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Anti-American Tune at White House 奥巴马在白宫欣赏反美乐曲


奥巴马的反美拥共早从他的父亲开始(他的父亲是一个共产党员)。 奥巴马自传的书名“继承父亲的梦”(“Dream From My Father")就是他的拥共反美的公开写照。 美国的人们应该清楚:被人骗一次是骗子的邪恶。 被人骗两次是傻瓜的愚蠢。

Kai Chen's Words:

Obama's anti-American and pro-communist mindset is well known. His autobiography's title "Dream from My Father" tells all, since his father was a communist. American people should be clear about this: Being cheated once is the cheater's fault. Being cheated twice only shows the stupidity of the cheated.

Chinese Pianist Lang Lang Plays Anti-American Tune at White House


Posted on January 23, 2011 at 3:14pm by Scott Baker Print » Email » The Epoch Times adds this subhead to their story — US humiliated in eyes of Chinese by song used to inspire anti-Americanism:

Lang Lang the pianist says he chose it. Chairman Hu Jintao recognized it as soon as he heard it. Patriotic Chinese Internet users were delighted as soon as they saw the videos online. Early morning TV viewers in China knew it would be played an hour or two beforehand. At the White House State dinner on Jan. 19, about six minutes into his set, Lang Lang began tapping out a famous anti-American propaganda melody from the Korean War: the theme song to the movie “Battle on Shangganling Mountain.”

The film depicts a group of “People’s Volunteer Army” soldiers who are first hemmed in at Shanganling (or Triangle Hill) and then, when reinforcements arrive, take up their rifles and counterattack the U.S. military “jackals.”

The movie and the tune are widely known among Chinese, and the song has been a leading piece of anti-American propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for decades. CCP propaganda has always referred to the Korean War as the “movement to resist America and help [North] Korea.” The message of the propaganda is that the United States is an enemy—in fighting in the Korean War the United States’ real goal was said to be to invade and conquer China. The victory at Triangle Hill was promoted as a victory over imperialists.

The song Lang Lang played describes how beautiful China is and then near the end has this verse, “When friends are here, there is fine wine /But if the jackal comes /What greets it is the hunting rifle.” The “jackal” in the song is the United States.

Appeasing China: I Would Rather Have Reagan With Alzheimer’s Than Obama With All His Mental Faculties

Posted by Peter Schweizer Jan 16th 2011 at 7:41 pm

The word that conservatives most associate with President Barack Obama is “socialism.” But moving up quickly should be “appeasement.” This description of the Obama Administration’s plans for China President Hu’s visit from the AP says it all:

“Chinese leader Hu Jintao is being feted in Washington this week with a lavish state banquet at the White House and other pomp usually reserved for close friends and allies—all intended to improve the tone of relations between a risen, more assertive and prosperous China and the U.S. superpower in a tenuous economic recovery.”

What makes this all the more pathetic is the fact that it comes in the face on a surging China. In addition to boldly testing a new stealth fighter on the eve of Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ recent visit to China, Hu has also declared that the dollar focused international currency system is a “product of the past.” So Obama is throwing them an extra special party.

How will the Chinese government see this? As a gesture of good will? Superb Obama hospitality? As a chance that on a substantive level relations are improving? No, Chinese leaders will see it for what it is: superficial appeasement. Superficial because parties and banquets mean squat in power politics. And appeasement because Obama is dealing from weakness–not from a position of strength.

Obama finds himself in this position of weakness because (1) America’s economy is heavily in debt and rely on the Chinese government to buy our debt.; and (2) Obama fundamentally lacks confidence in America and our purpose in the world.

The debt problem started awhile ago and Obama has certainly made it worse. But he got a head start on that one. It’s not all his fault. However when it comes to a lack of confidence in America, Obama can only blame himself. The simple fact is he doesn’t understand the power of freedom, the power of the America idea, the power of the American Dream. That’s why he doesn’t feel comfortable supporting revolutionary movements in Iran, verbally beating down the taunts of Hugo Chavez or, in this case, making it clear that America will lead the world….not China. He doesn’t feel comfortable because he doesn’t believe it.

I read today that Ron Reagan, Jr., looking to make money off his father’s legacy, has a book coming out in which he speculates that his father probably had Alzheimer’s while he was in the White House. ( I for one don’t believe it. Several years ago while researching my book Reagan’s War, I read the Russian transcripts of Reagan’s conversations with Mikhail Gorbachev. According to these, again, Russian transcriptions, Reagan was not Gorbachev’s equal. He was his superior in verbal and intellectual combat.) But assume for a moment that Ron Jr. is correct. Reagan won the cold war. And Obama has America in retreat. The simple fact is that Reagan with Alzheimer’s is a better Commander-in-Chief than Obama at full mental strength.

It begins with a core belief and confidence in America. And it is here that Obama is deeply deficient.

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