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世界焦点导报转陈凯文章/奥巴马及美左派向往中国式集权专制 Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism

World Tribune Article

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism


By Kai Chen

Despotism and tyranny are the essential features of China's cultural tradition.

Today most Chinese do not identify themselves with universal values — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Stockholm Syndrome is a very common phenomenon for most Chinese. They come to the West wanting to learn something negative in the West, in order to defeat the West. They enjoy the freedoms in the West, yet yearn to use the freedom to destroy freedom in the world.

Most Chinese students in the West are either controlled by the Chinese Consulate (with their funding and organization) or by their own despotic mindset.

Most Chinese, because of their own upbringing and a lack of faith, desire a savior-like government. They seem to prefer a perfect (gentler and kinder) despotism in which each one does not have to assume a free individual's responsibility.

Now this poisonous mindset has started to spread and is permeating every corner of the world, even contaminating America (much like what it was before WWII).

Obama's election to the White House seems to indicate a shift of a culture from freedom toward despotism.

China now sees the crack in the egg. The fly wants to exploit the crack to insert the maggots. Confucius Institutes and Classrooms around the world is only one such example.


Kai Chen is a former Chinese National Basketball Team player and a staunch anti-communist activist. "Actually I am against all despotism in the world, from ancient to modern."


Classroom Confusion

A video program about Confucius Classroom: Link

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Confucius Says, "Be Wary of 'Daily Show'" 左翼电视将采访陈凯及抗议者

Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Confucius Says, "Be Wary of 'Daily Show'"

By Matt Coker, Tuesday, Apr. 27 2010

​The campaign against a public school's "Confucius Classroom" by the Chinese-American activist who last September organized demonstrations over the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum's Mao Tse-Tung statue is about to get national media exposure--from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In an email exchange with supporters, Kai Chen mentions that he and other foes of the Confucius Classroom at Cedarlane Middle School in Hacienda Heights will be interviewed by a crew from Comedy Central's satirical news program during Thursday night's Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board of Education meeting.

The board in January approved launching a Confucius Classroom next fall at Cedarlane, with the Chinese government's Chinese Language Council International, also known as HanBan, picking up the tab.

HanBan has established 272 Confucius Classrooms worldwide since 2005. The collegiate version, Confucius Institutes, have been implemented in 282 universities over that same period.

But critics like Chen--an author and former Red Army and Chinese national basketball team member who vehemently opposes what he views as an oppressive Chinese regime--charge the Ministry of Education-affiliated HanBan is really a front for the communist government.

Someone named Terri agrees with Chen, indicating hope in the recent email exchange that The Daily Show will put the opponents "in a good light" and advises, "Let's pack the house."

"I am surprised that Jon Stewart will interview us before any conservative talk show hosts or media," Chen writes back. "I think he will be a kind of hostile interviewer. But I may be wrong."

Actually, this being a remote story, it's unlikely The Daily Show host will be the one doing the interviewing. But longtime viewers know Chen should be suspicious of the motives of whichever reporter shows up, given the show's track record of delicious skewering.

The fun begins at 7 p.m.

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Celebrity statues find unlikely homes in Southern California 洛杉矶时报/毛像是名人像,尼克松图书馆/美政府不对毛像有政治态度?

Photo: Kai Chen with Mr. Naftali, 10/1/2010

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Using the words such as Icon or Celebrity to describe Mao - the biggest mass murderer in human history can only be a moral perversion or mental retardation. LA Times' article about statues in Southern California reflects the deep erosion and contamination in America's political cultural landscape.

Since my protest over Mao's statue in the Nixon Library last October, the director of the library Tim Naftali has changed the sign he used to put up by Mao's statue which listed Mao's crime against humanity. Now the new sign says only who the statues are and it does not represent US government position to have the statues there (basically the statues have no meaning according to this position). Now, Naftali further confuses Nixon Library's position on Mao's statue, saying that the US government takes no position on a mass murderer's statue in a public-funded institution that educates our children about world history (without morality?!). The perversion is getting deeper.

Mr. Naftali further stated that since the sign was put up by the "World Leaders Exhibit", (so Mao is still one of the "World Leaders who lead only in murder and torture.) no more protest has been held. It seems that to appease the public anger, not to do the right thing by one's conscience, characterizes his action regarding such a perverse display.

Hereby I reiterate my position on Mao's statue in the Nixon Library: Such a display is anti-America and anti-freedom. Such a display will only serve to castrate our children's moral judgment and diminish a person's common decency. I will not rest till Mao's statue is removed from Nixon Library, along with Mao's portrait and Mao's rotten corps on Tiananmen Square when the communist regime in China falls. I hope all the people in America and in the world will join me in this worthy effort to cleanse our own soul and dump these nauseating contaminants into where they belong - the garbage can of human history. --- Kai Chen

用“名人”或“崇偶”去形容毛泽东 - 一个人类历史上最大的杀人魔,只能说明用词人的灵智混乱与心理残疾。 洛杉矶时报的这篇文章反映了当今美国政治文化的逐渐蜕化与被污染。

自从我去年十月在尼克松图书馆抗议毛塑像后,馆长那夫塔利不知出于什么动机将他原有的一个关于毛的罪行的说明换成了一个不置可否的所谓“说明”,并指出毛塑像展出不代表美国政府立场。 现在那夫塔利又进一步改变了立场说美国政府不对毛塑像展出在尼克松图书馆(一个教育我们后代世界历史的场所, 一个纳税人所付公共机构)有任何立场。 病态扭曲进一步加剧。

那夫塔利又指出自那个说明(不代表美国政府立场)出示后,没有人在去抗议。 似乎平息公众愤怒,而不是诉诸良知做出正确的举动是尼克松图书馆的主要行为动机,不管这种动机有多么病态扭曲。

我在此重申我对毛塑像在尼克松图书馆展出的立场: 这种展出是一种反美、反良知、反自由的举动。 毛塑像的展出只能起到阉割、麻木人的道德美德的作用并对我们的后代对真实历史的认知有着极大的负向作用与障碍。 我将用我的努力一如既往地抗议这样病态扭曲的现象,直到毛塑像连同在天安门广场上的毛画像与毛腐尸一起被丢到人类历史的垃圾箱里去。 --- 陈凯


Celebrity statues find unlikely homes in Southern California


Sculptures of icons including James Dean, John Wayne and even Mao Tse-tung can be discovered in unexpected places in the Los Angeles area.
By Steve Harvey, Los Angeles Times

April 25, 2010

It used to be a sort of running joke: Where else but in Southern California would a high school have a statue of a movie star on its front lawn? The reference was to Venice High's Myrna Loy monument.

But there was an explanation.

Loy was not an actress, just a student, when she modeled for the sculpture in 1922. The oft-damaged cement work was replaced by a bronze version earlier this month.

Several other local statues and busts of notables also occupy what seem, at first glance, to be unlikely settings.

Who would have thought…

China's Mao Tse-tung in Yorba Linda?

Conservative icon John Wayne outside the headquarters of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt?

Actor James Dean at the Griffith Observatory?

Or, how about comic Jack Benny in Rancho Cucamonga, Ludwig van Beethoven in Pershing Square and Amelia Earhart in North Hollywood?

But there are more or less logical reasons for each site.

Mao, for example, is in the World Leaders Hall of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Nixon chose Mao and other subjects because he had met with each of them, but there were still some protests over the dictators in the display.

So, the National Archives and Records Administration, which took over operation of the museum in 2007, posted a sign saying that the federal government takes no position on the "legacies" of the leaders.

Since then, museum Director Timothy Naftali said, there have been no protests. ....

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Taboo words in China 中共党奴朝网上禁词

Censorship in China: Taboo words -

Taboo words in China 中共党奴朝网上禁词

From ‘adult’ to ‘yellow,’ words the government does not want you to search for on the Internet.

