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Kai Chen on US Asian Policies regarding China and North Korea:

Kai Chen on US Asian Policies regarding China and North Korea:
US must see the nature of the Chinese regime in dealing with North Korea. Seeing that China is not a problem and root cause of North Korea issue is illusory and delusional. China's Xi has gotten what he wants from Trump - US recognition of the criminal communist regime while using North Korea threat as the means to attain that goal. Trump was played by the Chinese without out knowing the real issue, for recognizing the real issue needs true moral clarity and courage. Trump simply does not have what Reagan had to defeat communism. People seem to forget what the Chinese and North Koreans are - communist dynasties.

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通告 Announcement: 陈凯UCLA演讲 10/18/2016 at 6:00 pm

通告 Announcement: 陈凯UCLA演讲 10/18/2016 at 6:00 pm
Dear friends:
UCLA Republican Students Event:  October 18, 2016 at 6:00 pm. (Royce Hall room 156)
I will have a speech for UCLA Republican students on October 18, 2016 at 6:00 pm. (Royce Hall room 156). You all are welcome to attend. This will mark my first return speech to my UCLA alma mater since the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre.
It just happened that when I watched the recent induction ceremony of NBA's Hall of Fame with Yao Ming on TV, there was a small segment about China's basketball in the 1970s. There I was in a game with my teammates such as Mu. I suddenly recognized and revisited myself on the court in that segment (1978 Beijing International Invitational Tournament with Chinese "August 1st Team" against the Philippines). History somehow always seems to chase me and remind me of my life's purpose and destiny.
Best wishes and many thanks for being my friends and comrades in fight for freedom.
Kai Chen

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陈凯夫妇 - 自由的人 Free People: Couple Leaves China after Hurdles of Olympic Proportions

