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自由人求真/贞,宦奴娼求忠/中 A Free Man vs. A Eunuslawhore

自由人求真/贞,宦奴娼求忠/中 A Free Man vs. A Eunuslawhore


一个自由人是追求真实与个体道德操守的人。 一个宦奴娼则是迷恋于追求忠国、忠君与追求在群体中逃避个体责任的“中庸之道”的人。 一个自由人在追求真实的路上是没有禁区的。 不论真实把他带向哪里,他都要承认真实并勇敢地拥抱真实。 一个宦奴娼则为自己的生理安逸为自己设置种种禁区。 他一生生活在他人与政府的枷锁和不幸之中。 一个自由人欢迎未知并冲向未知。 他在未知中搏斗挣扎所得到的知识将永远留在人类真实的历史中造福所有的人。 一个宦奴娼则把生活在他人粪便中的蛆虫作为自己生活的全部目标。 他惶恐病态地恐惧未知并像陀螺一样渴望被专制的鞭子抽打着、原地不动地旋转在记忆祖宗、他人留下的已知之中。 你属于哪一类? 你愿做哪一种人? 你自己是唯一可以回答这个问题的人。 --- 陈凯

A free man is a moral being pursuing only truth. A eunuslawhore is a corrupt being infatuated with only being loyal to the state/emperor, hiding in the collective to escape personal responsibility while taking only "middle road" to nowhere. A free man has no taboos in his/her pursuit of truth/true knowledge. No matter where the truth will take him/her, he/she will embrace the truth and the destiny with courage and conviction. A eunuslawhore, as the opposite, will always chain himself/herself with all kinds of taboos. His/her life will forever be bond by shackles and misery. A free man welcomes and explores into the unknown with passion and eagerness. He/she will be the fountainhead for the reservoir of true knowledge and happiness for humanity. A eunuslawhore only aims at being a maggot inside others' feces as the entire purpose of his/her life. He/she is in a constant state of panic and fear, like a top without self-motivation, yearning for the whip of despotism, perpetuating his/her own spin without progress inside others/ancestors' dictations. What kind person are you? What kind person do you want to be? Only you yourself can answer the question. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

A "Eunuslawhore" (a eunuch, a slave, a whore in one) is a term I invented to describe a meaningless existence in despotism. To combat such an insidious mindset perpetuated by thousands of years of despotic tradition in China, one must consciously choose to become a free being. Such a process from a slave to a free man is indeed treacherous with many dangers involved and a dear price to pay. But freedom itself is priceless and I know personally it is worth the price one must pay.

Without freedom, one's own life is meaningless and colorless. Without freedom, one's own life is only an endless endurance of boredom, misery and pain. Without freedom, one's own life becomes nothing but the tool in the hands of others and the state. Without freedom, all possibilities cease to exist and humanity will stop progressing. Without freedom, love is an empty word and sex is only a physical motion to procreate. Without freedom, human beings are nothing but zombies seeking to exterminate others' meaning in their existence. Without freedom, the world is a dark place without joy, happiness, knowledge and hope. Without freedom, life is not worth living.

My dear fellow human beings: One must ask oneself this question every day and every moment: Am I truly free as an individual existence with uniqueness by God's creation? Do I dare to shout "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"?

Best wishes to you all. May you forever remain free. Kai Chen 陈凯

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