Thursday, November 27, 2014

陈凯一思/奥巴马与奴性心态 Ferguson, Obama and slave-mindset

Kai Chen's more thoughts on Ferguson, Obama and slave-mindset


When slaves are first chased out of the cage to the open, some embrace the freedom and the possibility of happiness. Some others are simply frightened by the limitless possibilities in freedom. They feel totally lost, much like a blind person first opens his eyes after the surgery to recover his vision. They want to go back to the cage and the darkness, for in there they don't ever have to worry about where the food and shelter come from: Someone always provides those for them. A powerful slave-mindset drives them to yearn more for free stuff than for freedom to pursue happiness. Most Obama voters in the minority groups tend to belong to such category. 

Much like Mao who understood the Chinese peasants, though he detested them in his private moments, and their yearning for an almighty emperor and peace under tyranny, Obama understands the slave mentality in his voting block - those who yearn to return to the cage and darkness. Obama then promised them the free stuff, though he didn't mention the cage and darkness, through his "hope and change" slogan: "You can get free phones, free cars, free houses...." Obama sends his powerful message via the leftist media and the closet communist supporters. 

Yet the free stuff did not come after six years with Obama's promise - an actual deception to get the slaves' votes. Things get worse under Obama for the minority groups. They get frustrated and agitated. But it was they who put Obama in the office. So the slave crowd starts to listen and believe to another Obama lie: "You haven't got the free stuff I promised, because of the obstruction from the Republicans. Even more, it is because American system is set against you. American freedom is your enemy." 

I suspect that a family culture such as Michael Brown's propagated Obama's daily lies onto their children. And since after six years they haven't gotten the free stuff Obama promised, they extend to their kids: "Just go out there and take it. This is our American dream - our rights to take things from others (against the rights to keep what you have worked for and produced yourself)" So increasingly the slave-minded people will take American system as their enemy since in such a system no one is entitled of others' fruit of labor. So now the right to rob others, the right to loot others through a riot, the right to be deceived by the demagogues such as Obama, the right not to work but get free stuff have become the new rights with Obama's false promises and new calling to demolish American founding principles and system. 

Obama set the fire and then pretend to extinguish the fire. This is not unlike Mao and the communists when they deceived the peasants by promising land for everyone. Then they turned around to have collectivized the land and made sure no one owns an inch of land. Today it is still the same in China - not an inch of land belongs to an individual citizen. Obama learned well from Mao and the communist regimes around the world - To control those slave-minded people, you just promise them "heaven on earth", then you blame imperialists, capitalists, individualists, selfishness of others..., for not delivering your promise. It has worked every time. 

To the crowd of slave-minded people, I would say this: Obama is your worst nightmare by deceiving you with an illusion. I also am your worst nightmare by fighting for truth and American founding principles against the crowd like you. There is no hope for you to "fundamentally transform" America, for your idea of American dream through taking from others and free stuff from the government is evil in nature. You can never succeed, for evil has two enemies - good and evil itself (Obama and yourself), and good has only one enemy - evil. Give up your illusion of heaven on earth promised by Obama and join the humanity of freedom. This is your only salvation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kai Chen on Ferguson Riots 只有真实的询问才会有真实的答案

Kai Chen’s thoughts on Ferguson’s riot: 

Real Answer Must Come from Right Questions


By Kai Chen   陈凯   11/25/2014

“Only Truth shall set us free.”

Even though I am an “anti-communist” crusader, most anti-communists in the Chinese community both in China and overseas don’t like the questions I ask in my effort to pursue truth.  Most anti-communists in the Chinese community want only to get rid of the communist regime/government.  They blame everything on Mao and the regime’s tyranny and corruption.  But my questions make them very uncomfortable: 

What causes the never-ending Chinese despotic dynastic-cycle?  Why do the Chinese always yearn for a savior in their life to solve their pain and suffering?  Who have enabled Mao and the communists to usurp power and maintain the murderous regime for so long?  If the Chinese culture is so great, why does it fail to prevent tyranny from happening and curb evil tyrants every time?  Why is the Chinese society today still mired in a hopelessness and helplessness?  Does everyone of us bear any responsibility in this gigantic human tragedy called China? 

During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, I was a teenager who was forced/pushed into the murderous torrent:  For fear of my own safety, I joined my fellow students in struggling my teachers.  One of them died as a result of the torture and torment.  I still have painful recollections and a deep sense of remorse from time to time:  I do and I should bear my responsibility as an individual, as a fearful being, as a guilty enabler of evil in this gigantic human tragedy and atrocity – Mao’s Cultural Revolution.   

Back to Ferguson’s tragedy and riots:  What are the right questions to ask?  Is it always, as the so-called black “civil rights” leaders forever framed, the issue of “white establishment oppressing the blacks and making their lives miserable and hopeless?  Why does this question’s premise (one’s misery and suffering is always because of circumstances, history and others’ evil intention) go nowhere and become nothing but a nihilistic pursuit? 

