Saturday, January 10, 2009

自由vs.专制 = 记忆vs.失忆 Freedom vs. Tyranny = Memory vs. Amnesia

Kai Chen on Freedom 陈凯论自由

自由vs.专制 = 记忆vs.失忆 Freedom vs. Tyranny = Memory vs. Amnesia


自由意味着永恒的记忆。 专制则意味着健忘症与选择性失忆。 自由意味着历史的完整与延续。 专制则意味着历史的残缺与断续。 自由人有勇气面对痛苦与折磨而学习进步。 奴隶们只会胆怯地回避与逃避真实的发生而苟且偷生。 自由人是一个完整的人。 奴隶们只是精神上残缺不全的怪物。 --- 陈凯

Freedom means intact memory. Tyranny only means amnesia and situational memory. Freedom demands true history. Despotism depends on fake history. A free man has the courage to face pain/misery in the past in order to learn and progress. A slave only wants to escape pain/misery in his past in order to satisfy his physical needs. A free man is an integrated being to pursue spiritual fulfillment. A slave is only a spiritual pervert kneeling down in front of power. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

Do you have the courage to face the truth in your past, no matter how painful and humiliating it was? Or do you constantly want to forget your own painful past, just to numb your senses to survive the day? Memory or Amnesia, which one do you prefer?

This is the litmus test for everyone to see if you are a free being or you are just a slave of the circumstances occurred in the past. A free man is one who does not want to omit any detail in his own history. He wants to remember everything, in order not to repeat the mistakes, in order to progress toward a better future. An enslaved being only wants to remember those occurrences in his past that enhance his status and power in front of others in the present. He is such a pervert that despots and tyrants depend on for perpetuating their evil power.

Look around you and test yourself and others with this criterion. You will find the truth in my point. I hope you will remember, and you will never forget.

Best. Kai Chen

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