Reporting from Beijing

It's something of a parlor game among Chinese Internet users to figure out what terms and words really are taboo.

Chinese users of the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing application eMule found that the company is blocking searches of the following terms and words in China. (Some of these words are still searchable on some sites.)





civil movement

core principles


credit crisis

Cultural Revolution

Dalai Lama



economic bubble

Edgar Snow









Mongolian independence


national secret







Rebiya Kadeer





state security

Taiwan independence



Tibet independence



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英文的 " I " 在中文怎麼翻譯? "I" in Chinese?

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Those who take Chinese culture as a religion and defend evil Confucianism should learn from this simple fact of "I" expressed in the Chinese language. The slaves of Chinese social hierarchy should open their eyes to take a careful and close look at themselves. Are you truly a free being? --- Kai Chen

那些将中国、中国文化及孔儒伦理视为圣教的卫道士们应从这篇文章中反省反思。 中国等级文化的奴隶们应睁开眼睛用“我”照一照自身的生活状态。 你是个自由人吗? --- 陈凯

英文的 " I " 在中文怎麼翻譯? "I" in Chinese?

Author: Unknown 未名者 作 Translation: Kai Chen 翻译: 陈凯

有一個老外為了學好漢語,不遠萬里,來到中國,拜師于一位國學教授門下。 第一天老外想挑一個簡單詞彙學習,便向老師請教英語 " I " 在漢語中應該如何說。

To study Chinese language, a foreigner came to China from afar. He found a famous Chinese language teacher and started to ask how the simple concept of "I" in English should be expressed in Chinese.

老師解釋道:中國是一個官本位國家,當你處在不同的級別、地位," I "也有不同的變化,就像你們英語中的形容詞有原級、比較級、高級一樣。

The famous teacher explained: "In China, how you express "I" depends on what social and official status you have achieved or not achieved, sort like in English adjectives you have those comparatives..."


If you have just come to China and had no relations/status with anyone, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":

我、咱、俺、餘、吾、予、儂、某、咱家、洒家、俺咱、本人、個 人、人家、吾儂、我儂。


If you see your teachers, elders, and people with authority, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":

區區、僕、鄙、愚、走、鄙人、卑人、敝人、鄙夫、鄙軀、鄙愚、 貧身、小子、小可、在下、末學、小生、不佞、不才、 不材、小材、不肖、不孝、不類、走狗、牛馬走、愚小子、鄙生、 貧生、學生、後學、晚生、晚學、後生晚學、予末小子、 予小子、餘子。


If you have achieved some social status in the officialdom, when you see your superior, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":

職、卑職、下官、臣、臣子、小臣、鄙臣、愚臣、奴婢、奴才、小 人、老奴、小的、小底。


If you see someone of your equal without official titles, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":

哥們, 愚兄、為兄、小弟、兄弟


If you see someone of your inferior, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":



If you are lucky enough to be an emperor, or a high official, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":



If you are not willing to be someone in authority and choose to retire from society, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":


最後一點必須注意,一旦你退休了,便一下子失去了權利和地位, 見人也矮了三分,只好說:

But alas, if by any chance you lose your official titles and social status, therefore lose your face, these are the Chinese characters to state your own "I":

老朽、老拙、老夫、愚老、老叟、小老、小老兒、老漢、老可、老 軀、老僕、老物、朽人、老我、老骨頭。

老外聽了老師一席話,頓覺冷水澆頭,一個晚上沒有睡好覺。 第二天一大早向老師辞行:學生、愚不材、末學、走。 退了房間,訂了機票,回國去了。

Having heard all these, the foreigner was a little disturbed and didn't sleep well that night. The next morning he went to say Goodbye to the famous Chinese language teacher: "(Using the many "I"s in Chinese characters to describe himself before he said "Sorry")I decide not to study Chinese language anymore." Then he went back to his own country.

怎樣!! 還覺得英文難學嗎???

How is that story to tell you about the complication in studying Chinese?! So maybe you should not complain how difficult English language is. It is indeed much simpler and easier to learn than Chinese.

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Who Are You? A poem by Kai Chen 你是谁?(诗/英文)

Who Are You?

你是谁?(诗/英文)陈凯 作

A poem by Kai Chen 4/16/2010

Most say humans are just creatures of their environment.
Most say humans have no choices.
Most say humans should only accept, not create.
Most say human lives have no meaning like an eternal void.

Most say we are only maggots
Worming in the waste of our ancestors in a chamber pot,
With a full belly enjoying a life of no eyes, no mind and no bones.
Most say we are only swine
Waiting to be fed in a cage,
With their fattened bodies to be slaughtered by men.
Most say we are only slaves bond by chains,
Toiling under the orders of the masters
With a certain fate forever in servitude.

Most yearn to paint a prettier chamber pot,
Saying that will brighten the lot of the maggots.
Most plot to weave a warmer cage,
Saying that will improve the swine’s lives.
Most strive to forge a sturdier chain,
Saying that will secure the future of the slaves.

Forbid it, Almighty God:

I want to smash the chamber pot
With its noxious content from others.
I want to swim in the blue water of the ocean
Extend my fins to explore the unknown,
For I am not a maggot but a dolphin.

I want to tear apart the cage
No matter how warm and how comfy it is.
I want to roam the immense plain
Trotting through endless possibilities,
For I am not a swine but a lion.

I want to break the chains from the masters
To unleash the power of my body, my mind and my spirit,
I want to soar above the blue sky
With my wings sailing through the air.
Everything is so clear under my eyes
The entire world is within my embrace,
For I am never a slave,
I am an eagle, I am a free being.

In the directions of human endeavors,
May God give me only two choices with nothing in between:
Liberty and Death.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

你是谁? 陈凯/诗一首(中文)Who Are You? A Poem by Kai Chen


Who Are You?


- A poem on human condition and choices -

By Kai Chen 陈凯 4/15/2001









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陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Jon Voight is one of very few in Hollywood who understands the spirit of freedom in America. His daughter Angelina Jolie once wanted to make Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" into a movie. I commend him for having the courage in a hostile Hollywood environment to stand up for what is right. --- Kai Chen

约翰. 武易特是一个懂得美国的自由精神的、少有的好莱坞明星。 他的女儿著名女星安州莉娜. 周莉也曾设想将安. 兰德的“无奈大力神”拍成电影。 我在这里将他呼吁人们加入“茶党”的公开信译成中文,也就此对他的勇气与良知深表赞赏。 --- 陈凯



April 10, 2010


April 13, 2010 - by Jon Voight Translation by Kai Chen

约翰. 武易特 (美国影星) 陈凯 中译

In one year the American people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by President Obama and his whole administration. The lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all, or the very poor and needy who live to be taken care of. President Obama feeds these people poison, giving them the idea that they are entitled to take from the wealthier, who have lived and worked in a democracy that understands that capitalism is the only truth that keeps a nation healthy and fed.


这个谎言是基于那些赢弱无知的人们的生理与心理的需求的。 这个剧毒的谎言是对我们每一个美国人的侮辱、亵渎与攻击;也对那些不解真相的贫弱的人们有着极大的引诱与欺骗。 奥巴马当局将这些麻痹人良知的剧毒的毒品贩卖推销给那些想走捷径的弱者,告诉他们他们唯一的希望就是把富有一些的人的财产通过政府强权夺过来进行“再分配”。 但他们不懂这是对他们自身灵智的最大侵害: 那些富有的人们不过是通过自身的努力、天才与勤奋在一个民主自由的制度中从贫到富罢了。 那些现在富有的人们也懂得只有资本主义经济与自由市场贸易才能使一个国度富有与丰衣足食。

Now, the lie goes very deep, and President Obama has been cleverly trained in the Alinsky method, and it would be very important that every American knows what that method is. It is a socialistic, Marxist teaching, and with it, little by little, he rapes this nation, taking down our defenses, making new language for the Islamic extremists.

现在,这个剧毒的谎言已经蔓延深入人心。 奥巴马本人也十分精明。 他曾经过“阿伦斯基法”(利用个人的“族群认同”控制摆布赢弱无知者)的专门心理训练。 每一个美国人都要懂得什么是“阿伦斯基法”: 它是一种社会主义、马克思主义的洗脑方式。 用这样一种洗脑方式,奥巴马一点一点地削弱人的道德良知,一点一点地诱奸、强奸整个的美国,一点一点地制造专制伊斯兰(专制中国 - 陈凯附)的语言词汇。

The world who looked up to us, as a symbol of hope and prosperity, now wonders …“What will become of the entire world if America is losing its power?”

世界正在瞩目着美国 - 这个曾被全人类看作是自由的希望与社会繁荣的象征。 人们不禁惊诧恐慌: “如果美国也被专制谎言所腐蚀堕落,世界将会是什么样子?!”

The American people who understand exactly what is taking place have come together in the thousands, vowing to try to stay together as a unit of love and freedom, for all men and women, from all walks of life, shivering to think that this once great nation will be a third world country.

那些良知尚存的美国人懂得在我们的身边正在发生着什么: 他们聚集起来组成“茶党”并誓言要站起来捍卫爱与自由。 这个捍卫不只是为他们自己,也是为了所有热爱自由的、来自世界各地的男女们。 他们不愿看到自己的理想的家园 - 人类最伟大的国度逐渐被精神毒品腐蚀沦落到一个不堪入目的渣滓乞丐之地。

This will be the first president to ever weaken the United States of America. President Obama uses his aggression and arrogance for his own agenda against the will of the American people, when he should be using his will and aggression against our enemies. Every loving American for peace, and truth, and the security of our nation, must come out and join the tea parties in their states. The opposition will continue their tactics: they will lie and plant their own bullies amongst us. Everyone must pay close attention to who stands next to them. We can weed out the liars and agitators.

奥巴马将是第一个意图将美国推下悬崖的反美总统。 他正在用他的狂妄与狡诈将他的马克思主义的蓝图强加给美国的人们。 他本可以用他的那些特性对付美国与自由的敌人的。 我呼吁每一个热爱真理、和平与关心美国的安全的人做出你的努力、加入你本州的“茶党”。 那些自由的敌人也会相应地做出举动: 他们会送出奸细到“茶党”的队伍中来破坏捣乱、造谣生事。 每一个“茶党”的人都要警惕并揭露那些谎言者与挑唆者。

Let us all stay in God’s light.
Let no man put us under.
We can and we will prevail.
God bless us all!

我们有能力与意愿。 我们必胜。

Monday, April 12, 2010

VOA/美國加州一中學引入孔子教室引發爭議 VOA Quotes Kai Chen

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

In this report, some argue that Confucius Classroom in American high schools is only a legal issue. Some even equate America political system with China's. Because of these moral confusions, my opposition to Confucius Classroom is even more justified, important and paramount to other issues. My position/goal is to educate America and to restore America to what the founding fathers intended, as enunciated in American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The struggle between good and evil, freedom and despotism should never be compromised. A moral issue should never be confused with other issues. --- Kai Chen

在这篇美国之音的报道中,有人为“孔学堂”辩护说这是一个合法不合法的问题。 也有人将美国的制度与中国的制度相提并论。 基于这些美国当前的道德扭曲与混乱,我在反“孔学堂”中的立场观点就更凸显出其重要意义。 我所关心的是美国的政治文化的健康与回赋真实的、美国宪法与独立宣言所代表的自由精神。 正义与邪恶、自由与专制是决不能合作与妥协的。 --- 陈凯


VOA Quotes Kai Chen

記者: 亞微 | 華盛頓 2010年 4月 12日







陳介飛說:“我們和漢辦有一個合同。當然,沒有人會隨便給你錢。他們要我們使用他們的名字-孔子學院,也要我們用他們的書。可是,我們不需要每個東西都用。最重要的是,這個合同說:我們不能反對自己的法律。所以,雖然他們有他們的要求,這個合同並沒有說我們要反對我們原來的法律。如果有什麼東西,我們不想教、不想用,我們也可以不用。如果我們想把合同解決掉,早一點把它取消,我們也有這個權利。我們沒有把我們的權利給中國。 ”









Thursday, April 8, 2010

“爱国”篮球网站全节转播“我的路”Pro-China Website Posts "My Way"

Pro-China Website Posts "My Way" (English Subtitles)

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's words:

It is truly amazing to see that a Pro-China website post "My Way" in its entirety. From the website comments you can easily see the inner/moral conflict of the website poster - the "human devil" split of personality and the "zombie" complex exhibited by most Chinese-speaking people. Nonetheless, the essential message in "My Way" has struck a core in even the most Pro-China "angry youths" -- the message of individual freedom, human dignity and the meaning of true happiness. The tortured mindset of the most Chinese, in their unsolvable conflict between their individual identity and their collective facade is revealed thoroughly here in these comments. Even they cannot deny they are human first after all. The power of "My Way" and the eternity of its message cannot be denied.

Here I want to again thank the producer of "My Way", Ms. Fiona Zhao, who fought all kinds of obstacles with determination/tenacity to have made this remarkable documentary a reality. She truly captures the essence of my life - individual freedom, human dignity and yearning and pursuit of true happiness.

(To clarify and correct the claims from the commentators: 1. I have absolutely no political aspiration and I am against the idea of having professional politicians. 2. As long as the communist party is in charge, I have absolutely no intention to go back to China, not even for a visit. I am and will remain an American citizen for the rest of my life. I am very proud to be American - my chosen identity. 3. China is and will be a slave state as long as the communist party remains in power. Yao Ming, being a tool for the state, will also remain a slave athlete for the evil regime.)

--- Kai Chen

当我发现这个“爱国”篮球网站全节转播了“我的路”,我着实有点儿吃惊。 在这个网站对我的评论中你不难察觉到转载者内心的道德冲突、“人鬼”心态与“活死人”病态情结。 但这转播本身证实了“我的路”中所表现的普世终极的人的价值(自由、尊严与对真实幸福的追求)甚至连这些“爱国者”们也不能不承认。 他们内在的个体认同(存在)与他们外在的群体表象(虚无)的不可调和的冲突在这些评论中一表无疑:即使那些“愤青”们也不得不承认他们也是人。 即使那些“爱国”的人们也不得不认可“我的路”中所体现的价值的永恒。

我在此对“我的路”的制作者赵枫再表感谢。 她在制作这个纪录片的过程中所显露的决心与顽强使我深深感动。 她确实抓住了我生命的实质 -- 自由、人的尊严与不懈地对真实幸福和人生意义的追求。

(对评论者说几句话: 1. 我反对用政治手段赚钱。 我也没有任何政治企图。 我只想说几句良心话。 2. 只要共产党当政,我就绝不会回祖地,哪怕只是临时探访。 3. 只要共产党当政,中国就只能是一个党奴朝。 中国的运动员也只能是工具奴隶。 姚明亦不例外。)

--- 陈凯


Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist

陈凯: 从中国男篮球星到坚决反共活动人士

”爱国”篮球网站链锁: Link to the Pro-China Basketball Website:

网站评论: Comments from the Website:

Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist

From Sinobball:

First of all, I am creating this topic for purely informative purpose. I don't agree with most of his viewpoints (in fact, I believe his hatred of the CCP made some of his opinions ludicrous.) And I'm not saying this because I'm afraid the "almighty scary" CCP is watching me (otherwise I wouldn't have opened the thread). But I believe the videos are worth a look.