Maybe the true questions should be: 

Where does a family culture of violence and taking advantage of each other come from?  Why does a man-eating cycle of victim-villain last in the black community?  Is the victim also a villain in the Michael Brown case?  If the truth is affirmative of this fact, then what causes MB to have become such a bully/robber that led to his own irrational confrontation with the police and eventually his own death? 

Maybe a more salient question should be: 

Does the ubiquitous “Political Correctness” prevent American society which is established on seeking truth with individual liberty from asking these relevant and essential questions?

In my own personal experience with tyranny and a culture/a mindset of slaves in China, I often see a parallel in the cycle of victim-villain in the black community in America:  People, due to their being brainwashed by their own political elite, their own fear of truth, their ignorance of their own true history, fail to ask the right questions.  Therefore, their misery and plight is nothing but a never-ending cycle of their own making – a failure of individual responsibility, in another word, a failure to take control of their own individual lives and prevent themselves from become the part of man-eating cycle.  In their eagerness to blame others, to blame circumstances, to blame history, people forget the truth that they are free beings with freedom of choices: 

Today, at this moment, you can choose not to be controlled by others, no matter how powerful they are.  Today, at this moment, you can choose to recover the original meaning of life endowed upon you by God.  Today, at this moment, you can make the painful but hopeful choice of moving forward on the path of freedom with a moral compass from your conscience, with a powerful tool of reason and logic.  Today, at this moment, you can bid farewell to your own man-eating societal and family culture of despair and start a new life of individual with integrity and responsibility.  Today, at this moment, you can be just like me – a person born into despotic tyranny, raised by communist brainwashing propaganda and the paralyzing Chinese nihilistic family culture of slavery - make your own choice to break the shackle in your mind/soul, to shout on top of your lungs: 

I am a free being! I can’t take this nonsense anymore!
If I can be free, can have dignity, can find true happiness, you can as well.

Link to "My Way - Journey toward Freedom": 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

奥巴马对穷人与少数族裔的精神危害 Obama Endangers/Creates Underclass


Obama Endangers/Creates Underclass 

by Kai Chen 陈凯   11/22/2014

Obama has fast become not only a joke in modern American political history, but an endangerment to the underclass he proclaimed to save:

By lying, cheating, falsehood, empty promises, political expediency, by setting an example of nihilism and Machiavellian "end justifying means", Obama has actively, maybe purposefully, been creating an permanent underclass - an underclass Not just in material sense, but in a spiritual sense. By going 180 degrees to the opposite of what he claims not to do because of US constitutional constraints, Obama was actually telling the minorities, the poor, women and those who wrongfully voted for him: In finance, you can lie to get a loan; in commerce, you can cut corners to sell a product; in politics, you can deceive to get elected; in school, you can cheat to get a good grade; in athletics, you can take shortcut to become Michael Jordan; in life, you can just beg, manipulate, threat, blackmail, extort to control people's emotions, to appeal to their weakness and fear to get what you want. "See me, I cheated all the way to the White House."

The fiasco of Obama presidency has but one clear message, same as that from all socialist/communist societies:

Americans, or mankind by the same token, is stupid and weak, as Gruberism has taught us, as Obama's absolute lack of honesty, integrity and competence showed us: You can succeed by setting the people you claim to help to fail. Thus you create spiritual cripples in society - a permanent underclass with shrewdness but no intelligence, no wisdom and no moral compass. Then you can extort others with your total incapacity to do anything in a real world -- That is called "paying your fair share". No wonder there is a riot brewing in Ferguson based on propaganda and non-reality. People's attention is focused on not improving themselves by their own moral characters, integrity and effort, but on threatening others and extorting from others through fear, intimidation, helplessness and pity...

To the minorities, the poor, the under-privileged, I would say this: Obama is your worst nightmare to your family and your children, for they can all now look at Obama and say to themselves: "If Obama can lie and cheat his way to the White House, so can I." If this is what you envision your children to be like, go ahead and follow Obama's example. But there is indeed reality and a free world out there you must deal with. It is not by any government rules or people like Obama's wishes. It is by a high being that you may not recognize but governs us all.

May God bless this great nation founded not by those in power, but by God's moral principles. I still believe:  We Americans will overcome. 

Kai Chen's remark on individual identity:

I came to the US in 1981 and during the Reagan years, I studied English and graduated from UCLA in political science (my effort to understand American culture and system). Eventually I made my conclusion on my own individual identity: I was born already an American, only born in the wrong place. I would say this to all the individuals around the world: If you value life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, you are already an American. You don't have to explain to anyone about your identity. You just have to live it.
In 1989 when I stood on the Tiananmen Square witnessing the Martial Law being implemented, I realized that I as an individual who yearns for freedom and true happiness, had nothing to do with China as a culture and a system. I had everything in my fiber of existence to identify with America - my true home, the home of my soul. May God bless this great nation. 
If you want to know more about me, read my memoir - "One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom