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Movie: “In the Presence of Mine Enemies” 电影推荐:“敌友与善恶, 正邪与亲疏”-- 道德 vs. 伦礼


Movie: “In the Presence of Mine Enemies”

电影推荐:“敌友与善恶, 正邪与亲疏”-- 道德 vs. 伦礼

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"In the Presence of Mine Enemies 敌友与善恶, 正邪与亲疏 -- 道德 vs. 伦礼":



真实的道德理念是:“正邪、真假、好坏、对错、是非、善恶”是与“敌友、内外、亲疏、族群、伦礼、等级”毫不相干的。 一个人去做好事也绝不能因其有好结果、好报应。 但大多数华语系的人们因其在传统专制虚无文化中的浸泡与染毒,常用“走捷径”的懒人混人恶人心态去将“敌友、内外、亲疏、族群、伦礼、等级”作为他们的反道德与伪道德的病态衡量。

中国古代的所谓英雄圣人无一不是“忠君忠朝”与“亲家亲友”的伪道德的代表。 今天刘晓波的“我没有敌人”也被道德虚无的华语系人们曲解为“刘晓波不反对邪恶(中共党朝)”。 这一部关于二战期间华沙犹太人反纳粹的动人影片(In the Presence of Mine Enemies) 就是一部真实道德良知与伪道德言行博争的写照。 我只希望每一个华语系的人通过这部影片深刻反思反省自身伪道德与反道德的专制文化的污染与腐蚀,并在新的一年中用真实的道德理念指导自身的言行。 新年快乐!

Kai Chen's Words:

When a Jewish father killed his own son who was blinded by hatred, in order to save a German soldier who repented his crime and loved his daughter, how do you assess the conflict between moral principles and immoral behaviors?

In truth, "Good or Evil" has nothing to do with "Enemies of Friends". Yet most Chinese, with their nihilistic culture and a habit of taking short cut, always take "Enemies or Friends" as the pseudo moral guideline. Mr. Liu Xiaobo's "I have no enemies" is mistaken and distorted by the Chinese as "Liu is not against evil communist regime". This great movie about WWII Jewish Resistance in Warsaw will educate people about what is Good vs. Evil, Right vs. Wrong, Justice vs. Injustice, Truth vs. Falsehood. I hope you all enjoy this great movie and apply the true moral principles in your lives. Best and Happy New Year.


"In the Presence of Mine Enemies 敌友与善恶, 正邪与亲疏" -- 道德 vs. 伦礼

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A Holocaust movie that depicts the struggles of faith & hope,

February 18, 2008

By z hayes (TX)

This review is from: In the Presence of Mine Enemies (DVD)

In The Presence of Mine Enemies centers around a Jewish family in the last days of the Warsaw Ghetto. It is November 1942, and most of the Jews in the ghetto have been deported. We are introduced to Rabbi Adam Heller [Armin Mueller Stahl] and his daughter Rachel[Elina Lowensohn] who try to live as quietly as they can, evading the dreaded transports for as long as possible. The Kommandant is portrayed as an evil, merciless character who has no qualms sending children to their deaths and has his eye set on Rachel. Chad Lowe portrays a young Nazi officer who proclaims that Jews are 'subhumans' yet acts contrary to his beliefs. He refuses to hit the Rabbi, and though is forced to obey the cruel whims of his superior, the Kommandant, does so against his conscience.

The story centers mainly on the struggles of Rabbi Heller who tries to remain passive and accepting of the dire circumstances of his people in the ghetto, yet a chain of incidents challenge not only his passivity but also his very faith. When his own daughter falls prey to an evil nazi, his son Paul [already imbued with vitriolic hatred towards the Germans "We need to kill ten German babies for each one of ours"] challenges his father's deep faith and mocks his father's belief in God.

Though this movie is based on a work of fiction, it definitely resonates with one's emotions, and the credible cast of characters [except perhaps the besotted young Nazi played by Lowe] make this a worthy addition to movies dealing with the Holocaust theme.

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