For all of you communist-haters you may enjoy these videos as Chen Kai, formerly of the Chinese NT (but only briefly), talks extensively how he was abused and oppressed by the regime in the 1970s. He talked about the sports system, but his oppression was mainly a reason of his family background and that specific era. (Personally I have similar family stories -- I have "Taiwanese" relatives from my mother's side and a "leftist" paternal grandfather, and I know a lot of sad stories in that unfortunate era). However, be aware that as a dissident, he hasn't visited China in over 2 decades, and has very limited idea (or wouldn't admit) about how much CCP has changed.

Here's his personal website. In all honesty I find his opinions WAY too biased and not to be taken too seriously. Even among oversea dissidents banned from returning to China, his ideology is a little too skewed to the right. When he talks about Yao Ming still being oppressed by a Fascist regime I almost LOLed. (including photos contained in his book) or

But, from a basketball standpoint, he provides invaluable materials (old photos and recollections). His eldest daughter played college basketball at Yale.


From MVBlair:

Thank you very much for posting this, Sino. I was not aware of who Kai Chen until you posted this. I have not watched all the videos, but I will. I also might try to find his book. I believe you when you say some of his claims are ludicrous, which is typical for people in positions to criticize or debate. (Of course, everyone knows the CCP and the government have admitted to many horrible disasters).

There are some wonderful photographs on his forum. I appreciate that he shares them!


From Sinobball:

His story is very interesting and at times inspiring. All I'm saying is, since he has chosen politics to be his profession, you cannot expect him to be very neutral and objective in his narration.

As a people, we Chinese want democracy, just like everyone else. However, to be frank, "Chinese democracy movement" like Chen Kai's is totally a joke and is more of a means for some people to get residency in America, than actually for the Chinese people. I think I understand Chen. But stuff like "freedom torch relay" is nothing but public stunt for foreign media. Maybe they have succeeded in raising awareness of China's "human rights abuses" in WESTERN media. But does it change China? If anything, it just makes Chinese people more loyal to the CCP.

Like I said, I think I understand him. But at the same time I also feel a little pity. He'll die in America without ever being able to return.

Monday, April 5, 2010

From Free Republic: Debate over Confucianism in English 英文儒学辩论章节

From Free Republic: Debate over Confucianism in English


From Truthsearcher:

To: Mrs. Don-o

Have your ever heard of the Chinese Classical Book used to educated children for a centuries calling the "24 Filial Sons."

In it is a book all about how a good child will sacrifice their body, their life, to please their parents. In it are stories of people who are reward for killing their son so that there is more food for his mother, or the boy who let mosquito feast on him so that they won't bite his parents. All this is taught as virtue by the Confusianists for centuries to young children to brian wash them.

Female infanticide is prevalent in China not because of the Communists, but the adherence to traditional Confusician notion of female inferiority. Female infanticide has been prevalent in China throughout its history.

I'll read MATTEO RICCI's writings and respond to that later.


To: Truthsearcher

I am not familiar with "24 Filial Sons." Do you know of anyplace that has the text or excerpts online? Is it a work of Confucius himself? And is it being promoted by the education and cultural leaders of China today?

Filial piety is in general a virtue, as it is in conformity with natural law. Of course, killing a child to benefit his parents would be a terrible distortion; murdering one's child is never morally licit. Did Confucius endorse female infanticide? (I can't imagine Matteo Ricci admiring Confucius, if he did!)

You said that the philosophy of Confucius is "secular humanism," and the children are "brainiwashed" into it. This raises important questions:

(1) Do you distinguish between Natural Law, and Secular Humanism?

They do have this in common: that they do not make reference to a god who is the supreme lawgiver/judge, and their aim is "the good life" in strictly this-worldly terms.

Beyond this, I would argue that the terms are by no means synonymous, and in some ways contrasting. Natural Law is generally centered around the natural use of the bodily and mental faculties: ethically it is usually family-centered, communitarian, and expressed in customary and traditional practice.

Secular humanism is organized around liberty in pursuing personal fulfillment; it is individual-centered, it valorizes autonomy, and it is expressed in principles of legal rights.

(2) Brainwashing is a method that uses coercive and traumatic techniques such as drugs, sleep deprivation, exposure to heat and cold, hunger, and other physical duress to convince a person to abandon some of their basic beliefs and adopt the beliefs of the indoctrinator.

The term xi nao(Chinese, literally "to wash the brain") was first applied to methodologies of coercive persuasion which the Maoists used in the "reconstruction" of the so-called feudal thought patterns of Chinese citizens raised under prerevolutionary regimes. Thus it's historically linked to anti-Confucianism, not Confucianism.

I don't think that ordinary Chinese parents raising their children to be hard-working, honest, obedient, and respectful of parents, teachers, and elders, can accurately be charged with "brainwashing" their children. These are the ordinary aims of any patriarchal culture. You can find good examples of these principles in the Proverbs, and -- as I mentioned before --- in the Pauline Epistles.


To: Wuli
Re #4

Confucianism has a room for abuse because it puts the monarch as a father of the nation, to which filial piety is also extended. Children cannot kick out their father in Confucian teaching. Mencius advanced the idea of 'mandate of heaven' to fix this problem. Still, it is something which can be invoked as a last resort, because it implies dynastic change and ensuing chaos. It is not like firing your boss.

Chicoms try to revert to semi-dynastic rule via Politburo in order to survive. To bring them down could also require resurrecting another age-old idea, the rise of semi-religious or fully religious sect. A variation of Maitreya cult.


To: Mrs. Don-o

Let me address your points one by one.

The "24 Filial Sons" is a historical textbook used for centuries in China to educate young children. It is not the work of Confucius, it is the work of Confucianists. It is not promoted by leaders today. However the values it promotes has permeated throughout Chinese culture for centuries.

I want to make it clear that Confucianism is not the same as reading Confucius. I actually have some respect for the man, not a lot mind you, but some. Confucianism as opposed to the writings of Confucius, is the aggretate collection of doctrines that have accumulated through centuries of Confucianists writings. When people say a return to Confucianism, they don't mean for everyone to just read Confucius, they mean for everyone to adopt this collective set of doctrines, and I'm here to tell you that most of these doctrines were establish by so-called scholars whose only interest is help the imperial regime strengthen their control of the people.

No, Confucius did not endorse female infanticide, but it is the natural outcome of a set of social values that considers woman inferior to men. It's akin to asking if Karl Marx endorsed the gulags. Of course not, but the inevitable consequences of trying to put Marxism into practice are the gulags. Which is why every Communist regime inevitably has some kind of gulag like institution.

Beyond female infanticide, even the women who aren't killed are mutilated. Can you imagine an adult woman with feet that are 3 inches long as a result of being bound from the age they are 4 or 5? That's what happened in China for a thousand years and was still in practice just less than 100 years ago. It was only encountering the West that caused the cessation of this mutilation.

Of course I distinguish between natural law and secular humanism. Confucianism is ultimately a form of secular humanism with one exception. The goal of the secular humanism that you are talking about is meant to achieve individual fulfillment. Whereas the Confucian ideaology is all about the collective, personified by the ruler. It says little about Justice, only "Loyalty". For example, Confucius himself said that if the parent commits a crime, it is wrong for the son to testify against him, but the son's duty to help cover up for his parent. Translated onto the political scene this equates to: the subject should not care about the whether the ruler is doing justice, it is the subject's duty to defend his ruler regardless, because "Loyalty" is the ultimate good, not Justice.

This is partially why Communism was so successful in seducing the population of China, because for centuries they have been prepared by Confucianism. The concept of individual rights was foreign to China until they encountered the West. The idea that all men are equal is also an anathema. Which is why the idea that Confucianism prepares the people for Christianity is ABSURD.

As for brainwashing. I am talking about a system of indoctrination, both social and through schools, that begin at a very young age. This is why it is very difficult for a Chinese person to break free from that type of thinking, because he never encounters any competing set of values.

"I don't think that ordinary Chinese parents raising their children to be hard-working, honest, obedient, and respectful of parents, teachers, and elders, can accurately be charged with "brainwashing" their children."