Free People: Couple Leaves China after Hurdles of Olympic Proportions

陈凯夫妇 - 自由的人
 | Canyon Country Magazine | August 15, 2016
kai and fiona chen
Canyon Country has a lot of colorful characters, but it isn’t often we meet residents on a government blacklist.
Kai and Fiona Chen can never return to their home country – the People’s Republic of China.
Fiona is from the Shandong Province on the east coast of China, while Kai is from Beijing. Their stories are different, but their union has resulted in a doubly powerful voice against the hidden agenda of government in China.
Fiona left China on Christmas Eve in 2003 and moved to Canada with her firstborn son, Lawrence. Her father criticized the Communist Party while taking part in the Anti-Rightist Movement of the late 1950s, so her family members were being persecuted.
The magazine editor found a job working as a TV reporter in Vancouver, where she used her skills to spread a message to the rest of the world that the image of China coming through propaganda was untruthful. She worked to “expose the evil deeds of Chinese authorities,” who she had seen quashing dissidents and “committing crimes against their own citizens and people in the free world.”
“I shed tears over Tiananmen,” Fiona said. “Since 1949 more than 80 million people have been killed. I was shocked by that.”
Fiona’s father was a writer and publicist who had to use a fictional name because of his statements against the government.
“In China there’s a one child policy,” said the mother of three – Lawrence, 16, David, 10, and Celina, 6. “I didn’t want my kids to live in (Communist Chinese) society.”
Fiona didn’t know anyone when she moved to Vancouver. Her parents immigrated to Canada two years after she did, where they still live today.
“When I landed (in Canada) it felt totally different, how people naturally trust each other. There’s a genuine smile on their face. They share their story—not just to please people.”
Fiona met Kai in 2007 before the Beijing Olympic Games. She produced a four-episode documentary called “My Way” about Kai, a former Chinese professional basketball player, who she married in 2014.
“In one month there were more than 300,000 viewers,” Fiona said. “People were so moved by Kai’s story.”
She said the Chinese government soon blocked the YouTube upload of her documentary. “It was one professional athlete to stand up,” she said.
And when Kai Chen stands up, his 6-foot, 7-inch frame is noticed.
“Once the door opened in China, I was gone,” said Kai, a former professional basketball player for China’s National Team. He left China in 1981.
Born in Beijing, Kai’s family was caught up in the turmoil of 20th century China. They were involved with the Kuomintang, or KMT, the ruling party in China until 1949, when it moved to Taiwan after being defeated by the Communist Party. Kai’s father and his nine siblings were separated by the Taiwan Strait. His grandfather stayed in Beijing with Kai’s parents, while his grandmother went to Taiwan with his uncle and other members of his family. His grandparents would never see each other again.
Because of his family’s ties to Taiwan, Kai and his family were exiled from Beijing to Tonghua in Manchuria. During the Cultural Revolution, young people were sent to the countryside. They were forced to work at a grain depot, sometimes carrying up to 200 pounds on their shoulders. An avid basketball player, Kai found his passion through expressing himself on the court; later, it’s where he would find his freedom.
“The Communist Government wanted to use sports to break China’s isolation around the world,” Kai said.
Kai was chosen at the age of 16 to play for a National Athletics program grooming talent for the Chinese National Teams in 1970.
“Before I knew there was a country called America, America had already saved me,” Kai said. “Because America invented basketball.”
He first tried to free himself from the national authorities, who were going to send him back to the grain depot in Liuhe after Kai’s Taiwan relatives were revealed. Kai found he could get on a professional team in Guangzhou Military District, so he escaped from Beijing, pretending to go shopping, carrying just a yellow satchel to deter suspicion. It had Mao’s inscription, “Serve the People,” on it, which he said would make him “keenly aware of the immorality and corruption in this society. I would be reminded of the falsehood and lies spread by the authorities.”
Kai was caught and sent back to the grain depot. But he escaped again to a provincial basketball team, and finally joined the Chinese Army for the political benefit to his family. Due to the intense physical labor, repairing dams and military training, Kai developed bleeding ulcers and was on the verge of death. While hospitalized for a month, he made up his mind he would find happiness. He had never in his life known anyone in China that was happy, he said.
“The biggest revenge for me against this society was to find freedom and happiness for myself,” Kai said.
During the brief period following Mao’s death, Kai was able to obtain a student visa to the United States. He is a graduate of UCLA. Fiona’s family emigrated to Canada through the independent immigration process.
Both Kai and Fiona are on the “blacklist” in China.
Her writing and internet posting through her own company, Liberty Bell Studios, is aimed at introducing American values to those behind the Communist curtain. She forms online groups in order to penetrate fire walls created by the Chinese government to impede citizens of China from gaining access to that information. Kai and Fiona help others find software to break through those firewalls.
The couple described a group called “50 Cents,” which is a propaganda team hired by the Communist government. It is made up of young “opinion leaders” who earn 50 cents when they complete an internet post promoting Chinese Communism and government agendas.
“The (Chinese government) learned from the collapse of the Soviet Union,” Kai said. “They’re better than the Soviet Union at controlling your thoughts. It’s been pretty effective so far.”
They’re fanning nationalism and sentiment that is anti-U.S. and anti-Japan, according to the Chens.
Kai has spent decades protesting pro-Communism efforts and promoting the values espoused by America. A naturalized citizen of the United States, Kai fought Confucius Institutes that cropped up globally. It is a program teaching the language and culture of China that critics say advances the Chinese government’s agenda to falsely influence perceptions of China.
“I went to Congress and testified,” Kai said. “They terminated their contract because it violated U.S. educational policies, against American employment policies, when they hired teachers.”
There are hundreds in the United States at all levels of education. “These are brainwashing … propaganda about reality,” he said. “They do a lot to damage the U.S., weaken this country’s moral underpinnings.”
In 2009 Kai protested a restaurant in Hollywood called Mao’s Kitchen for their portrait of the former Chinese leader and for “singing Mao’s praises,” Kai said.
And when the Nixon Library had a statue of Mao Tse-Tung in his “world leaders” section near Winston Churchill, Kai organized a protest. “Mao is worse than Stalin and worse than Hitler, in terms of killing,” Kai said.
chen fam 2
The Chens have strong political opinions, and share them when invited to speak at groups or meetings.
“Historians agree Mao committed atrocities against the Chinese people,” Kai said. “Reagan had great moral clarity, calling the Soviet Union an ‘evil empire.’ We needed an American president to enunciate moral principles.”
The Chens hope to affect U.S. policy toward their homeland. They hope to promote “political and moral wisdom in dealing with China.”
“We are not a country built on money; we are a country built on principles,” Kai said. “We feel obligated to give back. (The U.S. is) the greatest country in the world. Don’t take it for granted.”
Fiona recently became a member of Zonta International of SCV. She was sponsored by a member, Ronnie Erickson. “They are a group concerned about women’s lives. I fit in this category,” Fiona said. “A life with lots of layers.”
It was a big shift from Canada to living in the U.S. She said the education her children are receiving in the U.S. is more focused on reading and math. She was particularly pleased that her son, David, was chosen to write two books through the Sulphur Springs School District Young Authors program.
The Chens said their kids are “making tremendous progress.” Ten-year-old David enjoys activities such as a magic class offered in Newhall, and six-year-old Celina takes piano lessons and plays soccer. Lawrence, 16, is a student at Canyon High School.
Kai is a four-year resident of Canyon Country and has two grown children, who both played college basketball – one at Yale and one at Brandeis University. Fiona moved here with her children in 2014.
“People are very friendly and they are trustworthy,” Kai said of the Santa Clarita Valley. “It’s very quiet. There’s a wonderful sense of community.”

