Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confucius Says, "Be Wary of 'Daily Show'" 左翼电视将采访陈凯及抗议者

Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Confucius Says, "Be Wary of 'Daily Show'"

By Matt Coker, Tuesday, Apr. 27 2010

​The campaign against a public school's "Confucius Classroom" by the Chinese-American activist who last September organized demonstrations over the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum's Mao Tse-Tung statue is about to get national media exposure--from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In an email exchange with supporters, Kai Chen mentions that he and other foes of the Confucius Classroom at Cedarlane Middle School in Hacienda Heights will be interviewed by a crew from Comedy Central's satirical news program during Thursday night's Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board of Education meeting.

The board in January approved launching a Confucius Classroom next fall at Cedarlane, with the Chinese government's Chinese Language Council International, also known as HanBan, picking up the tab.

HanBan has established 272 Confucius Classrooms worldwide since 2005. The collegiate version, Confucius Institutes, have been implemented in 282 universities over that same period.

But critics like Chen--an author and former Red Army and Chinese national basketball team member who vehemently opposes what he views as an oppressive Chinese regime--charge the Ministry of Education-affiliated HanBan is really a front for the communist government.

Someone named Terri agrees with Chen, indicating hope in the recent email exchange that The Daily Show will put the opponents "in a good light" and advises, "Let's pack the house."

"I am surprised that Jon Stewart will interview us before any conservative talk show hosts or media," Chen writes back. "I think he will be a kind of hostile interviewer. But I may be wrong."

Actually, this being a remote story, it's unlikely The Daily Show host will be the one doing the interviewing. But longtime viewers know Chen should be suspicious of the motives of whichever reporter shows up, given the show's track record of delicious skewering.

The fun begins at 7 p.m.


Anonymous said...

the communist china is nothing but a counterfeit nation in which
everything is either fake or pirated. kai, i hope you will just tell the interviewers that even their confucius is a counterfeit, even though confucius himself was a bit nasty but nowhere as murderous/genocidal as the communists. these classrooms are really "communist classrooms", but we all know that if the true names are used, most of them would have been shut down right away.


Anonymous said...

From John L:

If our understanding of Confucianism does not make us a prophet, at least we should be the angelic watchers 守望者。

Chinese language training for Children will pave the way to dictatorship in US and the world. It is the way to modern slavery, that is why some leftist elite accept its in west.

This symbolic, pictorial and character based language encourages people to get lost in the womanish spiritual to focus our life on appearance, resulting in a loss of the ability in rationality and morality to justify right from wrong as individuals.

X chromosome dominates the world, instead of Y .

"However not the physical woman is the danger to us but the X chromosome inside us".

Let's pray for Kai Chen, make this interview an brainstorm program for people, instead of them lost and brainwashed in Confucius schools.

If people really want to understand more about Chinese language school, those discussions on this mail-list have enough stimulants to at least to make people think.

Leave the Choice to Him and individuals .

We do not need to play the same game as they do, by using communist label to those Confucius schools or Chinese language classrooms. Using symbols, colors, characters (as of the Chinese language) is much easy to operate with, though it will end up damaging your ability to reason with common sense.

In the beginning, Male Adam was created, later Female Eve was built from Adam's bone (genetic material in modern science's sense). But the womanish spirit in us just think she is the created directly, instead of from Man.

Chinese traditional culture, Chinese language, Confucianism, Nazism, socialism or communism means that nothing is everything, depends on this X & Y struggle inside our own mind and soul.

If people in the West understand that China today is a dictatorship in nature, those Confucian schools can not do any harm to them.

Just make them naked, the "Confucius Classroom" game will be like a claw to tear down the camouflage.

Anonymous said...

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Dweezle says:

I think this guy is living in the past, but maybe not... Perhaps China is just making token appearances as becoming a latent Capitalist Society, and once they get a foothold in out schools, they will, In the words of Nikita Khruschev, "We Will take your Children". I am curious, aren't there only 4 Communist Governments left? Cuba, N. Korea, Vietnam, and China, and 2 of them are US trade partners and Cuba is apparently in negotiations on normalizing relations with us?

Posted On: Tuesday, Apr. 27 2010 @ 2:00PM

DWB says:

Confucius Classroom, coming to an OC school near you! Brea Unified is already an outpost of the Asian communities of eastern LA County.

Posted On: Tuesday, Apr. 27 2010 @ 4:38PM

Dweezle says:

LOL I kept trying to find where to click to watch the video! LOL

Posted On: Wednesday, Apr. 28 2010 @ 3:49AM

chicky says:

I've done a little research on HanBan. Obvious communists leaders involved.What business do they have with our middle school children. Sounds too weird, I will
try to make the meeting.