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陈凯再版:抑制专制必建立强大个体民间 Kai Chen Reprint: Empower Individuals to Combat Tyranny

Ronald Reagan on Liberty and Tyranny 里根谈自由与专制/视频


Kai Chen Reprint: Empower Individuals to Combat Tyranny

“Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series


We reject the idea that any American is a "common man." No man is "common" and no man is "average" in the sight of God. This is the faith on which we base our mission for human freedom. --- Arthur B. Langlie

我们反对这样的说法: 一个美国人只是个普通人。 在上苍的眼中没有任何一个人是普通与平凡的。 这就是我们为人类自由奋斗的信仰基点。 --- Arthur B Langlie


没有自由的民主只是一个专制的代言词罢了。 “中国式”专制朝代循环就是一个以宏大的虚无逃避、压抑、消灭真实的个体存在的外在体现与结果。 那些“求民主而摈自由”的所谓反共人士们不过是在做另一个专制的幻梦罢了

Kai Chen's Words:

"Democracy" without individual freedom is only another word for tyranny. In China's despotic culture that worships collectives and destroys individuals, a dynastic tyranny is only a logical and necessary result. Those who have no individual identity but only an identity of "being Chinese" will do everything to perpetuate this man-eating dynastic cycle.


Kai Chen Reprint: Empower Individuals to Combat Tyranny

Kai Chen 陈凯 1/30/2011 reprint (Written 9/5/2006)

Can we have a true democracy based on individual freedom without strong and independent individuals? What would happen if we replace the current Chinese despotic government that is based on collectivism with another government that is based on the same principle of "collectives above individuals"? Can a true democratic government be established and continue to survive without a strong, individual-based civil society? Can a crowd of self-effacing, self-demeaning, self-castrating small men form the basis of a great human society that values life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

All these questions must be answered before we start our quest for freedom, justice and a democratic form of government.

Today there is an article on the LA Times about Chinese Cyber-Vigilantism (people set up certain individuals for persecution without court proceedings -- not a surprise since China has never had independent judiciary), coupled with the current events in Taiwan in which democratic institutions are not respected and a form of "Mob Rule" is in full swing to overthrow a democratically elected president. One does not need great intelligence to conclude that only in a society with weak and crippled individuals such phenomena can happen.

A strong civil society must emerge and be strengthened if a true democracy is to survive. And free, strong individuals with unshakable faith and capability to reason with logic and rationality must form the foundation of such a civil society. Then what is an empowered, strong, free and rational individual?

1. He/she must have strong faith in his own conscience -- God, so that he will not be swayed by the tide of time and crowd.
1. 他/她必须有对道德良知--上苍的坚定信仰。 真实与正义的原则是不会因时间的流逝与人数的多少而改变的。

2. He/she must be courageous facing overwhelming odds in overcoming difficulties to strive for justice.
2. 他/她必须有道德勇气为了自由与正义去面对似乎不可克服的困境与似乎不可战胜的敌人。

3. He/she must be independent in judging what right or wrong is based on moral absolutes.
3. 他/她必须是一个独立思考基道德原则去鉴别是非、真假、对错与正邪的个体。

4. He/she must be intelligent enough to recognize facts from fantasies, truth from falsehood, reality from illusion... Common sense is his weapon.
4. 他/她必须有基本的逻辑理性思维并能用简单常识性思考去识别幻觉与真实现状,去识别骗子与诚实者。

5. He/she must be tolerant to differences while fighting without compromise against evil.
5. 他/她必须懂得容忍不同的美德与绝不容忍邪恶的道德清晰。

6. He/she must treasure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and reject all temptations based on Power.
6. 他/她必须将永恒的价值--生命、自由与对真实幸福的不懈追求作为自身的言行准则,并回绝所有强权/权力的诱惑。

Only with such strong, empowered individuals (we often call them Americans), human progress toward better tomorrow can be possible. Everything starts from only one - you and I. Anything that starts with government, with crowds, with a mysterious cultural habit and tradition can only be counter-productive, not to mention it is by nature regressive, repressive and reactionary.

Do not follow the crowd, follow your own conscience and mind. Do not fear the crowd, fear only God. Do not be a slave of your own culture, tradition, government, environment, be the master of them. Do not be passive when encountering obstacles and difficulties, be brave to take actions, be the engine with a compass to push history forward into a better future.

I indeed have such faith in humanity, in each and every individual human being, in you and me and in God.

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