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刘宗正对中文病态一思 Hugo Liu on Defects of Chinese Language

陈凯 按:刘宗正先生曾专修中文。 他对中文的病态与危害有自己独特的见解。 我在此转载他的访谈视频。

Kai Chen's Words: Hugo Liu is a friend of mine and an expert in the origin of Chinese language. He has a unique view point on the defects and poisonous effect of the Chinese language on human perception of reality and truth.  Hereby I re-post his interview by Samuel Lee on this issue.


From Fiona Zhao: 


1/3/14  On Facebook 


其实,人是可以自由的,人是可以幸福的是一种“信仰”,而这种信仰是来源与人与“神”的关系,也就是基督文明。认为人生是充满了喜乐的,生命值得庆贺的。而中国的“神”都是让人离开生活,遁世的,认为人之成为人,是一件令人沮丧的事情。这两种对生命,对人生的态度是完全反向的。这是一个非常深刻的议题,我思考了很久。认为我不属于一个反对我的存在以及反对生命存在的文化。最终决定彻底离开中国文化,走入基督文明,拥抱自己生命的意义。为此,付出了沉重的代价。但是,当我进入到自由中,体味到生活的甘甜,生命的激情时,我认为这一切是非常值得。Freedom is not free. 我的根从来就不在中国,我的根在自由里。不要来生不做中国人,这一刻起,就可以不做中国人。

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美國黑人牧師對自己種族的看法 A Courageous Pastor Tells the Truth

陈凯一语   Kai Chen's Words: 

Indeed, "Only truth shall set you free".  

Truth is often uncomfortable, even painful.  But truth is always liberating. 

It is always hard to face the truth. But the pastor has a great courage to face the truth and tell it like it is. The Chinese should face the truth that their own culture and language are big liabilities for them to achieve freedom.

Only a great Christian can face the truth, pursue the truth with courage and follow the truth with conviction. I am very moved by the pastor's fiery but truthful statement. I only wish there were someone like him in the Chinese community.

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章家敦访谈/中国面临崩溃 Gordon Chang "China on the Edge"

Gordon Chang "China on the Edge"
China's warship challenges US Navy.

From Kai Chen:  

I attended Gordon Chang's speech on China last night. I concur with his point that China is indeed on edge of lashing out/collapse. Something big is happening both in the Chinese regime's power circle and in the Chinese military. The recent aggressive behavior on the part of Chinese military signals a desperate and very shaky political situation in China. 

China has never been a nation state. China has always been a despotic dynasty. Today's China is a "communist party dynasty". It does not respect borders. Its territories expands and contracts according to the power strength from the central government. It views surrounding countries not as neighbors, but as subjects of the emperors. Its military owns loyalty not to the state, but to particular persons in the power structure. With the communist party dynasty's last gasps to survive, most likely it will lash out at the neighboring countries and the US, as the signs manifested recently. 

China's economy is faltering with only 1-2 % real growth rate (the regime brags about 7-8%). The banks are in the mode of defaulting. The regional governments in the provinces are splitting. The Xi's position in the recent trasition is very shaky to say the least. The military's hard-liners such as General Liu Yazhou is ascending via threatening rhetoric toward the US and Japan and the neighboring countries. With Obama's appeasement policies in the world toward tyrannies, we are approching the situation before WWII. Brace yourself for a perfect storm.


Gordon Guthrie Chang (Chinese: 章家敦; pinyin: Zhāng Jiādūn) is a lawyer, author, and television pundit, best known for his book The Coming Collapse of China (2001), in which he argued that the hidden non-performing loans of the "Big Four" Chinese State banks would likely bring down China's financial system and its communist government and China would collapse in 2006. In Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World (2006), Chang suggests that North Korea is most likely to target Japan, not South Korea. Chang suggests that North Korean nuclear ambitions could be forestalled if there was concerted multi-national diplomacy, with some "limits to patience" backed up by threat of an all-out Korean war.

Gordon Chang continues to maintain that China is on the brink of collapse and that the people are one step away from revolution.[2] He also argues that China is a "new dot-com bubble", adding that the rapid growth by China is not supported by various internal factors such as decrease in population growth as well as slowing retail sales.[3] In a separate interview, he remarked that China achieved its 149.2% of its current trade surplus with the United States through "lying, cheating and stealing" and that if China decided to realize its threat that had been expressed since August 2007 to sell its US Treasurys, it would actually hurt its own economy which is reliant on exports to the United States; the economy of the United States would be hurt by a sell off of Treasurys, causing the United States to buy less from China, which would in turn hurt the Chinese economy.


Assassination Rumors in China

A return to “the ruthless era of ancient Chinese palace politics”?


December 10, 2013 - 11:03 pm

For about a week, assassination rumors have been swirling around the Chinese capital. According to reports carried in Hong Kong outlets such as Mingjing News, Zhou Yongkang has been detained for involvement in a plot to kill Xi Jinping, the newish ruler of China. Since then, various sites, especially the U.S.-based Boxun News, have carried articles relaying murderous activities attributed to Zhou, who was the country’s internal security czar until November 2012.

Zhou, 71, has also been accused of using two members of the People’s Armed Police — once under his command — to kill his ex-wife. His two drivers reportedly confessed to their role in the murder and were given terms of 15 to 20 years in prison. According to news articles, they were released after serving just three and four years and given jobs in the state-run petroleum industry, which at the time was controlled by Zhou and his political allies.

These various reports, widely circulated, remain unconfirmed, although it is clear the once mighty Zhou is in political trouble of some sort. In November, state media reported that he offered condolences to the family of an educator, an indication that he was still in good standing in the Party. Nonetheless, it is curious that Zhou has dropped out of view. He was last seen in public on October 1, at the National Day celebrations of the China University of Petroleum.

Moreover, his son, Zhou Bin, is reported to be under a form of house arrest in Beijing and cooperating with authorities. A number of Zhou Yongkang’s associates in the petroleum industry — most notably Jiang Jiemin — have been detained. Also under investigation, according to one source, are Zhou’s secretary, bodyguards, and drivers.

The rumors of last week, although highly sensational, provide a context for events in the past few months that at the time had seemed out-of-place. In August, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported that Zhou was under investigation for corruption.

Then, the move against Zhou seemed to be an unprecedented violation of the Communist Party’s unwritten rule that no member of the Politburo Standing Committee can be held accountable (Zhou left the Standing Committee, the apex of Chinese political power, in November 2012). The prosecution, however, becomes more understandable if he in fact plotted to kill Xi Jinping.

It should also be noted that the rumors about Zhou’s coup attempt give credence to the stories that in March of 2012 there was gunfire inside Zhongnanhai, the Communist Party leadership compound in Beijing, and in the surrounding streets, where there were also armored car movements.  And the unconfirmed stories add to the speculation that Bo Xilai, once China’s more openly ambitious politician, was trying to either raise a private army or encourage elements of the People’s Liberation Army to support him in subversive endeavors of some sort. Bo and Zhou are believed to have been, if not co-conspirators, then extremely close allies.

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陈凯新作/曼德拉过世一思 Some Thoughts about Mandela's Passing

Mandela was seeking Castro's communist regime's support


Some Thoughts about Mandela's Passing 

by Kai Chen 12/6/2013 

If someone said this to a Jew - "I think Nazism is good, only Hitler didn't practice it right", the Jew probably would spit on his face. But when Mandela claimed that communism the ideal is good, only no one in the world practiced it right, no one in the world reacted, due to political correctness. Everyone remains silent and ignores/denies the evil in this statement of endorsement/sympathy, due to fear of being called a racist. There is a parallel between Obama's outrageous anti-American, anti-Constitution, illegal behavior in the White House, and blind singing of undeserved praise of Mandela today. 

This is why when Obama skipped this year's Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech anniversary celebration, no one said anything and ignored the hidden evil in such an act. But when Obama is going to Mandela's funeral, everyone has to sing in praise of him, due to the political correctness. 

This is why today's world is sick and dangerous: If a white person says something hateful about someone not white, it is racism and a hell will be raised. But if someone not white says something hateful about a white person, it is NOT racism and a deafening silence ensues. Logic and conscience told me something terribly wrong about this. 

In today's world and America, if one ever said anything to show sympathy to Nazism, it is NOT tolerated. But if someone said anything to show sympathy to Communism, not only is he tolerated in society, he is celebrated, and worse, he can even be elected into the White House, or idolized as an icon in the world. Logic and conscience told me something indeed is terribly wrong about this. 

In today's world and America, if someone divides people into races and treats each differently with discrimination, it will draw moral indignation and criticism. But if someone divides people into social/economic classes and treats each differently with discrimination, then no one reacts to it. The society and government even tout such practices as just, progressive and necessary. The society and government even invent tax code based on such illogical and immoral code to reflect this morally degenerate notion. Something indeed is terribly wrong about this. 

This is why today's world is so screwed up and dangerous: 

Communism/Socialism as an ideal is evil itself. It has killed over 100 million innocent lives in the 20th Century alone. It has caused unspeakable moral degradation of humanity everywhere it has been practiced. It has created countless zombies without souls in the world whose only purpose is to devour other human beings. Until/unless people pluck up their courage to admit this truth, Not to conform to some political correctness to ignore and deny the unimaginable/unspeakable atrocities caused by Communism/Socialism, the world remains perverted and dangerous. Wake up people! You are digging your own grave by this mortal flaw in your thinking and mindset, by this moral confusion and degradation that will doom the world into another dark age. 

I speak about this danger and degradation as an eye witness to the Communist/Socialist crimes and atrocities. I pray for America and for the world of humanity facing this mortal danger today, much like the situation before WWII. It seems we are repeating history by ignoring and forgetting what has happened to humanity in the 20th Century. Indeed, wake up people. 
Quote from Dimon Liu: 

"Yes, Kai Chen - I know this about Mandela. I met Mandela in October, 1990 in Norway. In fact, I sat next to him. I asked Mandela to help Chinese democratic activists. Mandela refused. He told me that during his darkest days fighting against white supremacists and apartheid, it was the Chinese Communist Party that gave him unfailing moral and financial supports; and he was not about to be disloyal and work against them. It took me many years to understand that Mandela saw his duty was to his people and his country first. He was not the universalist that I and many others had hoped, but he did right, and he did well, by his people and his country. For that, he was a great man. I am, and we must all be grateful that such a man lived in our time." 

My thoughts on Mandela's refusal to condemn Tiananmen Square Massacre: 

Indeed Mandela was not a principled man, turning a blind eye to the Chinese students killed on Tiananmen Square in 1989. Should we say that Stalin is a great man because he fought Nazi Germany? He did that purely out of his instinct of survival. The above statement makes me think Mandela did the same, unless you prove to me otherwise. 

I expect a principled man from Mandela, as the media portraits him to be. But I have found an expedient, interest-oriented communist sympathizer who wouldn't give a damn about the oppressed people in the other parts of the world, especially the unarmed students and people on the Tiananmen Square being slaughtered. I was there in 1989. In is unconscionable for Mandela to accept the butcher's financial support yet ignore the communist atrocities. He is very small and ugly in this regard. I cannot consider him being a great man at all, no matter how many people worship him. My conscience simply will not allow me to do so. 

My thoughts on the misconceptions on Communism: 

Communism is not just unworkable. It is evil. It is evil because it artificially divides people into different economic classes/groups and treat each differently with discrimination. What is its difference with Nazism that divides people into racial groups and treat each differently with discrimination. Who are you to decide into what group/class I belong?! Are you God? This is where evil comes in when people pretend to be and play God.

Some more thoughts:

It is very telling when someone sees when people got slaughtered in Tiananmen Square demanding freedom but feels nothing but loyalty to the murderers. I can only conclude, with my conscience, that Mandela is a small man who only thought about his own interests.

Yet Obama will use the occasion and the media to launch another brainwashing propaganda. He is an agitator seizing every opportunity to distort the truth for his own interests and his father's communist dreams. America must be educated to know the truth about Mandela and Obama's schemes.

More thoughts: 

Indeed, human flaws will be forgiven if they are recognized as flaws and asked for forgiveness. But these flaws are tauted as virtues, as in the case of Mandela. That I must condemn. Tauting communism as something good only practiced wrong is to confuse what is different with what is evil. That very confusion puts one into the ranks of evil. Many atrocities in the world are committed because of this confusion and corruption. Hitler and Mao didn't kill that many themselves. They have helpers - the multitude of "willing executioners". If Mandela is just a local politician as viewed that way, I have no problem. To taut him as some moral example to be emulated around the world is a moral corruption itself. 

I only hope those who argue with me with regard of Mandela is not motivated by Political Correctness, and a deep fear of punishment if they don't conform with the majority media and shameless politicians. I like to think of most of you as ones who want to pursue truth. And only truth shall set us free, NOT human weaknesses and fear.

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Kai Chen on Glazov Gang/Obamacare 陈凯访谈/关于奥巴马全民健保

Kai Chen Speech/Obamacare & Socialism

Kai Chen Tea Party Speech on 11/9/2013 

To San Fernando Valley Patriots 

Chinese Athlete Shares Lessons in Freedom 

Posted on November 12, 2013 
by Tad Cronn Filed under 1st Amendment 

Los Angeles-based author Kai Chen (Author of "One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom), who grew up in Communist China under Mao Tse-Tung, knows just how evil socialism is, and he is working hard to educate Americans before it's too late. 

"Government is about power," Chen said recently to a roomful of people ranging in age from 10 to their mid-90s. "The bigger the government, the bigger the lie. Total government, like in China, is a total lie. 

"The entire country is a lie. I don’t want that to happen here. If it does, if America becomes like China, where are the freedom-loving people to go? The moon?"

The former Chinese state basketball player was speaking in Canoga Park, California, on the 24th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall to the members of the San Fernando Valley Patriots. 

He shared some memories of his youth during the Cultural Revolution, a time when the government was so strict, people couldn't even have a goldfish or flowers in their home. "That's bourgeois!" Chen said of the Communists' standard accusation. 
Because China does not have America's history of individual freedom, a culture of indifference has taken root. "People in China say who cares if somebody dies? People die by the millions," Chen said. 

The rise of socialism begins with changing the way people use language, the author said. 

For example, in China, the government talks about dealing with "the masses" and appealing to "the masses." That's not the talk of free people. 

"Ronald Reagan said don't use that language, 'masses,'" Chen said. "People are not masses; they're individuals." 

Chen considers Reagan to be one of three "mortal giants" from the 1980s, the other two being Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. All of them, Chen said, spoke directly and plainly about freedom, unlike politicians today. 

"Socialism is evil. Communism is evil. Who today is talking like that?" Chen asked. 

Chen said there are three things socialists believe in: 

Government is God -- the idea that government can, or should, do everything and should be given loyalty because of it. "When you say, 'Government can do that,' you fall into their trap," Chen said. 

It's all a zero-sum game -- there's only so much to go around, so it has to be distributed "equally." "They pit women against men, blacks against whites," Chen said. "Everybody's gain is everybody's loss." 

Materialism -- everything is material, nothing is of a spiritual or higher nature. "They see a problem, they throw money at it," Chen said. "We are nothing of our own choice or God's creation. We are only creatures of our environment. That's the talk of the Left." 

Chen warned that Obamacare is not about health, it's about power. But that reality has been obscured by the doubletalk used by the government and media to describe the law. 

"People say, 'Oh, this rollout does not work,'" Chen said. "It's not supposed to work! It's one step to total control by the government!" 

According to the author, the real point of Obamacare is to gain control of and centralize your personal information. 

"You will become 'public people'," he warned. 

Chen related how, during the Cultural Revolution, Mao came up with the concept of "barefoot doctors" to take care of people in the countryside. The "doctors" were given a first aid bag, maybe some other supplies, and no training, then they were sent out into the provinces, where they would treat people in smaller towns and villages. 

Chen said his niece, a doctor who had recently finished training in the U.S., went to China to visit, and she was asked by a Chinese physician how many people she had operated on. She replied that she hadn't performed any operations on her own yet because she had just finished her training. 

According to Chen, "He said, 'I never had training. I operated on a thousand already.' That's public medicine." 

Under socialism, people put up with hardship's because they're told it's "equal," and they think someone else will have even more taken away.

"You expect other people to be worse off than you," Chen said. "That's how you get transformed. That's how Obamacare will transform this country."

Read more: 
Former Communist Athlete Shares Words of Freedom 

Written on Sunday, November 10, 2013 by Tad Cronn 

Author and former basketball player Kai Chen held up a dirty headband he found in Tiananmen Square. He translated the words on it into English: “Support the hunger strike, support equal dialogue.”

The Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989 was an important moment for Chen, who grew up under Mao Tse Tung, perhaps the most accomplished murderer in human history.

“A big reason that Tiananmen Square happened was during the 1980s, we have three mortal giants in the world: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul,” Chen said this weekend in Canoga Park, California, on the 24th anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling.

He was addressing the San Fernando Valley Patriots in a small but packed meeting room full of people ranging in age from about 10 to mid-90s.

When Chen asked if there was anybody in the room who had lived in socialist countries, the answers came back: Hungary, Romania, China. One defector from the Democratic Party shouted, “Berkeley.”

What united everyone in the room was that they all, like Chen, were well-educated (the youngest member of the audience publishes a locally known political newsletter) and passionate about defending freedom.

Chen told his audience that he was born American, just unfortunately in communist China, by which he means that people are born free. As a young man, he was chosen because of his height to be on the official Chinese state basketball team. But when Communist Party officials realized he had family in Taiwan, they removed him from the team, saying they couldn’t trust him.

Chen, 16 at the time, just wanted to play sports, so he looked for a regional team he could play for inside China. When his search took him too close to the border near Taiwan, the ever-present Communist observers arrested him. After some time in prison, he was released but was soon conscripted into the army.

Eventually, he was able to get to the United States and graduated from UCLA in 1986.

What made Reagan different from other presidents, particularly the current one, Chen said, is that Reagan was for the individual, not the government.

“Every time Ronald Reagan stepped on the podium,” Chen said, “he talked about freedom. … When he went to the Soviet Union, Reagan said, ‘I want to meet the dissidents.’ …

“Government itself doesn’t care about you. Government is about power. The bigger the government, the bigger the lie. Total government, like China, is a total lie.

“The entire country is a lie. I don’t want that to happen here. If it does, if America becomes like China, where are the freedom-loving people to go? The moon?”

Turning toward a group of college students, he added, “I feel a moral duty to tell you this.”

Chen lamented the current state of American politics, which he said has been brought down by the language of the Left:

“Socialism is evil, communism is evil. Who today is talking like that?”

The language used by Reagan was so powerful, Chen said, that it continued to shape politics into the Clinton years.

“Clinton had to say the era of big government is over,” Chen said. “Where does that come from? That’s Reagan. Today, vocabulary is from the Left. …

“That’s why Romney lost, because you can’t compete with Obama in promising government is going to give you things.”

Chen fears that the United States has made a mistake by accepting China as a full trading partner. By doing so, America is further compromising its principles and turning a blind eye to all the harm done in the name of communism.

Chen shared a picture of Chinese currency, dominated by a picture of Mao Tse-Tung, who is responsible for scores of millions of deaths.

“Mao is evil,” Chen said. “Socialism is evil. When we acknowledge that currency, we don’t see that evil.”

“… By accepting this currency, you accept one premise: That killing people by the millions to acquire power is acceptable. Once you see this face (Mao) and are unmoved, you are truly transformed from an individual to a zombie.”


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Kai Chen on Glazov Gang 陈凯访谈/奥巴马,中国与美国,专制与自由

Kai Chen on Glazov Gang 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kai Chen Speech Announcement 陈凯演讲通告

Kai Chen, Karen Kenny, John Duffy with Jamie Glazov on the "Glazov Gang" show, 10/16/13.

Kai Chen Speech Announcement  11/9/2013 
陈凯演讲通告  11/9/2013

A Patriot Slam Dunk: Mao, Basketball and Freedom
  • Saturday, November 9, 2013

    3:00 PM to  

    22200 Sherman Way, , Canoga Park, CA (map)
    34.201008 -118.610321

  • Join us for a Thanksgiving month story of Liberty!
    Dennis Rodman, eat your heart out.
    We have a true patriot on our team.

Kai Chen, a former basketball player in Communist China, shares his personal saga of fleeing tyranny in the Far East to affirm his "American identity" in the West.

His compelling story is depicted in his book, "One in a Billion--Journey toward Freedom". His presentation includes stories of standing up for freedom in Tianamen Square and fighting ignorance of the truth of communism and socialism in the last decade. 
Mr. Chen will offer a limited SFVP package of a signed copy of his book with a DVD documentary of his life for $30.   
Mr. Chen now lives in Canyon Country and will speak from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.  
RSVP is essential for this presentation: [masked].
陈凯演讲通告  10/26/2013
Another Kai Chen Speech on 10/26/2013

meeting place: eCosway, a store in the Eagle Rock Plaza located at 2700 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock Plaza is at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and the #2 Fwy (the Glendale Freeway) If you exit (from the south) at Colorado Blvd, turn right, and immediately into the parking lot for the mall. Choose the lower level parking. eCosway is more toward the Macy's end of the mall than the Target end. If you enter the mall from the center (halfway between Target and Macy's) turn right. eCosway will be on your right across from Radio Shack. We have a sign about our meeting.

time: Saturday, 10/26/2013,  meeting starts at 10 am. I will probably not speak until 10:30 am

format: pledge of allegiance, reports, and first speaker Connie Loh, who lived in China when it became Communist, escaped, and came to America. She doesn't like to talk long, though she is very passionate.

I (Kai Chen) will be our main speaker.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

当今老北京怒骂毛魔 Today's Beijinger Using Profanity on Mao



Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

Devil Worship in China Leads to Vicious Dynastic Cycles

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese”

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/15/2011, Reprint 7/29/2011)

从秦始皇到毛泽东,“中国人”崇魔、尊鬼、信邪的病态扭曲导致了一个无限恶性循环的“朝代圈”。 这个邪恶虚无的“朝代圈”是由无信仰、无自由、无尊严、无正义感的人们自编、自进、自欺、自逃而建立的。 同时这个邪恶虚无的“朝代圈”又反过来将一代又一代的“中国人”奴役扭曲为“为社、为皇、为群、为族、为大家”的无灵自阉的“宦奴娼”。 “默默的绝望”是所有以虚为荣、以欺为尚、以奴为耀的“中国人”的必然心态。

大多“中国人”都认为人是环境、文化、祖宗、教育、政府的造物,而不是上苍的创造,不是有自由意志的存在。 他们看不到西方/美国的“人”是“上苍之下,上苍所创”的真实主动的存在,而“中国人”则是“皇政之下”的“祖先圣人”所灌养出来的虚无被动的“奴”,是一个“被权利用”的工具与可有可无的数字。 这就是为什么那些做着“人上人”的“中国梦”的人们到头来总会发现他们几千年来的“奴主梦”不过是一个人吃人的噩梦罢了。

许多我过去的朋友同仁也都认为“稳定”、“和谐”、“繁荣”、“富强”是“中国特色”基于族群观念的价值,“不同于”西方/美国的基于个体的普世永恒 的人的价值 – 真实、正义、自由、尊严。 由此他们都认为秦始皇、毛泽东的遗产与形象是一定要褒扬与保护的,是不能没贬辍与销毁的。 “没有秦、毛,中国就会大乱的。” 他们对真实个体价值的恐惧与对未来未知的逃避是他们自身奴役感、无奈感与绝望感的真实来源。 我实想象不出如果今天意大利的人们仍旧将凯撒作为楷模去效仿,或德国的人们仍旧将希特勒作为偶像去崇拜,或俄国的人们仍旧将斯大林作为榜样去追求,世界会是个什么样子。

“崇魔拜权”所导致的一时稳定与强权只能带来噩梦一般的灾难性后果: 纳粹德国、军国日本、共产苏俄都是这种“崇魔文化”所造成的噩梦。 中国的“共奴儒粹”的党朝将毛泽东的魔像顶礼膜拜作为它的强权合法的基点,其必然的噩梦般结局也是可以预见的。 “崇魔”的人们是“无灵毁灵”的人们。 “中国人”今天的不识真假,不辨是非,不论正邪,不讲对错就是这些无灵自阉的“宦奴娼”的真实写照。 在电影“魔戒”(Lord of the Ring) 中,西方/美国的价值文化是要销毁那个象征强权的魔戒,并杜绝它在人们中的邪恶影响与作用。 而“中国人”却一味迷恋、追求去拥有那个象征强权的魔戒,并将曾经拥有那魔戒的魔鬼们如秦始皇与毛泽东作为偶像、伪神去崇拜。 中国专制文化(腐儒毛共)的反价值就此暴露无遗。

毛像林立、毛钞泛滥、毛语横行、毛尸咒人的今日中国是一个噩梦末日即将到来的垂死党朝。 这犹如一个胭脂遍体的染着艾滋病与梅毒的妓女妄图要用与她上床的人们的众多来证实自身的价值,或一个金粉遍体的泥菩萨试图用跪拜人们的众多来证实它的泥身是真金一样。 真假、是非、正邪、好坏是绝不能用人数多少、强权财富、武力威吓、谎言欺骗而确定的。 有毛像处定无人灵。 有共产处定无正义。 有腐儒处定无尊严。 有强权处定无是非。 有专制处定无自由。 有“中国人”处定无进步与真实。









Thursday, September 26, 2013

陈凯再播/从林书豪看自由与专制 Re-broadcast: From Jeremy Lin to Reflect upon Freedom vs. Despotism

陈凯 按: 我在此将我的一段自林书豪引起的有关对照“自由/美国”与“专制/中国”文化的视频采访重播。 望各位深思。

Kai Chen's Words:  Here I re-broadcast my video interview on Culture of Freedom/America vs. Culture of Despotism/China.  Hope you enjoy it. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

毛泽东罪行录--大跃进/大饥荒 Mao's Great Famine - Great Leap Foward

陈凯 按:毛的罪行罄竹难书。 我只在此将毛的罪行之一--大饥荒/大跃进--再次公之于众。 我们绝不会忘记!

