Friday, April 30, 2010

世界焦点导报转陈凯文章/奥巴马及美左派向往中国式集权专制 Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism

World Tribune Article

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism


By Kai Chen

Despotism and tyranny are the essential features of China's cultural tradition.

Today most Chinese do not identify themselves with universal values — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Stockholm Syndrome is a very common phenomenon for most Chinese. They come to the West wanting to learn something negative in the West, in order to defeat the West. They enjoy the freedoms in the West, yet yearn to use the freedom to destroy freedom in the world.

Most Chinese students in the West are either controlled by the Chinese Consulate (with their funding and organization) or by their own despotic mindset.

Most Chinese, because of their own upbringing and a lack of faith, desire a savior-like government. They seem to prefer a perfect (gentler and kinder) despotism in which each one does not have to assume a free individual's responsibility.

Now this poisonous mindset has started to spread and is permeating every corner of the world, even contaminating America (much like what it was before WWII).

Obama's election to the White House seems to indicate a shift of a culture from freedom toward despotism.

China now sees the crack in the egg. The fly wants to exploit the crack to insert the maggots. Confucius Institutes and Classrooms around the world is only one such example.


Kai Chen is a former Chinese National Basketball Team player and a staunch anti-communist activist. "Actually I am against all despotism in the world, from ancient to modern."


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Anonymous said...


We all need to pray that this dire warning is heeded by enough Americans and the spread is stopped before it becomes irreversible. It is tragic that many in the West hoped for a peaceful evolution toward freedom in China, but now it is the peaceful evolution towards despotism in the West that we need to fight against.

John Shen 11:52 a.m. / Friday, April 30, 2010


Great article. Somehow, the mainstream media in this country seem to be devoid of such vital insights. Thank God for the World Trib.

Carter L. Clews 7:44 a.m. / Friday, April 30, 2010