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公告:十一全球逐毛日日程 Global Day to Denounce Mao/Program Information

公告:十一全球逐毛日日程 Global Day to Denounce Mao/Program Information

抗议请愿发起人:陈凯,张汉废,郭树人,鲁德成 Kai Chen, Henry Zhang, Jojo Guo, Decheng Lu.

志愿签名者请洽: 电邮 Email – elecshadow@aol.com 电话 Phone: 323-734-3071 Kai Chen's Blog 陈凯博客: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

抗议请愿时间:2009年十月一日, 星期四,上午10:30 - 下午1:30

抗议请愿地点:尼克松图书馆入口处 Yorba Linda, California

Time of Protest/Petition: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm, Thursday, October 1, 2009

Location: Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, California

Address (地址): 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd. Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Library Authority Contact: Director Timothy Naftali:
Phone: 714-983-9120 Fax: 714-983-9111

National Archive Deputy Assistant Susan Donius:
Email: Susan.donius@nara.gov
Phone: 301-837-3250 Fax: 301-837-0483

曾几何时人类历史上最大的屠夫杀人狂成了一个世界领袖? 为什么毛泽东, 一个在和平时期杀害了70,000,000 中国人的魔鬼成了在代表美国自由精神的总统图书馆里的圣人? 在尼克松纪念图书馆毛与周的铜像被以一种被崇敬的姿态展示在一个最显著的位置,似乎他们被尊崇成了英雄名人。 尼克松本人的道德混乱再一次暴露于世。 一个道德罪与其严重的现实后果正在被一种道德的无知、混乱与腐败所犯下。

今天我们作为热爱自由的来自中国的新移民和美国公民诚恳地与愤怒地呼吁将毛与周的铜像马上从尼克松纪念图书馆中撤除。 反美反自由的恶魔屠夫的形象早就应该被抛到历史的垃圾堆里去了。 我们在此征集签名要求尼克松纪念图书馆的负责人马上将毛与周的铜像撤除销毁并向所有良知尚存的人们呼吁:那些双手沾满了中国人,美国人与世界人们鲜血的屠夫与自由的天敌绝不应在美国被纪念与崇拜。 人们应该记住的是那些千千万万的无辜的在共产专制下的被虐杀的受害者们。

When has the most notorious, the biggest mass murderer in human history become one of the "world leaders"? Why does Mao - the murderer of more than 70,000,000 Chinese people in peace time and one who has American soldiers’ blood on his hands get enshrined in one of the most prestigious US presidential libraries? In the Nixon Presidential Library we can witness the most perverse and despicable scene in American political cultural landscape. There Mao's statue along with Zhou's statue sit in a dignified and heroic posture, enshrined as some kind of hero/statesmen of the world. The moral lapse of the former president is once again on display, along with the moral confusion and corruption in American mainstream political culture today.

Today we as freedom-loving new immigrants from China and American citizens, demand the immediate removal of Mao and Zhou's statues from the Nixon Library. They should be discarded to where they truly belong - the garbage bin of human history. We are to collect signatures of those whose consciences still remain, who still hold the founding principles of America sacred. Butchers of innocent people, the sworn enemy of freedom with American blood in Korea and Vietnam wars should never be eulogized, mystified and commemorated. It is the victims of communism and Mao who must be remembered and commemorated.

Hereby we are to appeal to the authorities in charge of the Nixon Library to remove Mao and Zhou's statues immediately from the premises of the library and dispose them in a proper fashion.

The initiators of the signature collection: Kai Chen, Henry Zhang, Jojo Guo, Dechen Lu.

Petitioners to contact via email: elecshadow@aol.com or phone: 323-734-3071


Program on October 1, Global Day to Denounce Mao:

1. Singing “God Bless America”: 唱歌“神佑美国”

“Gog bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home
God bless America, My home sweet home."

2. Observe a minute of silence 静默一分钟 to remember those innocent lives perished under Mao and the Chinese communist regime, and to commemorate the brave American soldiers killed and injured in Korean War, in Vietnam War, and in all the struggles against the tyranny of communism around the world.

3. A brief statement by Kai Chen 陈凯简短演讲 to clarify the meaning of the event.

4. Statements by petitioners/protestors 参与请愿者发言 to denounce Mao.

5. Decimating Mao’s portraits and China’s national flags 捣毁毛画像与中共国旗.

6. Distributing flyers and collecting petition signatures 对参观者搜集请愿签名 from the visitors.

7. By 1:30 pm, Kai Chen presents petition information with signatures collected to the Nixon Library/Museum authority. 陈凯将请愿书与签名正式转交尼克松图书博物馆有关人士.

Thank you for your support! 感谢各位的支持与参与!

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