Kai Chen's Words:  It is hard to list all Mao's crimes.  Hereby I only recount one of Mao's anti-humanity crimes - Great Leap Forward/Great Famine.  We will never forget! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

是谁创立了美国的工业奇迹 The Men Who Built America

视频连锁  Video Link:

陈凯 按: Kai Chen's Words: 

究竟是谁创立了美国的经济与工业奇迹? 是所谓的人民大众吗, 如马克思主义者们所信? 是政府吗,如美国与西方的左派们所信? 还是那些有勇气、有眼光、有想象力与创造力的企业家与发明家们,那些独特的与自由的个体?  我在这里向各位介绍一部系列纪录片“是谁创立了美国的工业奇迹?The Men Who Built America".  望人们深思。 

洛克菲勒的铭言: “我坚信个体价值的至高无上。” 
Who exactly built America?  Is it "the people" as the Marxists assert?  Is it "the government" as the Western leftists asserts?  Or it is the individuals who has the courage, the vision, the creativity, the ambition and the drive to start from nothing and build an economic miracle. 

As J. D Rockefeller put it succinctly:  "I believe in the supreme worth of the individual." 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

推荐一部少有的好莱坞反共电影“返家之路” Recommend a Rare Good Anti-Communist Movie from Hollywood "The Way Back"

陈凯  按:  “返家之路”是一部近来少有的好莱坞反共电影。 我在此推荐给各位。

Kai Chen's Words:   "The Way Back" (2010) is very rare Hollywood anti-communist movie.  Hereby I recommend it to everyone. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

学校没有的历史课:共产大虐杀 The History Class Does Not Teach: The Communist Holocaust


The History Class Does Not Teach:  The Communist Holocaust

China Needs to be Destroyed, Not Saved

陈凯一思 Just a thought from Kai Chen:


“Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

在一个没有“人”的概念与尊严的中国奢谈“人权”是不逻辑的。 没有个体认同的“中国人”从专制统一的第一天起就开始认为每一个人不过是“孔儒棋盘上的一个棋子”罢了。

中国迄今仍旧是一个尚未被启蒙的、毫无“人”的概念、毫无人性的野蛮社会。 孔儒的专制文化将“人”的概念与人性全部抽走灭净。 男女老幼、父母儿女、兄弟姐妹、等级尊卑、忠孝节义、仁义礼智信是毫无“人”性的中国的人们尊崇了几千年的伪道德、伪理念。 至今中国的人们对什么是“人”一无所知、毫无兴趣与了解。 “宦奴娼”的社会是一个未被“人性”启蒙的文化所导致的必然产物。

如二战前的纳粹德国与日本一样,中国不是应该“被救”而是因该“被灭”的社会。 只有彻底毁灭中国儒家“宦奴娼”文化与暴力建政执政的专制信仰,“人”的概念与人的尊严才有被启蒙、被萌芽的可能。 今天中国人的家庭文化仍旧是一个毫无“人”的尊严的等级专制文化。 而中国的专制社会就是中国专制家庭文化的延伸。 这也就是为什么皇权/共产社会洗脑人们的时候强调“忠孝”与“大公无私”的根本原因。
 It is not logical for the Chinese to talk about "human rights", for they still don't regard themselves as humans. They always behave like "Confucian chess pieces" without a self-identity.  

Today China is still a barbaric society without a shred notion of "human being". Despotic Confucianism plus Communism has eradicated the last remnants of humanity. Playing Confucian social roles without being aware of one's humanity is wide-spread, established pseudo morality. Today's Chinese know nothing about "humanity" and human dignity, besides playing their ascribed despotic roles. A "Eunuslawhore" (Eunuchs, Slaves, Whores) society is a necessary product.

Just as the Nazi Germany and Japan before WWII, China needs not to be "saved". China needs to be "destroyed". Only when the anti-humanity Confucian culture is destroyed entirely, a human society with individual human beings, with human dignity will become a possibility. Chinese family culture today is still the foundation of despotism in China's society. A "Eunuslawhore" society in China is only the necessary extension of the Chinese Confucian family culture in which humanity and human dignity has no place. This is also the root cause why a despotic government always wants to instill "Filial Piety" with "Loyalty" together among the population.  

The Communist Holocaust

Communist Holocaust
Communist Holocaust: 100+ million dead, hundreds of millions more tortured, imprisoned, and enslaved

Compiled by Chris Banescu (contributors: Scott Manning, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation)

In October 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution gave birth to the deadliest ideology in human history – Communism. In less than 100 years, Communism has claimed more than 100 million lives. Today, it continues to enslave one-fifth of the world’s people.

A free people cannot afford to forget the evils of Communism. We cannot allow the atrocities of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and Castro to fade into the background of history. We must not forget the trail of blood and tears this utopian deception has left behind.

It is a great moral failing that so many do not know the extent of Communism’s atrocities. While the horrors of Nazism are well known, who knows that the Soviet Union murdered 20 million people? Who knows that China’s dictators have slaughtered as many as 60 million? Who knows that the Communist holocaust has exacted a death toll surpassing that of all of the wars of the 20th century combined? (Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation)
The following estimates represent citizens killed or starved to death by their own Communist governments since 1918. These numbers do not include war dead. The governments are sorted by body count (highest to lowest). All numbers are mid-estimates.