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曾遭抗议 洛杉矶“毛厨房”因租赁纠纷关闭 Mao's Kitchen Closed

812271915221849.jpg (303×201)

曾遭抗议 洛杉矶“毛厨房”因租赁纠纷关闭
Mao's Kitchen Closed


【大纪元2016年07月09日讯】近日,位于洛杉矶Melrose购物街的“毛厨房”(Mao’s Kitchen)悄悄关闭。这家中餐馆因以中共前党魁毛泽东命名,多年来不止一次遭到反共人权人士的抗议,抗议毛的形象和符号所代表的专制和






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陈凯访谈/从林书豪谈美国个体自由价值与中国群体专制文化 Kai Chen Interview on Jeremy Lin and Culture of Freedom vs. Culture of Despotism

Kai Chen Interview on Jeremy Lin and Culture of Freedom vs. Culture of Despotism 

America - Four Essentials

The supreme value of the individual, Christian morals/ethics, Constitutional federalism, English language.  

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陈凯新作/川普-又一个救世主? Another Savior?! Are You Kidding Me?

美国不需要救世主。 美国需要价值的传播者。
We don't need a manager, a dealer or a savior.  We need a preacher. 

Another Savior?! Are You Kidding Me?

Kai Chen on Trump phenomenon 


We don't need a manager. We don't need a dealer. We need a preacher likes Reagan. 

We are a "nation under God". That is what makes us special and great. Our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, has always asserted this unique feature of us as a people. Our constitution has been written to protect us from usurpers and imposters and saviors. We have always been great, because we are a nation made by God and a divine spirit of human freedom and liberty, regardless of our trials, tribulations and failures, for we have always had a moral compass from above.... 

We only need a preacher to remind us of that, from time to time. 

It has been a while since the last true preacher of our virtue and purpose - Ronald Reagan. We have forgotten who we are as Americans. We let demagogues and imposters like Obama to lead us to "fundamentally transform" this last bastion of human freedom into a nation of robbers and freeloaders yearning for free lunches, because of our own fears and weaknesses, because we are blinded by our own creation of "political correctness". Skin color and more money in our pockets have become our obsessions. We have indeed forgotten what being an American is all about - "Self-government through a set of values and principles - a moral compass by God, via the virtues from each and everyone of us." We have created a government to control itself, to enforce the laws by us due to our own weaknesses. We have never created a government to "save" us. 

Now after we have lost sight of who we are as Americans for too long, we are thoroughly frustrated and angry. We are actually irate of our own inability to find a direction. So we searched in the dark, not seeing the guiding light has always been in our founding documents with the eternal principles based on our unchanging human nature and our dreams/ideals of our potentials. That "shining city on the hill" has somehow disappeared in our vision. Short-cuts and expediency have somehow become our GPS to tell us where to turn. We have thrown away our own compass. 

Now we struck out blindly again, trying to find a "savior", not God but man among men, to save us from our past mistakes and errors. We again found someone in ample supply through human history - a power-worshiper to bestow upon us freedom, happiness and prosperity. After the fakes and frauds we are so tired of in the current administration, we finally have found - Donald. Hooray! 

Bigger government is not what we want now. We want unlimited great government to correct the big government. Freedom is not what we want now. We want more money in our own pockets. True happiness with meaning is not what we want in our lives now. We want more short-cuts and conveniences. American moral leadership is not what we want now. American power to threat and blackmail, in order to "make deals" to make us "strong again" dominates our mindset. 