If that were all it was, then I'd agree with you. But like I have written above, the ultimate goal of creating obedient children isn't so that they'll respect their parents, it is that obedient children will make obedient subjects. So they don't just learn to respect their parents, they learn this entire set of values, much of it noxious.

Confucius was an advisor to the rulers of his age. Most of his writings were mostly a set of instructions and advice to the King (he lived before China had emperors) about how to rule, and what set of values to promote in the people so the ruler can best maintain his rule. In that respect you should think of it akin to The Prince by Machiavelli.


To: Truthsearcher

Thank you for his long and careful reply. It has given me a lot to think about.

I am not sure that individualism as we know it today, was much emphasized in the New Testament. You'll find very little there about individual rights, or gratification, or self-actualization, or fulfillment (I don't think you'll even find the word "individual" in a Biblical concordance) and the ethical codes are explicitly heirarchical.

Ephesians 6:1-10

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER (which is the first commandment with a promise), SO THAT IT MAY BE WELL WITH YOU, AND THAT YOU MAY LIVE LONG ON THE EARTH.

"Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

"Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ; not by way of eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.

"With good will render service, as to the Lord, and not as to men, knowing that whatever good thing each one does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether slave or free.

"And masters, do the same things to them, and give up threatening, knowing that both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him."


Proverbs 6:20

"My son, observe the commandment of your father And do not forsake the teaching of your mother" etc. etc.

Proverbs 23:22

"Listen to your father who begot you, And do not despise your mother when she is old."


Colossians 3:18 - 28

"Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

"Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.

"Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord."

"Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.

"Slaves, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not by way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality. "


Confucius' view is, I would say, closer to the Christian family code found in the epistles of Paul, than it is to the secular individualist view found throughout the post-Christian West.

At least, Matteo Ricci (I keep coming back to him) thought the Chinese to be generally chaste, modest, self-controlled, virtuous, and good candidates for evangelization; whereas God knows what even Ricci could do with secular liberals in Montreal, Amsterdam, Sydney, or San Francisco.


To: Mrs. Don-o

I agree with you in that ancient Chinese thoughts and values is probably not that different from ancient thoughts and values in other parts of the world. And I do not think children obeying their parents is a bad thing,

The difference though, is this. Like I have said already. Confucius was not a moral philoshopher, Confucius was not a theologian. Confucius was a mercenary scholar who sought patronage from the rulers of the various kingdoms in China during his time. Seeking such patronage, his advice were all geared toward pleasing a ruler, and helping him rule. Although some of the values Confucius proposed were good in of themselves, he proposed them only in the context of how it helps the ruler maintain his rule, and hence whenever each of those values conflict with the primary objective,those values are sacrificed in service of the primary objective.

Do you think if the parent command the child to do evil, or to blaspheme, Paul would still want the child to obey the parent? Of course not, Paul would expect them to have allegience first and foremost to God. God is the ultimate authority and arbiter. Imagine the same system without God, but where the ruler is revered as God, and the word of the ruler becomes the absolute authority. That is Confucianism.

You have to understand Confucianism with that understanding, instead of picking out some individual tidbits that you think are good values. You can't have Confucianism of those isolated tidbits. Just like you can't have the egalitarianism of the Communism without all the other things that comes with Communism. Ultimately Confucianism is about the worship of man as God. Which is why I call it a form of secular humanism taken to the extreme.

Note this is not uncommon in ancient times. Egyptians worshiped their Pharohs as Gods,etc. But those values are primitive, and no modern person should be adopting them as their set of values again. It would be akin to the U.S. readopting all the social values of Paul's time, along with slavery and everything else that existed at the time. Do you think that would be healthy for us? The Chinese government wants to re-introduce Confucianism because they want to encourage values that justify despotism.

中国人为什么傻蛋:孔子是我们心中的撒旦 Confucius is Satan in a Our Hearts


Confucius is Satan in a Our Hearts

作者:第一哲学 2010-1-25 11:38:02 发表于:博客中国















撒旦(Satan),主要指《圣经》中的堕天使(或称堕天使撒旦),他是反叛上帝耶和华的堕天使(Fallen Angels),曾经是上帝座前的六翼天使,负责在人间放置诱惑,后来他堕落成为魔鬼,被看作与光明力量相对的邪恶、黑暗之源。






只要拔掉传统政治文化中专制主义的毒根,只要严格注意与它划清界限,中国传统文化还是有很多很多东西可以继承的。(……)甚至可以说,孔颜孟荀,程朱陆王的思想,只有在中国彻底清除专制主义之后,才能大放光彩。正像基督教只有在革掉了教会与教皇的专横腐败以后才能发扬光大一样。鲁迅不是说过吗?中国的新文明,要“外既不后于世界之思潮,内之仍弗失固有之血脉,取今复古,别立新宗,人生意义,致之深邃,则国人之自觉,个性张,沙聚之国,由是转为人国。”(《 李慎之:中国传统文化就是专制主义》)




作者:党之化 文章来源:民主中国 10/25/2009 6:56:08 AM












华裔精英为什么普遍崇拜孔子?Why Do Overseas Chinese Worship Confucius?




Why Do Overseas Chinese Worship Confucius?

(2009-11-03 17:37:27)














黄仁宇先生曾经说过,中国“上面是一块长面包,大而无当,此即是文官集团。下面也是一块长面包,大而无当,此即是成千上万的农民,其组织以淳朴雷同为主。中层机构简单,……上下的联系,倚靠科举制度。”他称为“潜水艇夹肉面包”(submarne sandwich)。引用黄仁宇的话,是想说明,华裔的精英地位得益于孔子学说造就的科举制度。这个制度隐含着这样的伦理:“我”优秀,所以,我先“修身”成为“君子”,然后齐家治国平天下,无疑地,老百姓就只能做“小人”了。最终,他们获得了一种道德优势,可以教训老百姓了。殊不知,这不过是他们得了孔子的好处而不自觉的结果。





Sunday, April 4, 2010

Southland school's language program fuels controversy/LA Times' Article 褒物欲,丧灵智 - “孔”学堂教人灭灵饱口已取成效

Ricardo Ramirez, Alexis Perez, Emily Cowan and Rafael Chavez, from left, practice their Chinese. Most students in the class are Latino. (Katie Falkenberg / For The Times / March 25, 2010)

Chinese government's funding of Southland school's language program fuels controversy/LA Times' Article

褒物欲,丧灵智 - “孔”学堂教人灭灵饱口已取成效

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:


Hitler once told the German people and the world that if you support his program of National Socialism, you would have better jobs and better food. But you should not question his policy of the Final Solution (Jewish Holocaust). Many in Germany and in the world bought into Hitler's version of better material gain for themselves and their offspring. They sold their souls for a morsel of food/a promise of better future at the cost of anti-humanity injustice. The result was tragic and disastrous.