A detailed bibliography is listed at the end of this page. While this list is as complete as I have been able to determine, it is evolving. Some numbers are incomplete and there are still five Communist countries that have the potential to kill more of their citizens. (Scott Manning)
Communist Holocaust Body Count: 149,469,610

1China FlagPeople’s Republic of China
Body Count: 73,237,000
1949-Present (57+ years and counting)
R.J. Rummel originally estimated China’s body count between between the years of 1949-1987 to be 35,236,000 (Rummel 1994). This excluded 38,000,000 million that died of famine during the Great Leap Forward. After the release of Mao: The Unknown Story, Rummel became convinced that the Chinese government was directly responsible for the famine, thus increasing his original estimate by 38,000,000 (Rummel 2005). 1,000 was added for Tienanmen Square in 1989 (Courtois 1999).
2USSR FlagUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Body Count: 58,627,000
1922-1991 (69 years)
The body count only covers the years 1923-1987 (Rummel 1996).
3Russia FlagRussian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
Body Count: 3,284,000
1918-1922 (4 years)
This body count does not include the 6,210,000 killed in the civil war (Rummel 1996).
4North Korea FlagDemocratic People’s Republic of Korea
Body Count: 3,163,000
1948-Present (58+ years and counting)
1,663,000 is attributed between 1948-1987 excluding the Korean War (Rummel 1994). 2,500,000 is the mid-estimate for those who starved to death between 1995-1998 (U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea 2006).
5Cambodia FlagCambodia
Body Count: 2,627,000
1975-1987 (12 years)
The body count estimate is complete (Rummel 1994). The offical country name was Democratic Kampuchea during Pol Pot’s reign and then known as People’s Republic of Kampuchea afterwards.
6Afghanistan FlagDemocratic Republic of Afghanistan
Body Count: 1,750,000
1978-1992 (14 years)
The body count estimate is complete (Courtois 1999).
7Vietnam FlagVietnam
Body Count: 1,670,000
1975-Present (30+ years and counting)
The body count covers the years 1945-1987 for Vietnam/North Vietnam and excludes 1,062,000 from the Vietnam War (Rummel 1994).
8Ethiopia FlagPeople’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Body Count: 1,343,610
1974-1991 (17 years)
The body count includes 10,000 political assasinations during 1977-1978, 1,000 children killed in 1977, 110 massacred in an Orthodox church in 1975, 80,000 during the civil war between 1978-1980, 250,000 that died in 1982 through Transit Camps, and 2,500 killed in a bombing raid (Courtois 1999). Another 1,000,000 is added for the famine during 1984-1985 (BBC News 2000).
9Yugoslavia FlagSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Body Count: 1,072,000
1945-1992 (47 years)
The body count only covers the years 1945-1992 excluding 100,000 from the Tito Partisans between 1941-1944 (Rummel 1994).
10Chinese Soviet Republic FlagChinese Soviet Republic
Body Count: 700,000
1931-1934 (3 years)
The body count only includes the Jiangxi and Fujian provinces (Chang 2005). Although Mozambique has 700,000 to its name, the Chinese Soviet Republic produced more bodies in a shorter time period and the estimate is low.
11Mozambique FlagPeople’s Republic of Mozambique
Body Count: 700,000
1975-1990 (15 years)
100,000 civilians murdered between 1986 and mid-1988 (Young 1991) and 600,000 starved to death between 1975-1985 (Courtois 1999).
12Romania FlagSocialist Republic of Romania
Body Count: 435,000
1947-1989 (42 years)
The body count only covers the years 1947-1987 (Rummel 1997).
13Bulgaria FlagPeople’s Republic of Bulgaria
Body Count: 222,000
1946-1990 (44 years)
The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997).
14Angola FlagPeople’s Republic of Angola
Body Count: 125,000
1975-1992 (17 years)
The body count only covers the years 1975-1987 (Rummel 1997).
15Mongolia FlagMongolian People’s Republic
Body Count: 100,000
1924-1992 (68 years)
The body count only covers the years 1924-1987 (Rummel 1997).
16Albania FlagPeople’s Socialist Republic of Albania
Body Count: 100,000
1946-1991 (45 years)
The body count only covers the years 1944-1987 (Rummel 1997).
17Cuba FlagRepublic of Cuba
Body Count: 73,000
1961-Present (45+ years and counting)
The body count only covers the years 1959-1987 (Rummel 1997).
18East Germany FlagGerman Democratic Republic
Body Count: 70,000
1949-1990 (41 years)
The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997).
19Czechoslovakia FlagSocialist Republic of Czechoslovakia
Body Count: 65,000
1948-1990 (42 years)
The body count only covers the years 1948-1968 (Rummel 1997).
20Laos FlagLao People’s Democratic Republic
Body Count: 56,000
1975-Present (31+ years and counting)
The body count only covers the years 1975-1987 excluding 47,000 war dead (Rummel 1997).
21Hungary FlagHungarian People’s Republic
Body Count: 27,000
1949-1989 (40 years)
The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997).
22Poland FlagPeople’s Republic of Poland
Body Count: 22,000
1948-1989 (41 years)
The body count only covers the years 1948-1987 (Rummel 1997). Excludes 1,585,000 from ethnic cleansing between 1945-1950 (Rummel 1994).
23Yemen FlagPeople’s Democratic Republic of Yemen
Body Count: 1,000
1969-1990 (21 years)
The body count only covers the years 1969-1987 (Rummel 1997).

Saturday, June 1, 2013

楊逢時纪念六四音乐会 Tiananmen Square Massacre Commemoration

Freedom is Calling

In Remembrance --"Tiananmen June 4th"


Click to watch a live performance:

Excerpts from "Ode to Freedom" DVD

Presented by East Meets West Music Arts

Dr. Fengshi Yang, Artistic Director/Producer






楊逢時曲﹐ 汪成用詞





Freedom is Calling

Fengshi Yang, music; Cheyo Wang, lyrics

With glory and burden, we come from a remote yesterday.

To look for our lost home, we have traveled all over the world, across mountains and oceans.

Ah, friends, we are still young, we are still daring. What can stop us marching?

