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Evil Lurks in the Hacienda La Puente School Board Meeting 哈崗学区教委会的日益儒化与共产化

Fox News with Kai Chen Interview 福克斯新闻网关于哈崗“孔学堂”的报道

Hacienda School Board Members:  Jay Chen, Norman Hsu, Joseph Chang 学委陈介飞、徐乃星、张金生


Evil Lurks in the Hacienda La Puente School Board Meeting

The School Board’s Attempts to Silence Critics and Violate Free Speech Right

By Kai Chen 陈凯 4/1/2011

Hacienda La Puente Unified School Board  哈港学委会会厅

…. As usual, I came about half an hour early.

…. As usual, as I had done for more than a year on many occasions at this School Board Meeting Hall in Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, I used the time to prepare my three-minute speech guaranteed by law to the public at designated time during the meeting.

…. As usual, I laid down some copies of my talking points on the seats in the meeting hall for the audience to whom I intended to address….

I then lay back on my seat, quietly waited for the meeting to start….

People started to trickle into the meeting hall. Some were talking. Some were sitting quietly. I noticed Norman Hsu, a School Board member who is under investigation by Los Angeles DA’s office for his many China trips’ irregularities, sitting by himself on the School Board seat, facing the audience. Four of the School Board members, Jay Chen, Norman Hsu, Joseph Chang and Anita Perez, had been targeted because of their immoral and possibly illegal conduct for recall by their opponents. Implementing the Chinese communist regime’s “Confucius Classroom” program in the district was one of the reasons for the recall effort.

…. Suddenly I sensed someone was approaching me. It was the School Superintendent Barbara Nakaoka.

“Mr. Chen,” She said quietly and adamantly. “I am afraid I have to ask you to remove those flyers you just laid down on the seats.”

Not expecting such a request, I was surprised. “Why? What happened? Did I do anything wrong?” I didn’t understand why suddenly the rule has been changed after more than a year, after I did what I always do every time I came to the meeting.

Nakaoka appeared nervous and uncertain. “Would you lower your voice please?” She requested, looking around the scattered audience.

“Why? I don’t think I violated any law.” I insisted.

She appeared even more nervous and led me outside of the meeting hall.

“It is against the School Board policy.” She came with a weird and awkward reason.

“I have done this for many times before and no one has told me it is against anything.” My anger was rising and I argued.

“Would you lower your voice please?” Nakaoka was apparently irritated. “Why don’t you come into my office?”

I followed her into her office, not noticing the school police chief was following us into the office as well.

“What changed all of a sudden?” I asked with some agitation.

“It is against the School Board policy.”

“Where is this policy and what does it say?” I asked, trying to lead her toward the gate, wanting her to show me where exactly she posted this policy for the public. I thought if there was indeed such a policy published at the gate I didn’t see, she might have a point and ground for her request. I was keenly aware though, somehow Nakaoka was under the pressure of Jay Chen and Norman Hsu to limit my activities, since I had been the most vocal in opposing the Chinese communist regime’s “Confucius Classroom” implemented in the district upon the “Yes” votes from the four School Board members now targeted for recall.

Nakaoka did not follow me toward the gate. She went behind the door of her office, pulling out a folder from a deep corner among many, many other folders.

“Oh, no,” I was amazed that she never posted this policy for the public to see and expected the public to follow a policy so secretive only known by the School Board members and the Superintendent. “If you expect me to obey your policy, you have to let me see your policy in public first.” I was only trying to be logical.

Now I noticed the police chief was sitting on a chair, watching me intently from a corner. The door was tightly shut, locking the three of us into a suffocating space. Yet I knew that to intimidate me, one has to do much more, more than one is willing to exert. After all, I had seen much worse when I was in China under the communist regime.

“Mr. Chen,” Nakaoka was staring at me, trying to provoke me to do something emotional and irrational. “I have to ask you again to lower your voice, or I will have the police remove you from these premises.”

The intimidation and provocation intensified.

Rage was heating up in my chest. But I controlled myself and asked her politely again. “I have not violated any law, have I?” I was also trying to make a judgment whether I violated the law or she and the School Board were violating my free-speech right, and whether I was abusing my freedom/rights or she and the School Board were abusing their power.

“I have never seen you like this before” Nakaoka’s voice was unsteady.

“I have never seen you acting so unreasonably.” I retorted. “If you remove me from the meeting, you are opening yourselves up for a huge law suit. You are violating my free-speech rights.” As a Political Science graduate from UCLA, I was familiar about my rights under the US Constitution.

Nakaoka’s eyes softened a little and offered a compromise. “You can remove the flyers from the seats and hand out to people yourself.”

I was pondering on her offer. But the time was up for the meeting to start.

“Look. We are allowing you to speak here….” Nakaoka pleaded in a condescending way, expecting my gratefulness to her. She was ready to walk back to the meeting hall.