I came to this great nation, under God, to have found a "shining city" in the 1980s. Everyone was optimistic toward future with a moral compass - good against evil, right against wrong, truth against falsehood.... Everyone in the world yearned to become "like an American". The world progressed from under the communist threat to annihilate human freedom toward a new world of hope with limitless potentials for joy and creativity. 

Yet after the down fall of the Berlin Wall, we seem to lost our direction as a nation: Good vs Evil, Right vs. Wrong, Truth vs. Falsehood somehow have disappeared from our own language and vocabulary. We are more concerned with emotions and feelings, touchy to the degree of paranoia. GPS by men replaces Moral Compass by God. We are moving by a nameless, invisible force toward "zombification" - a state I was ever so familiar when I lived in the soulless China. We are moving from "moral compromise" to "moral decay" to "moral nihilism". Obama is going to receive the second Nobel Peace Prize without mentioning another Nobel Peace Prize winner languishing in the Chinese jail in any of his speeches. Yet, we are still worried about putting more money in our own pockets promised by the Donald. Are we fast becoming a joke for our posterity? Are we kidding ourselves? 

Wake up, America! We don't need another self-proclaimed savior to save us from our own weakness, sin, and blindness. We have always had God. We only need a preacher to remind us of that. Let's return to our senses, values and founding principles.

Kai Chen on Trump's Rise

Kai Chen on Trump's Rise


"Power without moral compass is the most dangerous and destructive force that dooms mankind. Maybe "Lord of the Ring" can inspire you with my point." --- Kai Chen 

Trump's rise does not inspire me. It alarms me. 

As Rubio maintains: "America is great and has been great. " America's greatness is not defined by her power alone. America is great because it is good with a principled foundation - Human liberty and freedom. America is great not because of the stats or strength. America is great because of her values and meaningful existence. 

It is not what Trump said that bothers me. It is what he always and consistently does not say: Despite his hugging the flag and wanting to 'make America great again", he fails thoroughly to understand and articulate what America stands for and what being an American means. Liberty/freedom has been lacking entirely in his speech. Trump wants power and power alone. He thinks only power defines America, not values. He believes "might makes right", not other way around. 

Alarmingly, many Americans identify themselves with Trump's view of world and America. This is where dictatorship arises and endangers everyone's life and liberty. At the best, Trump is a nationalist, not a Conservative for liberty and freedom in society. At worst, Trump is trying to make enemies (he mixed China with Japan, not differentiate despotism and democracy) domestically and internationally. In Trump's world, like in most liberals' view, there is no right and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and evil. There is only power by strength/guns. Mao maintains the same world view. That is why I left China to look for a place with true values. I came to America. I fully understand in a gun/power dominated society, what a human being can become - zombies via a process of zombification by the government. 

Indeed, America has never been perfect. Yet America has always been great, for America is the only country in the world guided not by tradition, language, religion, territory, etc.... America is guided by the eternal values/principles of mankind, manifested in the "Declaration of Independence" and "American Constitution with the Bill of Rights". America has always been under the guidance of divine moral compass, striving toward light and hope. 

This is why I identify myself as an America since I was born. Only I was born in the wrong place. Trump can never represent me or America. I'd rather have Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Fiorina..., for they understand what America stands for and what being an American is all about.
Kai Chen on Trump's similarity with Obama: 

Both Trump and Obama want power only, regardless of principles on which this country was founded.

Obama wants to fundamentally transform America into socialism/communism. Trump wants to make America a "might makes right" hegemony.

Obama wants to pit the poor against the rich, in order to maintain his power base. Trump wants to pit one group of people against another, to appeal to the dark side of human beings.

Obama wants to appease all the despots and tyrants in the world. Trump want to get along and deal with all the despots and tyrants in the world.

Obama wants America to be loved by her enemies. Trump wants America to be feared by her allies. (Trump puts China and Japan in the same category).

Both Obama and Trump appeals to expediency without principles. Both of them are unmoral or immoral. What is left is a world without moral direction and leadership.

