Wednesday, December 8, 2010

US Law Maker: China 'are like Nazis' 美议员:中共党朝是新纳粹


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Dec 8, 2010


China 'are like Nazis'



- US LAWMAKERS compared China to Nazi Germany on Tuesday as the State Department urged Beijing to free Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, set to receive the honour for his campaign for democratic reforms.

Republican Representative Frank Wolf said China was joining the infamous World War II regime of Adolf Hitler - as well as the Soviet Union and Myanmar - by barring the peace laureate from attending Friday's ceremony in Norway.

'China should be ashamed and China should be embarrassed to be in the company of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Burma,' Mr Wolf said at a press conference with other lawmakers to call for Liu's immediate release.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in October to Liu, who was jailed in December 2009 for 11 years on subversion charges after co-authoring 'Charter 08,' a manifesto calling for democratic reform in one-party China.

Mr Wolf hailed Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plans to attend the ceremony, saying her presence would 'send a powerful message' that Washington stands with Chinese advocates of democratic reforms and broader human rights.

The US House of Representatives was expected to vote on Tuesday on a symbolic resolution, crafted by Republican Representative Chris Smith, honouring Liu and urging Beijing to free him. -- AFP

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