“You don’t ALLOW me to talk, Ms. Nakaoka. You have an obligation as a US government official to guarantee my right to talk in these public proceedings.” Being shocked that a government official like her knew so little about the meaning of America and its Constitution, I reminded her. “Am I still in America?! Are my rights still from God, or warped into something from these corrupt officials in the government?? Is this country still a nation of laws, not of men??” All the while I thought to myself, knowing I can never retreat, knowing if people start to fear government, this country would deteriorate into tyranny like China….

When I went back to my seat in the meeting hall, I immediately noticed all the flyers I laid on the seats disappeared. I started to ask everyone around (the police, the people sitting in the audience, Pat-the secretary for the Board…) who took them. No one seemed to know, or to have the guts to tell me. Their evading eyes and timid look told me more than what I need to know. The topic of my speech was on my flyers: “The Evil of Confucianism and the Harmful Effect of Chinese Language on Human Perception of Reality”.

Evil and Harmful indeed, I was experiencing it right there in the School Board meeting hall, in people’s fearful and vacant eyes, in their uncomfortable and self-belittling body language, in their evasive gestures and words…. Evil was indeed lurking among us, in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, against righteousness, against conscience, against freedom, against the United States for what it stands – One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

…. I made my speech, using two minutes of my three minutes limitation, to address what had just happened to me and to my flyers, and to demand whoever took them return them to me. I only had one minute to address the topic I wanted to talk about. I guess evil indeed got in the way to have disrupted my plan a little.

…. As usual, Jay Chen rounded some high school kids to talk in support of his rejection of recall. Someone in the cohorts also talked about Obama inviting Chinese communist party-chief into the White House as the basis for legitimacy of the board members implementing “Confucius Classroom”. She shouted in the end:

“If our leader Obama can do it, then we should follow our leader.”

In my mind and consciousness, I had no doubt this School Board has already been zombified, communized, Confucianized, corrupted to the core without a single shred of human decency. I pinched myself: Last time I checked, this is still the United States of America. This is still a nation under God, not the government. Since when it is becoming like China?!

“Freedom, once lost, can never be retrieved.” I murmured to myself when I left the meeting hall.




I have just received a package from Ms. Nakaoka, the superintendent of HLUSD. It is the flyers they confiscated before the School Board meeting. But there is no apology.

This establishes two things: One is there is now proof that the School Board did the confiscation. Another is whoever did it feels guilty, knowing there might be consequences from this confiscation.

Best. Kai Chen


Sprout said...

Comment by sprout 56 minutes ago

"If our leader Obama can do it, then we should follow our leader.”

That sounds so communism. Unfortunately Obama is a communist sympathizer, romanticize communism since he is an ideologue and never lived under the reign.

They definitely violated your 1st amendment, at next meeting I would go with a lawyer or bring a recorder for the sound bite, otherwise it's just y our words against their words.

I think the community needs you to keep them honest!

Helen said...

Post this on Smart Girl Politics - on the front page and send to American Thinker online. They really hate you, don't they? And intimidation? And propaganda? And violating your rights?? You bet! I will try to write an article for you in my local paper.

Manuel said...

My Friend Kai, fors ome reason this does not surprise me. As you may remember, in early March, when I served Anita Perz the notcie of recall, before the board meeting began and before board members were sitting at their places, Jay Chen order HLPUSD police chief and officer Barba to remove me from the board room.

This was also a clear violation of my consitutional rights. For the most part,a great majority of our US citizens and long time residents of this school district, have been victims of violations to their liberties and freedoms. I know that it is very typical of a communist regime. These people feel they are more than GODS. They are supreme government of the HLPUSD and they have the power to unleash their dogs on you.

I applaud you KAI. I was not able to attend last night's meeting because I attended the State of the City Address. I knew I should have been there.

Thank you Kai for everything you do on behalf of our children and silent stake holders of HLPUSD.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you are funny. Are you trying to sell your incredible life as a movie or something?

By the way, I don't recall reading in the Constitution the you have the right to litter at a school board meeting. If I missed that somewhere, please let me know. No one prevented you from speaking, so why all the dramatics?

Victor said...

There is such a huge sense of bias in your "documentary" that the people who believe this must logically ask themselves how this type of situation can be true. Furthermore...your descriptions of the whole situation clearly shows your intent on describing the school board and implying as they have done something suspicious and against the law, which they did not. Amidst this all, why didn't you with such passionate and fear implying vocabulary describe the out-of-control manner you were acting in which led to Ms. Nakaoka's constant requests for you to keep your voice down? Hmm?

Edward said...

Comment by Edward Charles Mack 1 hour ago Delete Comment Go to Alliance Defense Fund web site,the realy true American lawyers who believe in God and the constitution and are committing themselves to it. .

Kai Chen said...



I have just received a package from Ms. Nakaoka, the superintendent of HLUSD. It is the flyers they confiscated before the School Board meeting. But there is no apology.

This establishes two things: One is there is now proof that the School Board did the confiscation. Another is whoever did it feels guilty, knowing there might be consequences from this confiscation.

Best. Kai Chen