrated, and worse, he can even be elected into the White House, or idolized as an icon in the world. Logic and conscience told me something indeed is terribly wrong about this. 

In today's world and America, if someone divides people into races and treats each differently with discrimination, it will draw moral indignation and criticism. But if someone divides people into social/economic classes and treats each differently with discrimination, then no one reacts to it. The society and government even tout such practices as just, progressive and necessary. The society and government even invent tax code based on such illogical and immoral code to reflect this morally degenerate notion. Something indeed is terribly wrong about this. 

This is why today's world is so screwed up and dangerous: 

Communism/Socialism as an ideal is evil itself. It has killed over 100 million innocent lives in the 20th Century alone. It has caused unspeakable moral degradation of humanity everywhere it has been practiced. It has created countless zombies without souls in the world whose only purpose is to devour other human beings. Until/unless people pluck up their courage to admit this truth, Not to conform to some political correctness to ignore and deny the unimaginable/unspeakable atrocities caused by Communism/Socialism, the world remains perverted and dangerous. Wake up people! You are digging your own grave by this mortal flaw in your thinking and mindset, by this moral confusion and degradation that will doom the world into another dark age. 

I speak about this danger and degradation as an eye witness to the Communist/Socialist crimes and atrocities. I pray for America and for the world of humanity facing this mortal danger today, much like the situation before WWII. It seems we are repeating history by ignoring and forgetting what has happened to humanity in the 20th Century. Indeed, wake up people. 
Quote from Dimon Liu: 

"Yes, Kai Chen - I know this about Mandela. I met Mandela in October, 1990 in Norway. In fact, I sat next to him. I asked Mandela to help Chinese democratic activists. Mandela refused. He told me that during his darkest days fighting against white supremacists and apartheid, it was the Chinese Communist Party that gave him unfailing moral and financial supports; and he was not about to be disloyal and work against them. It took me many years to understand that Mandela saw his duty was to his people and his country first. He was not the universalist that I and many others had hoped, but he did right, and he did well, by his people and his country. For that, he was a great man. I am, and we must all be grateful that such a man lived in our time." 

My thoughts on Mandela's refusal to condemn Tiananmen Square Massacre: 

Indeed Mandela was not a principled man, turning a blind eye to the Chinese students killed on Tiananmen Square in 1989. Should we say that Stalin is a great man because he fought Nazi Germany? He did that purely out of his instinct of survival. The above statement makes me think Mandela did the same, unless you prove to me otherwise. 

I expect a principled man from Mandela, as the media portraits him to be. But I have found an expedient, interest-oriented communist sympathizer who wouldn't give a damn about the oppressed people in the other parts of the world, especially the unarmed students and people on the Tiananmen Square being slaughtered. I was there in 1989. In is unconscionable for Mandela to accept the butcher's financial support yet ignore the communist atrocities. He is very small and ugly in this regard. I cannot consider him being a great man at all, no matter how many people worship him. My conscience simply will not allow me to do so. 

My thoughts on the misconceptions on Communism: 

Communism is not just unworkable. It is evil. It is evil because it artificially divides people into different economic classes/groups and treat each differently with discrimination. What is its difference with Nazism that divides people into racial groups and treat each differently with discrimination. Who are you to decide into what group/class I belong?! Are you God? This is where evil comes in when people pretend to be and play God.

Some more thoughts:

It is very telling when someone sees when people got slaughtered in Tiananmen Square demanding freedom but feels nothing but loyalty to the murderers. I can only conclude, with my conscience, that Mandela is a small man who only thought about his own interests.

Yet Obama will use the occasion and the media to launch another brainwashing propaganda. He is an agitator seizing every opportunity to distort the truth for his own interests and his father's communist dreams. America must be educated to know the truth about Mandela and Obama's schemes.

More thoughts: 

Indeed, human flaws will be forgiven if they are recognized as flaws and asked for forgiveness. But these flaws are tauted as virtues, as in the case of Mandela. That I must condemn. Tauting communism as something good only practiced wrong is to confuse what is different with what is evil. That very confusion puts one into the ranks of evil. Many atrocities in the world are committed because of this confusion and corruption. Hitler and Mao didn't kill that many themselves. They have helpers - the multitude of "willing executioners". If Mandela is just a local politician as viewed that way, I have no problem. To taut him as some moral example to be emulated around the world is a moral corruption itself. 

I only hope those who argue with me with regard of Mandela is not motivated by Political Correctness, and a deep fear of punishment if they don't conform with the majority media and shameless politicians. I like to think of most of you as ones who want to pursue truth. And only truth shall set us free, NOT human weaknesses and fear.