God created America to lead the world out of darkness, while Obama and Trump want to keep the world in the darkness, void of America's moral duty and leadership by God

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“自由鐘”系列之一 -- “自由的曙光” "Liberty Bell" Series -- Part One "Dawn of Liberty"

“自由鐘”系列之一 -- “自由的曙光”  
"Liberty Bell" Series -- Part One "Dawn of Liberty" 

自由鐘 - 自由精神啓蒙系列旨在介紹美國立國精神、聯邦憲政、基督精神、個體價值,以對說中文的­人們産生自由精神啓蒙的作用。 本節目將連續將美國社會的各個層面系列地介紹給中文觀衆。 望各位觀衆給予有意義的回饋。


Folks:  8/1/15
The program "Liberty Bell" (series) is launched on Youtube now.  You can post it on your websites or blogs for your audience to view it.  "Liberty Bell" will continue to produce the program in its series.  Dawn of Liberty is the first.  It will take another two months to produce the next one "Putting Power in the Cage of Christian Ethics and Constitution".  

As a free being by God living in America, it is my moral duty to safeguard this last bastion of human freedom.  I am proud to be part of this great and worthy struggle.  
Fiona, as the producer, worked hard on this program.  I am very grateful to her. 

Enjoy and let me know what you think.  Best wishes.  Kai Chen 

















我們認為以下這些真實是自我驗證的:所有人因被神(上帝)所創而平等。上帝賦予他們若幹不可剝奪的權利,其中包括生命、自由和追求幸福的權利。為了保障這些權利,人們才在他們之間建立政府。 這個政府的合法權力,是由被施法者們的同意而産生的。 當任何形式的政府,對這些目標(保障人的天賦權利)產生破壞作用時,人們便應用神賦予的權利予以改變或廢除,建立新的政府。 新政府的建立與組織必須基於所提的原則,以使所管理的人們得到最大程度的安全和幸福。 為了慎重起見,成立許久的政府是不應當由於微小與暫時的原因而草率更換。 歷史曾一再向我們驗證,人寧可遭受苦難也不願為了原則更換已經習慣了的政府。 但當政府用極端的專制暴政無視人的尊嚴強取豪奪,人們就不但有權利也有義務推翻這樣的政府而為他們未來的安全建立新的保障。



陳凱:美國的《獨立宣言》可以一直沿襲到希臘社會的整個對人類哲學討論, 人究竟是什麼,人是否追求幸福,人是否追求自由, 選舉的必要性,洛克,他是英國社會,還包括很多歐洲的哲學家們,提到的通過合同而建立的政府,人性本身是戰爭還是和平,都是非常深遠的一些討論, 焦距在美國的《獨立宣言》裏面。





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Independent Documentary Film "Jiao Lian" 独立制记录片“教练”

Independent Documentary Film "Jiao Lian"  


Esteban Parquello is a friend of mine.  He interviewed me in this documentary about China's basketball establishment and sports culture.  I hope you can support him in his effort to document this part of China's sports history.  You can go to this link: 

to sample his independent production.  Thanks for your support.  Kai Chen 

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Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom/Democracy 基督精神与自由民主

Confucianism = Confusion of Mind/Spirit

鬼首天龙 于 2015-1-10 


























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美国国会就中共在美教育界渗透的听证 Subcommittee Hearing: Is Academic Freedom Threatened by China's Influence on U.S. Universities?

Subcommittee Hearing: Is Academic Freedom Threatened by China's Influence on U.S. Universities?

听证会视频连锁: Video Link to the Hearing:

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陈凯一思/奥巴马与奴性心态 Ferguson, Obama and slave-mindset

Kai Chen's more thoughts on Ferguson, Obama and slave-mindset


When slaves are first chased out of the cage to the open, some embrace the freedom and the possibility of happiness. Some others are simply frightened by the limitless possibilities in freedom. They feel totally lost, much like a blind person first opens his eyes after the surgery to recover his vision. They want to go back to the cage and the darkness, for in there they don't ever have to worry about where the food and shelter come from: Someone always provides those for them. A powerful slave-mindset drives them to yearn more for free stuff than for freedom to pursue happiness. Most Obama voters in the minority groups tend to belong to such category. 

Much like Mao who understood the Chinese peasants, though he detested them in his private moments, and their yearning for an almighty emperor and peace under tyranny, Obama understands the slave mentality in his voting block - those who yearn to return to the cage and darkness. Obama then promised them the free stuff, though he didn't mention the cage and darkness, through his "hope and change" slogan: "You can get free phones, free cars, free houses...." Obama sends his powerful message via the leftist media and the closet communist supporters. 

