Tuesday, June 9, 2009

在专制文化中寻找幸福 = 在尿盆中撒满尿冒充大海去游泳 Chamber Pot Lake as Ocean

在专制文化中寻找幸福 = 在尿盆中撒满尿冒充大海去游泳 Chamber Pot Lake as Ocean

陈凯一语 Kai Chen's Words:

在专制文化中寻找幸福犹如在尿盆中撒满尿冒充大海去游泳捕鱼,是一种极度害人害己的自欺欺人。 中国的专制就像这样一个充满尿液的尿盆,传统专制的毒素、病菌、病毒与寄生虫充斥着中国专制祖先的排泄物。 人们自欺地说着这液体也是咸的,只是有着“中国特色的黄色”,只是与外部大海的蓝色不同而已。 殊不知在这黄色的毒液病液废液之中是永远孕育产生不出健康的生命与有希望的未来。 在这黄色排泄液体中只能产生畸形的怪物、幻觉的高潮与污染毒害世界的虚无文化。 --- 陈凯

To seek happiness in a culture of despotism is like to create an ocean in a chamber pot with human urine, then wishing to extract pleasure in swimming/living in it. It is an extreme form of self-deception. China's despotic culture from ancient to modern is just like such a chamber pot full of human waste with all kinds of poisons, viruses, germs and parasites.... The self-deceiving Chinese boast that to swim in such a chamber pot is just like to swim in the real ocean, for the liquid tastes the same - all salty. The yellow color is only a distinctive "Chinese characteristic", only different from the ocean's blue. But what they haven't told you is that in such a "chamber pot lake", there can never be any healthy form of life, nor can there be any hope and future. The truth? In this filthy liquid of human waste there have already been countless deaths, pain, suffering and misery. There can only be perverted creatures, orgasmic illusions and endless nihilistic pollutant to poison the world. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

I always have a distinct feeling that the Chinese have always lived in a chamber pot full of the urine from their own ancestors and themselves. Somehow they have never been able to smash/defeat/extract themselves from such a "chamber pot lake" to walk toward a true blue ocean. The self-deception is so deep that I wonder if they can ever wake up.

When the Chinese talk about China, it is like that is the only world they know. It is as if that is the only world they care to live in - a world of nihilistic deception and falsehood. Somehow they have swum in it for thousands of years thinking it is no different from swimming in a true ocean, with the only difference of color. Unless and until that one day they wake up to discover in their "chamber pot lake" there is only death, misery and despair, in contrast to a real ocean with life, liberty and endless possibilities, they will forever be mired in the poisonous filthy human waste created by no other than themselves.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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