Sunday, June 28, 2009

愤青宦奴娼出来了 Attacks on Me and This Petition Begins

A Sea of Red Flag in the West during a Pro-Beijing Rally before Beijing Olympics 愤青宦奴娼的红海

愤青宦奴娼出来了 Attacks on Me and This Petition Begins


愤青宦奴娼开始出来攻击我与我同仁一起发起的倡议书了。 自由的力量正在与专制的力量进行殊死的搏斗。 我希望每一个有良知的人,每一个自由人拿出你的勇气站出来为美国的价值而博争,为你与你后代的自由与幸福而博争。 你正在这个殊死的博争之中。 --- 陈凯

The angry youths, the Eunuslawhores now come out to attack me and the petition to remove Mao statue from the Nixon Library/Museum. The force of good and the force of evil now engage in a deadly struggle. I call for every man/woman with conscience, every free soul to pluck up your courage to fight for what America is about, to fight for your and your children's freedom and happiness. The fight is on. --- Kai Chen

Attacks on me and this petition begins:

愤青宦奴娼 Wenshan said...

you never really know how the world at a whole evaluates Mao's contribution to the Chinese people and the third-world people. With personal prejudice and hatred, you carry out this petition and will only end up being a laughstock. The former president had has own choice and will to retain Mao's statue there and that is not your choice. Of course you may choose to set your father's statue at your own home or any museum that you donate money no matter whether other people like him or not but you have no right to change the former Present N.'s will. Show respect President N please. On the other hand, I must point out your understanding of great people is of narrow mind. You say that Mao killed a lot of people; my question is which so-called great people, including those forefathers of America, was free of history of killing, and massive killing? Mao was of course formidable to President N.and the formidability existed in the mind of N. but not in yours since you have never been the real rival of Mao. In Mao's days you would have been nothing; today, you are still nothing which can be best exhibited by the response from the people that your letter is addressed to. Cheers with your cause of anti-Mao campaign; but predictably Maoists in world will win. If you want to be great too, be Mao or be Nixon.

June 28, 2009 7:45 AM

Kai Chen said...

Dear all:

Now attack on me begins. Freedom and tyranny now engage in a deadly battle against one another. May your yearning and pursuit for freedom and liberty triumph over your fear of tyranny and moral confusion/corruption.

Best. Kai Chen

June 28, 2009 7:56 AM

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