Thursday, December 9, 2010

哈崗学委徐乃星给中共汉办的信 Norman Hsu's Letter to a Hanban Official


Norman Hsu's Letter to a Hanban Official

Posted by Kai Chen 陈凯 12/9/2010



I post Norman Hsu's letter to an official (Mr. Huo) in Hanban here, so you can make a judgment whether Norman Hsu is a Chinese government agent or not.

An elected US School District Official (Norman Hsu) openly identifies himself with China, Not America, as a Chinese nationalist, and promises to do his best to push the Chinese communist regime's "Confucius Classroom" program throughout Southern California. One has to wonder why we elected Norman Hsu to represent the Chinese regime's interest in America.

After I examined some email records from Mr. Hsu and others, I have concluded that a deep corruption/infiltration by the Chinese communist government has occurred in Hacienda La Puente Unified School District. And I am quite sure this corruption and infiltration by the Chinese government is deep throughout the US educational system, from College Board to local school districts.

In this letter, Mr. Huo is 霍福海,a Hanban official in charge of infiltration of the Chinese Confucius Classroom into the West and the US. And Norman Hsu is boasting to push for ten such classrooms in Los Angeles vicinity.

I hope publication of this letter will attract enough attention from the public and the law enforcement as to the extent of Chinese communist infiltration into and corruption of the US government officials. Proper measures must be taken to ensure the integrity of our educational system.

Thanks for your attention. Kai Chen 陈凯

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