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Petition/Demand to Remove Mr. Norman Hsu Immediately from the School Board 请哈崗学委会马上将徐乃星从学委会解职并驱逐

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Petition/Demand to Remove Mr. Norman Hsu Immediately from the School Board


-- Mr. Hsu Has Committed Treason


Draft by Kai Chen 1/20/2011

In light of Mr. Norman Hsu’s letter to Chinese government’s Hanban’s official (Mr. Huo), I appeal/petition to the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board members to have a vote to dismiss/remove/expel Mr. Norman Hsu as a School Board member immediately.

This letter from Mr. Norman Hsu to Hanban’s Mr. Huo Fuhai reveals Mr. Hsu’s true identity as a Chinese agent. He admits in this letter that he owes his allegiance first to his nationality, not as an American, but as a Chinese. Therefore, he, though elected as a US government official, works in fact secretively for a hostile foreign government to implement its propaganda programs in American schools.

I as a tax payer and an American, have a duty and obligation, to expose Mr. Hsu’s true identity. His corruption, by operating a tourist business using public resources, aside, Mr. Hsu has committed treason against the United States. Keeping him on the school board and continuing having him wield power in an American institution is a mockery to American Constitution and established laws, is a betrayal to the confidence of American tax payers.

I have sent Mr. Hsu’s letter to Hanban as evidence to proper authorities. I have confidence proper legal measures will be taken against Mr. Hsu by the US government. I urge the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board take immediate action to dismiss/remove/expel Mr. Norman Hsu from his position as a school board member and his official duty.

We elect public officials to represent Americans, not communist Chinese government’s interests. This School Board has a moral and official duty to uphold American Constitution and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

A concerned American, An American tax payer

Kai Chen


Translation of Mr. Norman Hsu’s Letter to Mr. Huo Fuhai 霍福海( a Chinese government official in Hanban)


(The email is dated 11/22/2009) Translation by Kai Chen

Mr. Huo: (refer to Mr. Huo Fuhai 霍福海 from Hanban)

I just received your letter. I will go to Cedarlane Middle School right away. I will implement the important points you just mentioned and have the application ready for approval as soon as possible.

Here in America, the power to manage schools dwells on the District School Board. All schools from elementary to middle/high schools obey the decisions of the School Board.

Based on such a system, I can represent the School District and my letter will have more power (to the schools). Since you need the school authority to approve, I will do my best.

The basic educational system and management of my school district can be illustrated as the following:

Policies are decided by the School Board members and then implemented by the schools. It is similar to the Chinese Government’s Bureau of Education. The executive tasks are carried out by the District Superintendent and the School Board members. (Teachers and Superintendent) are hired by the School Board. All hiring/appointments are done by the School Board. The “Confucius Classroom” program is mainly propagated by my personal effort. I need all the support I can get.

If this first program can be established, I will use my power to spread it around. I can spread this “Confucius Classroom” program to at least ten School Districts: Hacienda, Walnut, Pomona, West Covina, Covina, Pasadena, (three other districts with Chinese pronunciations), ABC… etc. (I can count over thirty districts).

I, as a member of the Chinese nationals, hope “Confucius Classroom” program can be implemented as quickly as possible. (The School District is expecting this. All the people in my community are expecting this. Not to mention some other people wish me ill and expect me to fail, laugh!)

Norman Hsu (Xu Naixing) 徐乃星 11/22/2009



Marisela said...

Thank you Kai Chen for posting this! You are a TRUE American!

I am a parent from Hacienda La Puente School District and I too FULLY OPPOSE this "confucius classroom"!

Norman Hsu, Jay Chen, Anita Perez and Joseph Chang are playing the "race card" now in response to the opposition! How sadly predictable and misleading! http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_17386042

Kai Chen said...

Thanks Marisela for your comment. I appreciate it.

"Political Correctness" - multi-culturalism, diversity, moral relativity.., is destroying this great country. Using one's skin color, cultural background and ancestry to escape responsibility, to make excuses for one's own wrong doing, and in this case, to introduce evil into our community is common place now. I hope through our effort to recall the four members on this school board who voted for "Confucius Classroom", we will make a firm stand against this moral decay and corruption.

Best and thanks again. Kai Chen