Yet the free stuff did not come after six years with Obama's promise - an actual deception to get the slaves' votes. Things get worse under Obama for the minority groups. They get frustrated and agitated. But it was they who put Obama in the office. So the slave crowd starts to listen and believe to another Obama lie: "You haven't got the free stuff I promised, because of the obstruction from the Republicans. Even more, it is because American system is set against you. American freedom is your enemy." 

I suspect that a family culture such as Michael Brown's propagated Obama's daily lies onto their children. And since after six years they haven't gotten the free stuff Obama promised, they extend to their kids: "Just go out there and take it. This is our American dream - our rights to take things from others (against the rights to keep what you have worked for and produced yourself)" So increasingly the slave-minded people will take American system as their enemy since in such a system no one is entitled of others' fruit of labor. So now the right to rob others, the right to loot others through a riot, the right to be deceived by the demagogues such as Obama, the right not to work but get free stuff have become the new rights with Obama's false promises and new calling to demolish American founding principles and system. 

Obama set the fire and then pretend to extinguish the fire. This is not unlike Mao and the communists when they deceived the peasants by promising land for everyone. Then they turned around to have collectivized the land and made sure no one owns an inch of land. Today it is still the same in China - not an inch of land belongs to an individual citizen. Obama learned well from Mao and the communist regimes around the world - To control those slave-minded people, you just promise them "heaven on earth", then you blame imperialists, capitalists, individualists, selfishness of others..., for not delivering your promise. It has worked every time. 

To the crowd of slave-minded people, I would say this: Obama is your worst nightmare by deceiving you with an illusion. I also am your worst nightmare by fighting for truth and American founding principles against the crowd like you. There is no hope for you to "fundamentally transform" America, for your idea of American dream through taking from others and free stuff from the government is evil in nature. You can never succeed, for evil has two enemies - good and evil itself (Obama and yourself), and good has only one enemy - evil. Give up your illusion of heaven on earth promised by Obama and join the humanity of freedom. This is your only salvation.

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Kai Chen on Ferguson Riots 只有真实的询问才会有真实的答案

Kai Chen’s thoughts on Ferguson’s riot: 

Real Answer Must Come from Right Questions


By Kai Chen   陈凯   11/25/2014

“Only Truth shall set us free.”

Even though I am an “anti-communist” crusader, most anti-communists in the Chinese community both in China and overseas don’t like the questions I ask in my effort to pursue truth.  Most anti-communists in the Chinese community want only to get rid of the communist regime/government.  They blame everything on Mao and the regime’s tyranny and corruption.  But my questions make them very uncomfortable: 

What causes the never-ending Chinese despotic dynastic-cycle?  Why do the Chinese always yearn for a savior in their life to solve their pain and suffering?  Who have enabled Mao and the communists to usurp power and maintain the murderous regime for so long?  If the Chinese culture is so great, why does it fail to prevent tyranny from happening and curb evil tyrants every time?  Why is the Chinese society today still mired in a hopelessness and helplessness?  Does everyone of us bear any responsibility in this gigantic human tragedy called China? 

During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, I was a teenager who was forced/pushed into the murderous torrent:  For fear of my own safety, I joined my fellow students in struggling my teachers.  One of them died as a result of the torture and torment.  I still have painful recollections and a deep sense of remorse from time to time:  I do and I should bear my responsibility as an individual, as a fearful being, as a guilty enabler of evil in this gigantic human tragedy and atrocity – Mao’s Cultural Revolution.   

Back to Ferguson’s tragedy and riots:  What are the right questions to ask?  Is it always, as the so-called black “civil rights” leaders forever framed, the issue of “white establishment oppressing the blacks and making their lives miserable and hopeless?  Why does this question’s premise (one’s misery and suffering is always because of circumstances, history and others’ evil intention) go nowhere and become nothing but a nihilistic pursuit? 

Maybe the true questions should be: 

Where does a family culture of violence and taking advantage of each other come from?  Why does a man-eating cycle of victim-villain last in the black community?  Is the victim also a villain in the Michael Brown case?  If the truth is affirmative of this fact, then what causes MB to have become such a bully/robber that led to his own irrational confrontation with the police and eventually his own death? 

Maybe a more salient question should be: 

Does the ubiquitous “Political Correctness” prevent American society which is established on seeking truth with individual liberty from asking these relevant and essential questions?

