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陈凯再版/“不一定”与“一定不”"May-not“ vs. "Will-never"

陈凯洛杉矶演讲:从天安门到自由广场 Kai Chen Speech: From Tiananmen Square to Freedom Square

走出中庸朝代的陀螺式循环心态,建立以价值鉴别的进步方向性思维 Stop Spinning, Start Progressing!

"May-not“ vs. "Will-never" (in Chinese & English)

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series


陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:


If the Chinese refuse to abandon their "circular stagnant thinking" and as a result the vicious cycle they have mired themselves in for the last two thousand years, and if they refuse to whole-heartedly adopt the "linear progressive thinking" the West has been engaged themselves in since Christ, China will have no hope.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/4/2007, Reprint 3/3/2011)

(我在此用一系列的“不一定”与“一定不”来说明什么是“虚无的恶性循环”与“价值方向的线性进步”。 望读者们清晰自身的思维与道德方向,并深思自身每一刻所作出的举动与决定。)

(I will list many "May-nots" and "Will-nevers" here to illustrate my point above, so you will have a better grasp about what is "circular stagnant thinking based on nihilism" and what is "linear progressive thinking based on absolute moral values". )



Being good is more than being nice/kind. Being good means standing up for freedom and justice everywhere.


Tolerance of difference doesn't mean one does not tolerate evil. Tolerance of evil does mean one will never tolerate difference.


An individual with freedom may not always find his happiness; but an individual without freedom will never have a chance to find his happiness.


A drug addict may not be devoid of pleasure from time to time; but a drug addict will never experience true joy and happiness.


Election may not necessarily lead to democracy with individual freedom; but without election there will never be democracy with individual freedom.

资本主义不一定导致自由社会。 自由社会一定导致资本主义。

Capitalism may not lead to freedom; but freedom will always lead to capitalism.


Those who believe may not have conscience and morals; those who don't believe will never have conscience and morals.


With logic one may not reach a correct conclusion; without logic one will never reach a correct conclusion.


Freedom of speech and press may not lead to honesty and trust; but without freedom of speech and press, honesty and trust will never apprear and be honored in a society.


With individual freedom, a society may not necessarily have law and order; without individual freedom, a society will never become a society of "rule of law" with order.


With strong will, courage and ability, one may not always succeed in life; without strong will, courage and ability, one will never succeed in life.


With an objective view of history, one may not always have a vision for the future; without an objective view of history, one will never have a vision for the future.


Honesty may not always lead to freedom and happiness; dishonesty will never lead to freedom and happiness.


A person merely breathing may not be a person of true existence; a person of true existence will never be a person who is merely breathing.


Those who hate the Chinese communists may not be all good people; those who support the Chinese communists will never be good people.


Those who support America may not be all good people; those who hate America will never be good people.


There may not necessarily be a free society after the Chinese communists perish; there will never be a free society if the Chinese communists are still in charge.


I only list a few "may-nots" and "will-nevers" for you to think about. You may also find your own "may-nots" and "will-nevers". But always remember the Christ teaching:

这里我只列出一些“不一定”与“一定不”。 你尽可以用你的良知线性思维去发现你的“不一定”与“一定不”。 但请牢记基督的教诲:

"Only truth shall set you free." -- Jesus Christ
只有追求真实才能使你自由 -- 耶稣基督

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