Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resist the Brainwashing Scheme of the Chinese Communist Regime By Non-cooperation and Non-participation 给哈崗学区学生父母的一封公开信

Resist the Brainwashing Scheme of the Chinese Communist Regime

By Non-cooperation and Non-participation


Re: “Confucius Classroom” in Our Community to Contaminate the Mind and Soul of Our Children

An Open Letter to the Parents of Students of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

By Kai Chen 陈凯 – An Alarmed American Citizen from China
4/1/2010 1c Blog:

“Is life so precious and peace so sweet as to be purchased by the chains of slavery? Forbid it, almighty God. I don’t know what others might do. But as for me: Give me liberty or give me death” --- Patrick Henry

Dear Students’ Parents of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District:

The 4-1 vote of the School Board (Hacienda La Puente Unified School District) to allow the Chinese communist regime – a criminal Party-State to provide educational material and set up a brainwashing “Confucius Classroom” to contaminate the mind and soul of our children is appalling. The $30,000 donation to the school district from “Hanban”, a Chinese communist outreach to implement overseas “cultural infiltration” program, to pervert and corrupt the political culture in the free world is only small bait for the most insidious global contamination by Chinese despotic communist tyranny. The communist regime in China understands too well that to stabilize and legitimize their illegitimate criminal enterprise, the most effective measure is to numb and castrate the conscience of the free world. Using Chinese language programs, dangling the potential China opportunity, enticing the naïve with monetary, material, power gains to pervert the mind and soul of the young are only some of the habitual schemes employed by the Chinese regime. “Confucius Institutes” and “Confucius Classrooms” are the necessary media to spread the contagions (viruses) of spiritual AIDS. Those who are lured into bed by the façade of fake beauty and prosperity will face a certain deadly result – the demise of a person’s soul and conscience. Indeed, America is under attack. America is in danger.

Throughout its reign of terror since the communist regime took power by the power of the guns in 1949, 70-80 million innocent lives in China perished in peace time through persecution, starvation, torture, labor camps and mass-murder. And the anti-humanity crimes/atrocities still continue today. Yet the most despicable aspect of the Chinese tragedy is not the misery, suffering and deaths of the Chinese people under the cruelest tyranny led by the biggest mass-murderer in human history – Mao. It is the denial, distortion, perversion of the historical facts/the truths the Chinese communist regime imposed on the Chinese population today. The spiritual castration of the Chinese population via the tools implemented by the Chinese educational system renders the Chinese people impotent, unable, unwilling and fearful to face the simple truths. “Stockholm Syndrome” is the necessary result. The Chinese people today, under the tyranny and brainwashing, are unable and unwilling to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, good from evil. A curious yet nauseating phenomenon of Chinese eunuchs to serve the emperor is reappearing on the Chinese cultural landscape. All communist anti-human atrocities through various vicious political moments such as anti-rightist movement, Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, etc..., are all but wiped out from the Chinese classrooms and history books. Now the Chinese students, from primary schools to colleges, have no knowledge whatsoever about Tiananmen Square Massacre merely 20 years ago. Today in China, the Christians are still being persecuted and jailed. The Tibetans and other minorities are still being suppressed. The dissidents are still being jailed. The “Great Fire Wall of China” over the internet to control information on the internet is still being erected to prevent the Chinese from knowing the truth in the modern age. The Falungong practitioners are still being tortured and their organs harvested by force to make money for the state. The inhuman and inhumane “One Child” policy is still being enforced with millions of unborn/newborn babies killed by the government each year. Taiwan, a democratic Chinese state, is still being threatened daily by thousands of Chinese missiles. All the terrorist states, totalitarian regimes and enemies of freedom (from Sudan to Iran to North Korea to Cuba…) around the world are still being supported and sponsored by the Chinese communist Party-State. The list goes on and on…

Now the communist Party-State in China wants to export not only their toxic products (from daily human food to pet food, from toys for children to building materials) around the world, they want to export their mind-numbing spiritual narcotics around the world to effectively castrate the conscience of the free people. The toxic programs such as “Confucius Institutes” and “Confucius Classrooms” are the must for the illegitimate criminal enterprise in China to legitimize itself; for once you accept the premise of Confucianism, the legitimacy by the origin of a government’s moral foundation will be cast aside and never questioned. Social hierarchy by race, gender, nationality, governmental positions and physical survival will become the primary concern for the population. Soulless zombies will crawl on every inch of the land to look for those still alive to devour. Material temptations, potential money-making schemes, power-thirst, face-saving will become the primary motive for human behavior. Is this what you the parents want for your children??

Now some members on the school board of Hacienda La Puente District want to invite such a regime/a criminal entity to provide educational material (maybe teachers as well) for your children. I now question the motive behind the decisions by those who voted “yes”: Is it the free lunch (the free money and material) donated to the school district that lured you into such a vote? Is it the power, face/vanity and social status that enticed you to make such a decision? Is it a thorough lack of moral consideration that prevented you from inquiring the motives of the Chinese communist regime in its effort to spread despotism around the world by challenging the validity of freedom/democracy with neo-authoritarianism/neo-Fascism/neo-Nazism? Why do people like Mr. Hsu want to connect our school district and educational establishment with such a criminal regime? What are the connection and secret dealings between Mr. Hsu and the Chinese communist government? Who approached whom in the first place? If we don’t allow foreign spies to steal our military and economic intelligence, why do we allow hostile foreign influence to be introduced into our community by some people acting as agents for an evil cultural-infiltration and take over?

These questions must be asked and must be answered. Not only do I question the wisdom in the school board decision, I question the motive and morality in the school board decision. I urge all the parents in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District to take action of non-cooperation, non-participation to resist and defeat the Chinese communist scheme of “Confucius Classrooms”. The evil will not succeed unless we allow the evil to succeed. We must safeguard our freedom. We must inform our children and educate them about the truth and reality. We must bear our responsibility as free beings. Let’s roll!

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