In my own personal experience with tyranny and a culture/a mindset of slaves in China, I often see a parallel in the cycle of victim-villain in the black community in America:  People, due to their being brainwashed by their own political elite, their own fear of truth, their ignorance of their own true history, fail to ask the right questions.  Therefore, their misery and plight is nothing but a never-ending cycle of their own making – a failure of individual responsibility, in another word, a failure to take control of their own individual lives and prevent themselves from become the part of man-eating cycle.  In their eagerness to blame others, to blame circumstances, to blame history, people forget the truth that they are free beings with freedom of choices: 

Today, at this moment, you can choose not to be controlled by others, no matter how powerful they are.  Today, at this moment, you can choose to recover the original meaning of life endowed upon you by God.  Today, at this moment, you can make the painful but hopeful choice of moving forward on the path of freedom with a moral compass from your conscience, with a powerful tool of reason and logic.  Today, at this moment, you can bid farewell to your own man-eating societal and family culture of despair and start a new life of individual with integrity and responsibility.  Today, at this moment, you can be just like me – a person born into despotic tyranny, raised by communist brainwashing propaganda and the paralyzing Chinese nihilistic family culture of slavery - make your own choice to break the shackle in your mind/soul, to shout on top of your lungs: 

I am a free being! I can’t take this nonsense anymore!
If I can be free, can have dignity, can find true happiness, you can as well.

Link to "My Way - Journey toward Freedom": 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

奥巴马对穷人与少数族裔的精神危害 Obama Endangers/Creates Underclass


Obama Endangers/Creates Underclass 

by Kai Chen 陈凯   11/22/2014

Obama has fast become not only a joke in modern American political history, but an endangerment to the underclass he proclaimed to save:

By lying, cheating, falsehood, empty promises, political expediency, by setting an example of nihilism and Machiavellian "end justifying means", Obama has actively, maybe purposefully, been creating an permanent underclass - an underclass Not just in material sense, but in a spiritual sense. By going 180 degrees to the opposite of what he claims not to do because of US constitutional constraints, Obama was actually telling the minorities, the poor, women and those who wrongfully voted for him: In finance, you can lie to get a loan; in commerce, you can cut corners to sell a product; in politics, you can deceive to get elected; in school, you can cheat to get a good grade; in athletics, you can take shortcut to become Michael Jordan; in life, you can just beg, manipulate, threat, blackmail, extort to control people's emotions, to appeal to their weakness and fear to get what you want. "See me, I cheated all the way to the White House."

The fiasco of Obama presidency has but one clear message, same as that from all socialist/communist societies:

Americans, or mankind by the same token, is stupid and weak, as Gruberism has taught us, as Obama's absolute lack of honesty, integrity and competence showed us: You can succeed by setting the people you claim to help to fail. Thus you create spiritual cripples in society - a permanent underclass with shrewdness but no intelligence, no wisdom and no moral compass. Then you can extort others with your total incapacity to do anything in a real world -- That is called "paying your fair share". No wonder there is a riot brewing in Ferguson based on propaganda and non-reality. People's attention is focused on not improving themselves by their own moral characters, integrity and effort, but on threatening others and extorting from others through fear, intimidation, helplessness and pity...

To the minorities, the poor, the under-privileged, I would say this: Obama is your worst nightmare to your family and your children, for they can all now look at Obama and say to themselves: "If Obama can lie and cheat his way to the White House, so can I." If this is what you envision your children to be like, go ahead and follow Obama's example. But there is indeed reality and a free world out there you must deal with. It is not by any government rules or people like Obama's wishes. It is by a high being that you may not recognize but governs us all.

May God bless this great nation founded not by those in power, but by God's moral principles. I still believe:  We Americans will overcome. 

Kai Chen's remark on individual identity:

I came to the US in 1981 and during the Reagan years, I studied English and graduated from UCLA in political science (my effort to understand American culture and system). Eventually I made my conclusion on my own individual identity: I was born already an American, only born in the wrong place. I would say this to all the individuals around the world: If you value life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, you are already an American. You don't have to explain to anyone about your identity. You just have to live it.
In 1989 when I stood on the Tiananmen Square witnessing the Martial Law being implemented, I realized that I as an individual who yearns for freedom and true happiness, had nothing to do with China as a culture and a system. I had everything in my fiber of existence to identify with America - my true home, the home of my soul. May God bless this great nation. 
If you want to know more about me, read my memoir - "One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom