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Remove Mao's Statue from Nixon Library 撤除毛像征签名

Mao - the biggest mass murderer in Nixon Presidential Library 尼克松图书馆中的毛与周铜像

Link to Mao's Statue photo:http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2543032860041976083ImbIKX

Remove the Most Anti-America Symbol in a Most American Institution Immediately 撤除毛像征签名
June 15, 2009

When has the most notorious, the biggest mass murderer in human history become one of the "world leaders"? Why does Mao - the murderer of more than 70,000,000 Chinese people in peace time get enshrined in one of the most prestigious US presidential libraries? Why does interest trump over values in America nowadays? Let's go to Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California to witness a most distressing and despicable scene in American political cultural landscape. There Mao's statue along with Zhou's statue sit in a dignified and heroic posture, enshrined as some kind of saviors of the world. What has happened to America?

Today we as freedom-loving new immigrants from China and American citizens, demand the immediate removal of Mao and Zhou's statues from the Nixon Library. They should be discarded to where they truly belong - the garbage bin of human history. We are to collect signatures of those whose consciences still remain, who still demand that the historical wrongs must be righted. Butchers of innocent people, the sworn enemy of freedom with American blood in Korea and Vietnam wars should never be eulogized and commemorated. It is the victims of communism who must be remembered and whose deaths and grievances must be addressed.

Hereby we are to appeal to the board of directors of the Nixon Library to remove Mao and Zhou's statues immediately from the premises of the library and dispose them in a proper fashion.

The initiators of the signature collection: Kai Chen, Henry Zhang, Jojo Guo, Decheng Lu.
Petitioners to contact via email: elecshadow@aol.com or henryzz65@yahoo.com or phone: 323-734-3071

曾几何时人类历史上最大的屠夫杀人狂成了一个世界领袖? 为什么毛泽东,一个在和平时期杀害了70,000,000 中国人的魔鬼成了在最代表美国自由精神的总统图书馆里的圣人? 为什么今天在美国利益超过了原则价值成为了人们的主宰? 那我们就到在加州橘子县的尼克松纪念图书馆去见证一下这个最使人沮丧恶心的事实吧。 在那里毛与周的铜像被以一种被崇敬的姿态展示在一个最显著的位置,似乎他们被尊崇成了救世主。 一个道德罪正在被一种道德的无知与混乱所犯下。

今天我们作为热爱自由的来自中国的新移民和美国公民诚恳地与愤怒地呼吁将毛与周的铜像马上从尼克松纪念图书馆中撤除。 恶魔屠夫的形象早就应该被抛到历史的垃圾堆里去了。 我们在此征集签名并向所有良知尚存的人们呼吁:那些双手沾满了中国人,美国人与世界人们鲜血的屠夫与自由的天敌绝不应在美国被纪念与崇拜。 人们应该记住的是那些千千万万的无辜的在共产专制下的被虐杀的受害者们。


请求发起人:陈凯,张汉废,郭树人, 鲁德成
志愿签名者请洽: 电邮 – elecshadow@aol.com or henryzz65@yahoo.com 电话: 323-734-3071


Kai Chen

1705 Victoria Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Email: elecshadow@aol.com
Phone: 323-734-3071
June 16, 2009

Mr. Tim Naftali: (Director of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum)
Nixon Presidential Library and Museum
18001 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
phone: 714-983-9120, 714-993-5075

Dear Director Tim Naftali:

My wife and I visited the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum a few months ago. When I went to the section with display of bronze figures of “world leaders”, I was shocked to have found that Mao’s figure along with Zhou’s figure was displayed in a prominent position with intention to glorify and romanticize the biggest mass murderer in human history. (70,000,000 Chinese, many millions of Cambodians, many American soldiers killed in Korea and Vietnam, along with countless people still suffering misery/death under the current communist regime in China.)

The gross moral confusion and corruption in the decision made to display such figures horrified my wife and me. I am collecting signatures for a petition to remove and dismantle Mao and Zhou’s statues from the Nixon Library & Museum. I attach the petition form with this letter for your attention and reference.

Please contact me if you have already made the decision to remove Mao and Zhou’s statues from the premises of the facility.

With respect. Kai Chen

Dear Mr. Naftali (Director of Nixon Library/Museum):


Thanks for a talk with me today and I appreciate your candidness.

I do want you to know the position taken by those oppressed, persecuted and murdered by the communist regime in China. Today the atrocities continue. Legality and history are not the issue I am discussing with you. Morality is. Precisely because you now represent the US government, morality is even more of an issue. (We tax-payers are not just physical existences. We are indeed spiritual and moral.) This country is not founded by historians or some legal intellectuals, or some government for that matter. This country is founded by those with moral clarity and value convictions. Liberty, not tyranny, is what this country is about.

By displaying the image of dictators as heroes, glorifying, romanticizing Mao - the biggest mass murderer in human history, by entertaining communist officials whose only goal is to use the moral confusion and corruption of the US government and its personnel for the legitimacy of the brutal regime, by providing the ammunition for the communist regime to intimidate its own citizens to solidify an illegitimate party-state, the Nixon Library/Museum is in its own way committing an anti-America, anti-humanity crime.

Who is more important to the US as a country which is supposed to stand for freedom and liberty -- communist officials from the Chinese government (embassy and consulates)? Or the oppressed and persecuted people coming to America for the freedom and liberty they have been deprived all their lives in the old countries?

Please indicate your decision regarding this matter to me within a week. I will indeed take this issue to the American public, media and proper ways to display our outrage and moral indignation. You know where to find me.

With respect. Sincerely. Kai Chen - an American Citizen and tax-payer

Kai Chen - elecshadow@aol.com phone: 323-734-3071, 323-734-2544

Dear Ms. Susan Donius (Assistant deputy in National Archive, Washington DC) : (CC: Tim Naftali)


www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com Kai Chen Blog

I have received your phone message. Thanks for a prompt response to this very important issue. And I will be waiting to hear your response in a written letter to me as you indicated. My fax machine is on and you or Mr. Naftali can send the response via fax indeed. (323-734-3071)

I am currently collecting signatures for a petition from all over the world to remove Mao's statue from Nixon Library. You can visit the above link to my blog to view all related material. I campaigned in 2007 to have successfully removed Mao's portrait from Alhambra City Hall in an art exhibit celebrating the Chinese New Year. http://www.kaichenforum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4502 (link to the coverage of the incident) http://www.committee100.org/media/media_eng/Charlie%20Woo.pdf

To ensure our children living in a relatively healthy political culture, we as free people must be vigilant to all the poisons that have infiltrated and contaminated the American political and cultural landscape today (the main source of moral and spiritual pollution is coming from China with a despotic communist regime). Spiritual and moral poisons are especially insidious and deadly to this only remaining fortress of freedom. The importance of this issue cannot be overestimated. So far the signatories include prominent writers, dissidents, politicians and people from all walks of life, from all over the world. It will grow exponentially. We will make this issue known to this beloved country of ours, to American public. Maybe it is about time for the new immigrants/new citizens to educate the native-born Americans in their complacency not to forget what this country is all about. We are so tired of the unhealthy tendencies and moral degenerations we have witnessed in recent history of America. We do not want to live in a country in which government is not people's servant but a perceived savior/master of the people, in a country where only economic and political interests, not values and moral principles, dominate people's lives.

As I have previous pointed out: Who is more important to this great country of ours? The Chinese communist officials you try to entertain using Nixon Library/Museum (consciously or unconsciously legitimizing an illegitimate regime)? Or the ordinary freedom-loving people and victims of communism who come from the old country where they have been deprived of freedom all their lives? Indeed the US government recognizes China's government diplomatically . That does not mean the US recognizes the moral legitimacy and despotic values China represents and adheres to. USSR, South Africa, Vietnam and many other similar countries provide abundant examples. Nixon indeed went to China for the purpose of defeating the USSR - a country US recognized diplomatically. Have you ever considered the ill effect of such an exhibit of Mao's statue in Nixon Library on the freedom-loving people in China, the insidiously damaging effect of such exhibit to prompt a ruthless enemy of freedom to suppress the Chinese people in their fight for freedom? Remember Tiananmen Square Massacre? 20 years later the Chinese communist regime still refuses to admit its occurrence and makes every attempt to erase it from history and memories of the Chinese people.

The unhealthy phenomenon exhibited in the Nixon Library/Museum is a further manifestation of how low we have now become in our moral positions inside America and toward the world. The symbol of tyranny and murderous despotism is glorified and romanticized in an American Presidential Library/Museum. What an irony! We are glorifying the value we are fighting against. What a despicable phenomenon and a pathological contradiction!

I have made a call to FDR Presidential Library/Museum and inquired about whether it has a Stalin statue inside the library. (US and USSR were allies during WWII. Remember?) The curator told me they have never had such a thing and not planned to have such a thing. What is the discrepancy here and why there is a contrast in the policies governing National Archive? Mao was much more ruthless in murdering his own people than Stalin. The number of people murdered by Mao and his policies during peace time exceeds the deaths of both world wars. What happens here in American cultural institutions which are supposed to espouse liberty and freedom - the reason and purpose for the existence of this great country?? What happens in our conscience?

Please respond to me in your planned response. Thanks for the attention into this issue.

Best wishes to you all. Kai Chen


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