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Overlord vs. Servant -- China and the US - Two Diametrically Opposed Systems 中国与美国--两种根本对立的制度与文化

American Founding Fathers 伟大的美国的建国者们


Overlord vs. Servant


China and the US - Two Diametrically Opposed Systems

By Kai Chen 陈凯 1/22/2011

At my request, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Superintendent has provided me with the email record of communications among the school board members, regarding the implementation of Confucius Classroom and the numerous China trips taken by the School Board members and others.

Having examined the email record with the relevant part forwarded to the proper law-enforcement and legal authorities, I can make the following observation and judgment:

1. Mr. Norman Hsu is the one mainly responsible for inviting Confucius Classroom into the School District. He is also the one mainly responsible for communication between the School District and the Chinese government – “Hanban” which is the Chinese government branch to spread Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms around the world.
2. There is a complete separation in Mr. Hsu’s communication between his contact with the Chinese government using Mandarin and his communication with people in the School District using English. His email in Chinese to Mr. Huo of Hanban is only one example.
3. Mr. Hsu’s allegiance to America as an elected US official is put in serious doubt when he alleged/confessed his motive to implement Confucius Classrooms (his ambition is to have ten such classrooms in the surrounding districts) is because he is a Chinese National. Using his US government position to serve a hostile foreign government’s interests mounts to betrayal and treason.
4. Mr. Hsu has committed a crime using district’s time, facilities, resources and staff to have run a private tourist business for years. Confucius Classroom is a very convenient front/tool for organizing such a tourist business, using education as a pretense. Mr. Hsu’s assistant Patty Lampassi’s latest statement to disassociate herself from serving Mr. Hsu’s business interest is a compelling evidence that such a crime has indeed been committed.
5. Some members of the School Board have participated in Mr. Hsu’s business ventures of China trips using education as a front/excuse for perks and personal benefits.
6. The Chinese government is using Mr. Hsu and his likes with tendency to mix public and private interests to corrupt US officials for its own political purposes.

The US and China have diametrically opposed political and educational systems. In the US, elected government officials are viewed and monitored by public as civil servants. Not only do they not have special privileges, they are constrained by the US Constitution not to overstep the boundaries of their power. They are not allowed to mix public interest with private interest. They are responsible and responsive to the taxpayers and the constituencies which elected them. They are supposed to uphold, defend and safeguard the US Constitution. They are supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. But in China, a communist system combined with an ancient despotic tradition, government has always been viewed and functioning as the overlord of the people. And people have always been reduced to passive, infantile and dependent eunuchs serving the overlord’s interests. The Chinese people, being helpless and desperate, also expect the government to be their savior and provider of their needs and wants, including the meaning of their own very existence. An insidious and poisonous codependency is thus formed and a vicious dynastic cycle is thus completed.

When a US official visits China, he is viewed as the overlord of the American people by the Chinese. He will be treated accordingly with red carpet, first class hotel, lavish banquet and even women (maybe the “red package of bribery” as well) – the comforts and luxuries the US officials are never supposed to have, are never used to, yet are inclined to accept and appreciate due to human weaknesses and tendency to corrupt. At home in the US, the officials are just human beings with extra burden of service and responsibilities, but over there in China, they, in an instant, have become/transformed into untouchables with privileges unimaginable in their wildest dreams. Once a US official goes to China and accepts the status of being an overlord, he is corrupted in soul and he is easily used and manipulated by the Chinese government for its own unspeakable purposes.

Yet Jay Chen, a school board member and the newly elected Hacienda La Puente Unified School Board President, along with some other board members after their China trips, wants the students to learn from the culture of communist corruption and dynastic despotism. I am not surprised.

China is the main source of moral corruption and despotic cultural contamination in the world. Everywhere China’s influence is felt, individual integrity, human dignity, rule of law, freedom and liberty disappear. Now the communist regime is using offense as defense to stabilize and prolong their precarious criminal enterprise – an illegitimate Party-Dynasty which has no moral and procedural/electoral foundation. What can be more effective by corrupting the US officials and contaminating the American youths with despotic ideas? To see the unsuspecting victims, the American students, parents, officials, sink into the black hole of moral degradation and depravity pains my heart.

Chinese cultural agents like Mr. Norman Hsu who help the Chinese government spread spiritual/cultural AIDS viruses must be stopped. Confucius Institutes/Classrooms programs aimed to castrate human souls and moral integrity must be exposed for what they are. And we must safeguard America for what she represents – liberty and justice for all. The four members of the School Board (Jay Chen, Norman Hsu, Joseph Chang and Anita Perez) who voted to implement the Confucius Classroom program must be disposed, expelled, recalled or prosecuted for the crimes they have perpetrated onto America, onto the American youths. American Constitution must be restored: US government and its officials are civil servants, never people’s overlord.

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