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陈凯再版/渺小与伟大 Kai Chen Reprint/Smallness vs. Greatness

4,500万人死于毛泽东的大饥荒 45 Million People Killed by Mao's Great Famine


Kai Chen Reprint/Smallness vs. Greatness

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语 Kai Chen's Words:

将渺小说成伟大只说明说者的渺小。 将伟大作为伟大去褒扬证实说者的伟大。

If you view smallness as greatness, it only reveals your own smallness. If you view greatness as great and emulate yourself after that greatness, it will reveal your own greatness.


Lin Zhao 林昭 (一个被毛泽东杀害的伟大女性)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/17/2006, Reprint 3/13/2011)

Today in China many people still revere Mao and view him as a great man. They turn a blind eye on the unspeakable atrocity, misery and human degradation Mao had caused upon the Chinese society and individuals. To view Mao as a great man does not make him a great man. It only reveals those who take such a view their own smallness and ugliness.

Throughout history, the Chinese have always had trouble distinguishing what is real and what is illusion, what is the truth and what is a lie, what is superficial and what is substantial, thanks for the despotic/nihilistic culture and the muddy syllabic Chinese language. So it is no surprise that they cannot distinguish between what is great and what is small. The viciousness of the Chinese culture often reveals itself in the Chinese people's views, language/vocabulary and conducts, and in their anti-truth, anti-value, anti-human tendencies. It never ceases to amaze me that whenever the Chinese see something truly great, they have to smear it, jeer it and belittle it till nothing in this world remains true and great. This is their way to cover up their own smallness and insignificance. Yet in their despicable smallness, they have an endless admiration and tolerance for anything ugly, anything detestable, anything evil. Mao and Qin emperor (the first emperor in China's dynasties) are only two such examples. And those who suffered or died for truth and justice in China, because they were powerless therefore viewed as losers in history, are forever buried deep in people's consciousness, avoided whenever possible and forgotten all together. Such is the rotten/evil nature of the Chinese history.

In America, what I have witnessed is just the opposite of what I had experienced in China. I will never forget once I visited a nameless pier by the ocean in California. I was very surprised to see a metal sign erected on the pier with some words etched on it. When I read the words, I realized it was a sign to commemorate an old janitor who had cleaned the pier dutifully and diligently for decades. I was immensely moved by the sign and what it means and implies:

*One man's greatness has been recognized and revered by a society full of great human beings.*

What else can be more powerful and revealing in such a contrast between these two societies (China and America), and individuals in them?!

Now I ask you: What do you value? What do you view as smallness or greatness? The answer from yourself will truly reveal your own morality, mentality and values. The answer will truly reveal your individual quality as a human being, and indeed, your own smallness or greatness.

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Irene is right, this is a beautiful post. America is great because she is a christian nation. We value life beacause we value the creator of all life. When His son left the riches of heaven to ransom our souls from hell ,with his own life ,He said something so profound to His disciples. He said the greatest among you must be the servant ... He said that He came not to be served but to serve. He also taught that love was the greatest of all and that if His love was in us, that we would love one another and that the world would recognize us by the love that we bore one another. He said that if we were able to do the most amazing things and did not possess love ,we were empty as sounding brass and had nothing. He also taught that love covered a matter and lack of love uncovered a matter. He demonstrated this love for all of us by laying down His life for us.We christians make up the body of Christ and we are tiny indeed, but working together we become something that is so strong that nothing can overcome us because by doing this we overcome the world by the blood of the Lamb.