This LA Time's article by Ni Chingching is repeating Hitler's rhetoric/promise of better jobs and food for your children once you buy into communist despotism/tyranny - Chinese version. You can have everything your body desires once you give up questioning the morals behind the communist scheme and the anti-humanity history (80 million innocent lives perished under Mao and communism without anyone today responsible for the crime), once you give up inquiring into the government crimes in Tiananmen Massacre and the current atrocities (continued persecution of dissidents, religious groups and Falungong practitioners, continued distortion and denial of its own criminal history to brainwash the Chinese youths). Now the Chinese criminal regime is selling its version of Communist/National Socialist agenda to American youths. What do you think the end result will be? --- Kai Chen

希特勒曾告诉德国和世界的人们只要你们支持认同他的“民族社会主义”,你就会你的家人后代取得更好的工作、更好的教育、更好的医疗与免费的午餐。 但你千万不要问起他的虐犹大屠杀。 德国与世界上的许多人们为了他们的物欲卖掉了他们的正义感与良知。 其结果是惨绝人寰的悲剧。

倪青青的这篇洛杉矶时报的报道正用同样的言辞重复着二战前的那段历史,只不过现在不是希特勒在用人们的物欲来许诺。 现在用着同样的诱饵,说着同样动听的言辞的是中共党奴朝。 只要你支持认同我们中国式的“共产民族社会主义”,你就会有更好的工作,更好的教育,更好的医疗与免费的午餐。 但你千万不要去追问中共的反人类罪行(八千万人在和平时期的死亡无人负责,天安门大屠杀被从历史书中抹掉,今天对异见人士、宗教人士与法轮功学员的迫害,篡改历史洗脑全人类、、、)。 现在中共党奴朝把它在中国洗脑成功的经验手段带到美国与世界去洗你与你的后代的脑,使你们都成为有肉无灵的宦奴娼。 你来想想如果中国的专制理念(尊“孔(洞穴)而灭灵智)在世界得逞,未来会是什么状态? --- 陈凯


A Hacienda Heights school will get free materials -- books, a laptop, playing cards -- from the Confucius Classroom language program. Critics see a propaganda tool, but backers say fears are unfounded

By Ching-Ching Ni

April 4, 2010

Most students in the Chinese language class at Cedarlane Middle School in Hacienda Heights have never heard of Confucius.

"Con what?" asked Ricardo Ramirez, 11, who loves to impress classmates with his loud and clear greetings of "Hello!" and "I love you!" in Mandarin.

But a proposal to bring more resources to his school's Chinese program has sparked heated debate over whether the Chinese government -- in the ancient philosopher's name -- should have a role in helping American schoolchildren learn. It's a controversy that lays bare tensions in a community that has undergone a major demographic shift and is now more than a third Asian.

In January, the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District board voted 4 to 1 to adopt a new Chinese language and culture class at Cedarlane next fall, at no cost to the district.

Confucius Classroom is paid for by the Chinese government's Chinese Language Council International, also known as Hanban.

"I am not against the teaching of foreign languages, but this is a propaganda machine from the People's Republic of China that has no place anywhere in the United States," said John Kramer, 73, a former superintendent of the district who has been vocal in the debate.

Supporters insist the concerns are unwarranted.

"A lot of people are saying it's a way for the Chinese people to brainwash our students. They are really misinformed," said Jay Chen, vice president of the Hacienda La Puente board. "From Oregon to Rhode Island, public schools have implemented the same program. As far as I can see, nothing sinister is going on."

Chinese language programs have become increasingly popular with China's rise as a superpower. In 2004, Beijing capitalized on that demand by creating the Confucius Institute to promote Chinese language and culture at the university level. The program, officials say, is much like Germany's Goethe-Institut and France's Alliance Française.

People worried in 2004 too, said Susan Pertel Jain, executive director of the UCLA Confucius Institute. "Everybody was concerned we would be told what to do, what to teach. That's not the situation at all. It's very much a partnership," she said of UCLA's program, which opened in 2007.

As of last year, there were more than 280 Confucius Institutes worldwide. Last year, Hanban expanded the idea, launching the Confucius Classroom to focus on kindergarten through 12th grade education. Already, there are about 200 Confucius Classrooms.

Although Cedarlane appears to be the first school in the Los Angeles area to sign up, at least seven are up and running around San Diego.

"The Confucius Classroom has been such a wonderful gift to our school," said Edward Park, principal of the Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet elementary school in San Diego, which adopted the program in October. "We've not had one single opposition."

Hacienda Heights was more than 36% Asian, primarily Chinese, when the last census was taken in 2000. The area has changed dramatically since longtime residents such as Mary Ann King arrived.

"We don't need to accept money from a Chinese government," said King, who has lived in Hacienda Heights for 42 years and once hosted the children's television show "Romper Room." "If it's funded by them, their doctrine will be part of the curriculum. It's wrong. We don't need to do this to our children."

School officials say that very little about the Mandarin program will change under the new sponsorship. Hanban will provide $30,000 to $50,000 for extra teaching materials, books, a laptop computer. The program will also provide some of its own materials and might send a teaching assistant from China to help the teacher who runs the class, said Principal Janine Ezaki.

Norman Hsu, 74, a longtime school board member who voted to adopt the program, says all teaching materials from Hanban will be reviewed by the school and will be available for public inspection. He said he has already seen some samples and found nothing inappropriate.

"They include stories and fables like the Monkey King," said Hsu. "There are also poker cards with Chinese characters for trains and cars. . . . So why are we worried?"

Asians now also dominate the school board, 3 to 2. Kramer, the former superintendent, says that could change.

"Our kids need to be taught Americanism," he said. "This board is going to pay a price. I think the community is upset enough to vote them out."

Chen, the newest and youngest member of the school board, said such comments about the program miss the point.

"People accuse us of advancing a Chinese agenda. They say the Chinese community is taking over," he said. "But one of the reasons to have the program is to make Cedarlane more attractive to all students, not just the Chinese."

At Cedarlane, most of the students in Ricardo's Chinese class are Latino.

"I already know two languages. The more languages I know, the better jobs I'll get," said Ricardo, a sixth-grader who speaks English and Spanish at home. "If I have kids, I can teach them Chinese. They can all get better jobs."


Friday, April 2, 2010

The Story of Passover - the Story about Freedom 让我的人们自由

Thanks Laura for the message: Freedom belongs to those who seek truth with courage. Best wishes to you. Kai Chen


The Story of Passover - the Story about Freedom

Link to the story of Passover:

Exodus -- Moses: "Let my people go." This is the story about Freedom. That day will come for the Chinese as well. But first the Chinese people must value truth , freedom, dignity and justice. --- Kai Chen

Sent: 4/2/2010 1:30:12 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Greetings from Laura Crockett

Dear Kai Chen,

The holidays associated with spring express our looking forward to growth, both inner, that is personal, and without.

I love the story of Passover because it tells the tale of individuals that expressed their inner growth proactively. It wasn't enough for these Children of Israel to yearn for their liberty. They had to risk their lives by taking action against a very powerful king. I think of Passover as one of the first stories in our American consciousness that lays out a blueprint for the overcoming of tyranny while it give us the message to take our destinies into our own hands.

Passover is also the jumping off point for the Christian Easter. Every year I choose an image that represents my own thoughts on the holy day. This year it is Thomas Cole's painting titled The Cross and the World Study for the Pilgrim of the World On His Journey. It was painted between 1846 - 1848.

The cross is in the upper left-hand corner, partially hidden by some clouds. The pilgrim is centered. In gazing at this painting I see several ways to interpret it. The bright light, and this is my own personal view, is the Light of God. From the point of view of the Light, the cross is to its right. Did Cole purposely place "on the right hand of God" the symbol of the Son of God? But why is there such a distance between the Light and the Son? And what do the dark clouds between them symbolize?

On the ground, what is that heaven-like space the pilgrim is entering? Is it a transition place? A final destination? What is inside the building? Why does the forest in the foreground look different than the forest in the background right? And what could that statue be and the people around it? Are they dancing?

You can click on the image to take you to a larger version so that you can study the details if you are so inclined.

Enjoy the season!


