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Movie Review: Two Family House 电影推荐:梦想、良知与真爱



要真正获取“美国梦”,一个人就要冲破自身的恐惧、愚昧、偏见与道德混乱,就要冲破群体的腐败传统文化与观念的强大束缚。 一个人的勇气、美德与伟大往往在面对自身的真实认同、面对良知与上苍、面对家人与朋友时(而不是面对敌人与异己时)才会被完整地表现出来。

这部感人异常的影片通过男女主人公(两个普通的穷人)的爱情(婚外恋)表达与他们对生活的梦想真实地体现了一个人从群体心态走向个体自由、从虚假的安定走向真实的幸福、从腐败愚昧的传统伦礼走向清晰伟大的普世道德价值。 他们最终发现:那些他们身上被群体所认为最肮脏、最底下、最腐败的品质正是他们身上(在良知、上苍与真实自我的眼中)最优秀、最美好、最伟大的品质。 他们的自由与真实的幸福并不在他人与群体的认可上,而在自己主动的、对真实的爱情与幸福的无畏追求上。 我用推荐这部感人灵魂的影片祝福那些冲破群体束缚的枷锁而勇敢追求真实自由与幸福的个体们。

Kai Chen's Words:

To achieve true "American Dream", a person must break through his own fear, bias, ignorance and moral confusion. And he must break through the powerful spell put on him by his own collective culture, his own friends/family and his own social conditioning. A person's courage/virtue/greatness is often thoroughly displayed, not against his enemies and strangers, but in a face-off with his own friends and family.

This moving film,“Two Family House", with its simple and profound theme, depicts a person's inner struggle to set his soul free from the shackles of traditional collective bias and corruption - ”They are the jailers of his soul". He finally realizes that those qualities exhibited by his love and dreams, yet rejected as deviations by his own family and friends, are his greatest virtues and assets. He finally realizes that his true freedom/happiness does not lie in the recognition by his peers and family with a cowardly conformity from himself. His true freedom/happiness lies in his tireless pursuit of truth, love and dreams with courage.

In recommendation of this movie to you all, I want to extend my encouragement and congratulations to those individuals who have exhibited such courage, vision and tireless pursuit of truth to achieve their dreams.


Movie Review: Two Family House


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By BeachReader (Delaware)

(TOP 500 REVIEWER) This review is from: Two Family House (DVD)

What an absolutely lovely film this was. And what a shame it never enjoyed wider release, for it is eminently worth viewing. I was even more delighted when I found out that it really was based on a true story...the director/writer is Buddy's nephew. Buddy Visalo is a lovable, warm, and bumbling dreamer whose wife Estelle constantly deflates his trial balloons--because she is expected to by her culture and the times they lived in. She wants Buddy to take no chances and would rather he kept a job he hated than try something new and more daring.

To realize his dream, Buddy must ignore Estelle and also evict the pregnant Mary O'Neary from the upstairs of the place where he hopes to start his bar. This eviction pains him greatly. How he assuages his pain and helps her out is the heart and soul of "Two-Family House".

This is a movie about doing good for someone and expecting nothing in return, about trying to fulfill a dream and dealing with the obstacles that are in your way. It is not a complex movie with a hidden agenda and messages tangled up in a lot of gimmickry. There are serious themes treated seriously, but never in a preachy way. It is just uplifting and full of truths with a hero who is Everyman. As one reviewer said ...."Buddy is off on an adventure that surprises even him. To accompany him is to experience filmgoing joy."

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