There’s already light ahead, maybe that’s the flame of rebirth.

Leave the glory and burden behind, we have no other choice, but to go forward.

Ah, friends, dawn is before us, freedom is calling, What can stop us marching?


Thoughts From "Righting the Name"

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯 Kai Chen (Written 8/31/2010, Reprint 8/7/2011)

今年 (2010)六月四日我参与了在中共(党奴)国洛杉矶领事馆前的纪念抗议活动。 一些著名的六四参与者们也出席了这个活动。 在抗议的人群中人们举着“平反六四”的标语牌。 扩音器里持续地播放着“血染的风采”(一个中共宣传电影中的主题曲)。

我猛然感到极不协调,有一种要呕吐的感觉。 作为一个六四的见证人,我在1989 的天安门广场上有过同样的感觉: 当我听到学生民众们唱着“国际歌”与“国歌 – 义勇军进行曲”的时候,那种极不协调的令人恶心发笑的感受使我头皮发麻,马上想从人群中的麻木、虚幻、奴性的肮脏中逃出去。 然而我没有逃出去。 我懂得人们不可能再长期的奴役中马上找的自己的语言与表达。 人们需要时间、需要意愿、勇气与理性智慧去理解正在发生的一切。

然而二十一年过后,我看到的是同样的语言,听到的是同样的音乐歌曲。 我的心中脑中仍旧充满着同样的恶心与不认同。 难道人们在这二十一年中没有一点自省进步吗? 难道人们的灵魂与理性 – 上苍赋予每一个人的内在所有都被某种邪恶的文化惯性所彻底地阉割了吗? 难道人们仍旧拒绝承担每一个个体在中共邪恶政体持续作恶杀人中的道德责任吗? 难道我们真是行尸走肉般的“宦奴娼”吗? 难道每一个毒瘾成性的“鸦片白面”徒们只是想用铲除“贩毒制毒者”来医治所谓群体与自己的吸毒症吗? 难道这种理性与自省力的完全缺失不会导致“寻找救星与新的更强力毒品”的另一个悲剧性的邪恶专制吗?

我决定我不能沉默。 我要讲几句。 我不能成为这种令人作呕的麻木文化中的一员: 我拿起了麦克风用英语阐述了我的如上看法。 可是在我还没有完全讲完的时候,那些打着“平反六四”口号的人们就不耐烦地宣叫着打断了我的发言。 奴隶们用“反皇帝而保卫皇权”誓死捍卫着奴役自身的奴役制。 这一次我在“血染的风采”的崇尚专制奴役的乐曲中快步离开了现场。 我彻底地懂得了“中国”不光是“不可救”的,不光是“不能救”的,也是“不应该救”的。

当人们拒绝用对上苍(良知)的尊崇去拯救每一个个体自身的灵魂的时候,“国家”、“民族”、“百姓”、“人民”等等虚无的概念口号不过是每一个族群奴隶逃避个体自由与个体道德责任的盔甲与借口罢了。 在中王朝奴役文化中,每一个奴隶早就习惯了被“环境”、“族群”、“祖宗”、“文化”、“政府”、“强权者”定义。 在一个没有信仰与对上苍的(相信人是被上苍所创、人的不可被剥夺的权利是被上苍所赐)的尊崇的奴役文化中,人们(每一个个体)当然要从群体、民族、强权与奴役或被奴役中寻找生命的意义。 “平反六四”自然地成为了中奴朝的人们在群体与强权中寻找自身意义的引申。 这并不奇怪。 奇怪的与令人作呕的是二十一年过后的今天,人们仍拒绝去寻找奴役制的基点原因。 人们仍旧对真实逃避与恐惧而不是追求。

追求真实不光需要意愿与智慧。 追求真实更需要勇气与付出代价的精神: 基督的最伟大的铭言是“只有(追求)真实才能使你自由”。 中文语言系的人们: 你真的想追求自由吗? 如果你真想追求自由与随之而来的得到真实幸福的可能,你就要首先驱除自身的恐惧感。 真实会将你来到你从未涉足的未知的海洋中去。 人类的希望绝不是在你的专制祖先制造的千疮百孔的、即将倾覆的破帆船上。 鼓起你的勇气,摈弃那个奴役的破帆船,跳到未知的希望的海洋中畅游探索。 你会碰到危险因为追求意味着探险。 你会呛水、疲劳与烦恼,因为你的理性肌肉与良知道德的自省已经在奴役的破帆船上萎缩的太久了。 但生命、自由与对真实幸福的追求在召唤着你。 那个最强大的、人的不懈的冲动是上苍植在每一个被造个体的心中的。 没有这个对真实的追求,你会永远陷在无奈绝望的泥潭中,渴望着新的救世主们为你制造新的精神鸦片与白面。 你只会在幻觉迷梦中寻找“为国捐躯”的伪高潮。 你的内在、灵魂、良知、智慧与理性只会默默地继续萎缩与死亡。


加速中共党奴朝的死亡,而绝非“救国救奴救主救族”,是每一个追求真实的、崇尚自由的人的、理性与良知的唯一希望之路。 “平反六四”—“让杀你父母强奸你妻女的刽子手去为你恢复名誉地位”不光暴露了你的理性的混乱、迷茫与精神错乱,也暴露了你道德与良知的腐败与完全的缺失。 也许中文语言系的人们更应该问的是: 你是否愿意鼓起勇气清晰你自身的理性、拯救你自身的灵魂?!