The Story of Passover

About 3000 years ago the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians under the rule of the Pharaoh Ramses II. According to the Book of Exodus - Moses, a simple Jewish shepherd, was instructed by G-d to go to the pharaoh and demand the freedom of his people

Moses' plea of let my people go was ignored. Moses warned the Pharaoh that G-d would send severe punishments to the people of Egypt if the Israelites were not freed. Again the Pharaoh ignored Moses' request of freedom. In response G-d unleashed a series of 10 terrible plagues on the people of Egypt

3.Lice (vermin)
4.Wild Beasts(flies)
5.Blight (Cattle Disease)
10.Slaying of the First Born

The holiday's name - Pesach, meaning "passing over" or "protection" in Hebrew, is derived from the instructions given to Moses by G-d . In order to encourage the Pharaoh to free the Israelites, G-d intended to kill the first-born of both man and beast. To protect themselves, the Israelites were told to mark their dwellings with lamb's blood so that G-d could identify and "pass over" their homes

The Pharaoh was unconvinced and refused to free the Jewish slaves

Until the last plague

When the Pharaoh finally agreed to freedom, the Israelites left their homes so quickly that there wasn't even time to bake their breads. So they packed the raw dough to take with them on their journey. As they fled through the desert they would quickly bake the dough in the hot sun into hard crackers called matzohs. Today to commemorate this event, Jews eat matzoh in place of bread during Passover

Though the Jews were now free, their liberation was incomplete. The Pharaoh's army chased them through the desert towards the Red Sea. When the Jews reached the sea they were trapped, since the sea blocked their escape

It was then that a miracle occurred. The waves of the Red Sea parted and the Israelites were able to cross to the other side. As soon as they all reached the other side the sea closed trapping the Pharaoh's army as the waves closed upon them

Then as the Israelites watched the waters of the Red Sea sweep away the Pharaoh's army they realized they were finally free

Passover celebrates this history. The first 2 nights of the 8 day holiday are celebrated with lavish meals called Seders in which the stories and history of Passover are celebrated. Special foods, plates, silverware are all a part of the Seder....

给哈崗学区学生父母的一封公开信 (陈凯 中译) An Open Letter (Chinese Translation by Kai Chen)


An Open Letter (Chinese Translation by Kai Chen)


By Kai Chen 陈凯 – An Alarmed American Citizen from China
4/1/2010 1c Blog:

“Is life so precious and peace so sweet as to be purchased by the chains of slavery? Forbid it, almighty God. I don’t know what others might do. But as for me: Give me liberty or give me death” --- Patrick Henry

生命就那么可贵,和平就那么甜蜜,以致我非要用奴役的枷锁来换取? 万能的神啊:请你杜绝这种蠢念。 我不知道其他人会如何看待这一切。 但我只尊崇我的信念:不自由,毋宁死。 --- (美国国父之一)帕特里克. 亨利


哈崗学区的学委会以4-1的投票通过允许中共党政 – 一个非法的罪犯政权在本学区(中学)提供教材(推荐师资)建立“孔学堂”。 学委会的这种非经道德后果考量的举动实在令人愤怒、沮丧与震惊。 中共党政的工具“汉办”所捐赠给哈崗学区的三万美元只不过是其罪犯政权的“全球专制文化渗透”战略的一个小诱饵而已。 其对全球人类道德良知的侵蚀与污染的严重后果是不可估量的。 非法的中共党政知道得很清楚: 要想稳固其罪犯政权并使其“合法化”,它必须以攻为守,用文化腐蚀渗透有效地阉割与消灭所有世界人们的道德良知。 用教中文为掩盖,用中国潜在的商业机会为诱饵,用要挟、利诱、恐吓为手段搜罗众多的道德混乱的懦弱者是中共党政的惯用伎俩。 “孔学院”与“孔学堂”是有效地传播精神爱滋病毒的中介。 那些被胭脂涂抹的表象所欺骗、被“宦奴娼”的献媚所迷惑、被以虐杀与迫害的强权所要挟威吓而与邪恶共枕相交的人们至终会面临必然的致命后果 – 人的灵魂与良知的灭亡。 美国正面临严重的危险。 美国正在被剧毒致命的中共专制党政的“软冷战”所攻击。

自从中共罪犯恐怖政权自1949年用暴力篡权后,七千至八千万无辜的人们在政治迫害、人为饥荒、劳改洗脑、折磨虐待与肆无忌惮的大屠杀中丧生于非战争年代。 其非正常死亡人数超过两次世界大战的总和。 这个反人类的罪犯行径今天仍在持续。 可是中国的悲剧最令人发指的一面并不是人们生理的苦难、折磨与肉体的死亡;也不是在人类历史上的最残暴的政权、最大屠夫毛泽东的统治下被虐杀所死的人数记录。 中国发生的最可怕的悲剧在于专制政治对人的精神良知的摧残、阉割、污染与灭绝。 通过洗脑与对历史的篡改与扭曲、通过建立对强权的恐惧、通过建立一个难以分割的奴隶与主子之间的互虐依存、通过灭绝人们在信仰层次中对真实、正义、自由与尊严的追求、、,中共党奴朝在人与神,人与自身灵智,人与对幸福的追求之间建立的“火墙”与“长城”已基本成型。 分裂的人格与屈膝而活的人们已充斥着以世代为奴为传统的亚洲大陆。 今天的中文系的人们已被自身的恐惧与灵智的混乱扭曲到只求生理存活、只顾人身洞穴(真是“孔”学)功能、只懂敌友、你我、内外、高低、强弱、输赢而不顾真假、正邪、是非、自由与奴役的精神侏儒。 “斯德哥尔摩综合征”是一个必然的病态结果。 令人作呕的自我阉割的“宦奴娼”为“国”为“祖”为“脸”为“皇”受难捐躯成了儿童青年们的奋斗目标。 中共党奴朝的教育体系与学校为成批制造这样的“宦奴娼”提供了极为有效的场所、工具与媒介。

在这些有效的洗脑中介场所中,所有中共党奴朝的反人类罪行已从所有的教科书与历史书中删除了。 土改、反右、大跃进、文革是中文系统的学生们一无所知的。 只有20年历史的天安门大屠杀对中国的学生们只是一纸空白。 更不要说今天中共党政对宗教人士的迫害、对异见人士的囚禁与劳教、对法轮功的打压与惨绝人寰的强迫移植人体器官了。 由于“一胎制”所造成的人间惨剧也无人提起。 精神、道德与历史的残疾是中共党政教育体制所必然产生的怪胎。 国际上的中共外交政策也是中国学堂中的禁区话题: 中共党奴朝对民主台湾的军事威胁、中共对世界上专制政权与恐怖组织(苏丹、伊朗、北韩、古巴、、)的支持与军援、等等都是不能触及的“国家机密”。 这些中共的罪恶事实是罄竹难书的。

现在中共党奴朝要把它的洗脑造残疾的一套教育毒害体制,与它的毒商品出口(从毒人食品到毒宠物食品,从毒玩具到毒建筑材料、、,)一起带到全世界,带到你们的社区来。 它在有效地阉割了中国人们灵智后,现在又要将他们的精神毒品带到你们的家门口毒害你们的后代子孙。 “孔学院”与“孔学堂”就是贩毒传病的中共特效场所。 只要你不加询问地接受了“孔学”的专制前提,你所关心的就不再会是真假、是非、正邪、自由与奴役、幸福与虐待等等真实的价值了。 你所关心的将会是按年龄、官职、性别、种族、职业、权力而分的社会等级。 你所关心的将会是如何在这个等级制中不惜一切手段攀登专制的阶梯。 你所关心的将是你的权力,而不是你的权利。 吃人的“活死人”将会爬遍这世界的每一个角落,寻找那些灵智尚存的人们去撕咬吸血,直到所有的人都变成“活死人”(Zombies)。 这就是你想要你的后代去做的吗? 这就是你想为你的后代所准备的教育、生活与工作的环境吗?

现在哈崗学区学委的某些成员要把这样一个制造“活死人”的罪犯党政“引狼入室”地请入一个美国学区的中学建立“孔学堂”并用制造“活死人”的教材洗脑你们的后代。 我只想在此质问那些投“许可”票的学委们: 你们为什么有此举动? 是你们被“孔学堂”的免费和中共的捐款所诱惑吸引? (贩毒者们为了奴役吸毒者从来都是先提供免费毒品。 什么是你的代价?)或是“孔学堂”给你们带来的地位、脸面、虚荣与权力使你们投了“许可”票? 还是你们本身就缺少的道德纤维是你们不想、不敢询问中共党政在全球设“孔学院”、“孔学堂”的洗脑世人、为自身合法逃罪找出路的动机? 你们难道看不到中共所代表的新专制、新共产、新法西斯、新民族社会主义(新纳粹)正在世界蔓延,正在作为一种邪恶理念挑战西方(美国)所代表的 自由宪政的良知理念吗? 为什么像徐乃星一样的学区委员会主动将一个罪犯共产政权的洗脑教育介绍到美国的中学学区里来呢? 徐委员与中共党政到底是什么关系,到底有什么样的见不得人的交易? 中共与徐委员,究竟谁先联系的谁? 如果美国政府会将窃取军事、政治及经济情报的中共间谍绳之于法,为什么会允许一个敌对国(一个自由的天敌)对美国在文化交流的合法掩盖下肆无忌惮地进行文化腐蚀与专制洗脑呢? 对那些作为中共党政的文化间谍、对中共毒文化渗透效力取益的所谓“美裔华人”,美国政府与美国的热爱自由的人们应对他们如何鉴定?

这些问题一定要被提出与解答。 我在此不光严肃质问学区学委员们的理性与常识性,我也在此严肃质问以徐乃星为主的一些学委们的动机与道德良知。 我呼吁所有在哈崗学区的学生父母们站起来、行动起来,用“不合作”与“不参与”来抗拒与击败中共党奴朝在美国、在全球用“孔学堂”进行专制洗脑的反自由战略。 如果良知的人们都能站起来采取行动抗击邪恶的腐蚀与侵袭,邪恶是不会成功的。 我们对我们的社会、对我们的后代的精神健康有着不可回绝的道德责任。 让我们行动起来吧!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bow and Arrow 弓与箭 (陈凯 翻译)

Bow and Arrow

Translation by Kai Chen 陈凯 翻译

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you they belong not to you.


You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.


You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bow from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might that His arrow may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He Loves also the bow that is stable.


Resist the Brainwashing Scheme of the Chinese Communist Regime By Non-cooperation and Non-participation 给哈崗学区学生父母的一封公开信

Resist the Brainwashing Scheme of the Chinese Communist Regime

By Non-cooperation and Non-participation


Re: “Confucius Classroom” in Our Community to Contaminate the Mind and Soul of Our Children

An Open Letter to the Parents of Students of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

By Kai Chen 陈凯 – An Alarmed American Citizen from China
4/1/2010 1c Blog:

“Is life so precious and peace so sweet as to be purchased by the chains of slavery? Forbid it, almighty God. I don’t know what others might do. But as for me: Give me liberty or give me death” --- Patrick Henry

Dear Students’ Parents of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District:

The 4-1 vote of the School Board (Hacienda La Puente Unified School District) to allow the Chinese communist regime – a criminal Party-State to provide educational material and set up a brainwashing “Confucius Classroom” to contaminate the mind and soul of our children is appalling. The $30,000 donation to the school district from “Hanban”, a Chinese communist outreach to implement overseas “cultural infiltration” program, to pervert and corrupt the political culture in the free world is only small bait for the most insidious global contamination by Chinese despotic communist tyranny. The communist regime in China understands too well that to stabilize and legitimize their illegitimate criminal enterprise, the most effective measure is to numb and castrate the conscience of the free world. Using Chinese language programs, dangling the potential China opportunity, enticing the naïve with monetary, material, power gains to pervert the mind and soul of the young are only some of the habitual schemes employed by the Chinese regime. “Confucius Institutes” and “Confucius Classrooms” are the necessary media to spread the contagions (viruses) of spiritual AIDS. Those who are lured into bed by the façade of fake beauty and prosperity will face a certain deadly result – the demise of a person’s soul and conscience. Indeed, America is under attack. America is in danger.

Throughout its reign of terror since the communist regime took power by the power of the guns in 1949, 70-80 million innocent lives in China perished in peace time through persecution, starvation, torture, labor camps and mass-murder. And the anti-humanity crimes/atrocities still continue today. Yet the most despicable aspect of the Chinese tragedy is not the misery, suffering and deaths of the Chinese people under the cruelest tyranny led by the biggest mass-murderer in human history – Mao. It is the denial, distortion, perversion of the historical facts/the truths the Chinese communist regime imposed on the Chinese population today. The spiritual castration of the Chinese population via the tools implemented by the Chinese educational system renders the Chinese people impotent, unable, unwilling and fearful to face the simple truths. “Stockholm Syndrome” is the necessary result. The Chinese people today, under the tyranny and brainwashing, are unable and unwilling to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, good from evil. A curious yet nauseating phenomenon of Chinese eunuchs to serve the emperor is reappearing on the Chinese cultural landscape. All communist anti-human atrocities through various vicious political moments such as anti-rightist movement, Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, etc..., are all but wiped out from the Chinese classrooms and history books. Now the Chinese students, from primary schools to colleges, have no knowledge whatsoever about Tiananmen Square Massacre merely 20 years ago. Today in China, the Christians are still being persecuted and jailed. The Tibetans and other minorities are still being suppressed. The dissidents are still being jailed. The “Great Fire Wall of China” over the internet to control information on the internet is still being erected to prevent the Chinese from knowing the truth in the modern age. The Falungong practitioners are still being tortured and their organs harvested by force to make money for the state. The inhuman and inhumane “One Child” policy is still being enforced with millions of unborn/newborn babies killed by the government each year. Taiwan, a democratic Chinese state, is still being threatened daily by thousands of Chinese missiles. All the terrorist states, totalitarian regimes and enemies of freedom (from Sudan to Iran to North Korea to Cuba…) around the world are still being supported and sponsored by the Chinese communist Party-State. The list goes on and on…

Now the communist Party-State in China wants to export not only their toxic products (from daily human food to pet food, from toys for children to building materials) around the world, they want to export their mind-numbing spiritual narcotics around the world to effectively castrate the conscience of the free people. The toxic programs such as “Confucius Institutes” and “Confucius Classrooms” are the must for the illegitimate criminal enterprise in China to legitimize itself; for once you accept the premise of Confucianism, the legitimacy by the origin of a government’s moral foundation will be cast aside and never questioned. Social hierarchy by race, gender, nationality, governmental positions and physical survival will become the primary concern for the population. Soulless zombies will crawl on every inch of the land to look for those still alive to devour. Material temptations, potential money-making schemes, power-thirst, face-saving will become the primary motive for human behavior. Is this what you the parents want for your children??

Now some members on the school board of Hacienda La Puente District want to invite such a regime/a criminal entity to provide educational material (maybe teachers as well) for your children. I now question the motive behind the decisions by those who voted “yes”: Is it the free lunch (the free money and material) donated to the school district that lured you into such a vote? Is it the power, face/vanity and social status that enticed you to make such a decision? Is it a thorough lack of moral consideration that prevented you from inquiring the motives of the Chinese communist regime in its effort to spread despotism around the world by challenging the validity of freedom/democracy with neo-authoritarianism/neo-Fascism/neo-Nazism? Why do people like Mr. Hsu want to connect our school district and educational establishment with such a criminal regime? What are the connection and secret dealings between Mr. Hsu and the Chinese communist government? Who approached whom in the first place? If we don’t allow foreign spies to steal our military and economic intelligence, why do we allow hostile foreign influence to be introduced into our community by some people acting as agents for an evil cultural-infiltration and take over?

These questions must be asked and must be answered. Not only do I question the wisdom in the school board decision, I question the motive and morality in the school board decision. I urge all the parents in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District to take action of non-cooperation, non-participation to resist and defeat the Chinese communist scheme of “Confucius Classrooms”. The evil will not succeed unless we allow the evil to succeed. We must safeguard our freedom. We must inform our children and educate them about the truth and reality. We must bear our responsibility as free beings. Let’s roll!