Tuesday, May 12, 2009

鹰的尊傲与鼠的卑怜 - 翱翔 vs. 打洞 On Eagle and Rodents

鹰的尊傲与鼠的卑怜 - 翱翔 vs. 打洞 On Eagle and Rodents

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每当我看到中国的人们迷恋在从他们专制的传统历史中搜寻至宝(通常是染着粪便的污秽)的时候,我自然地想起老鼠打洞的场景。 我不知为什么他们从不憧憬像雄鹰一样自由地翱翔在无尽长空,反而专心致志地将自己自闭在自己挖掘的洞穴中。 难道他们不知道洞挖得越深他们就离开光源越远吗? 难道他们不知道自然的法则是鼠永远是鹰的食物吗? 对自由的鹰的恐惧与痛恨于是成了卑怜的中国鼠们的普遍心态情结。 对在鼠洞中制造天堂成了中国鼠们的终极梦想。 --- 陈凯

Every time when I witness that ubiquitous obsession from the Chinese to dig up something (usually trash laden with feces) from their despotic/tyrannical past, I think of the scene of rodents digging holes in the ground. I have never understood why the Chinese never yearn for the freedom of an eagle soaring above the endless sky. I have never understood why the Chinese are so content/satisfied digging holes in the dark, in the filth. Don't they know that the deeper they dig, the darker and more hopeless it gets? Don't they know that by the law of nature rodents are only food for the eagle? Such is the Chinese complex of being rodents fearing and hating the eagle soaring above. Such is the Chinese dream of manufacturing heaven in a rodent hole. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

Ocean and sky are the symbols of endless possibilities. An eagle such as one that symbolizes America gives out an air of freedom, courage, independent spirit....

I wonder what would inspire people seeing rodents digging holes on the ground. What does the image tell a human being? Timidity, self-loath, evil, darkness, self-pity, smallness, confined space that stifles any imagination and creativity, hopelessness, hatred toward outside world, suspicion toward freedom.... Sounds pitiful and despicable, doesn't it? Yet this is exactly what a common Chinese person often feel in his/her life.

What I do on this blog and forum is to inspire people of the Chinese descent to break free from the cocoon, to dismantle their own rat holes, to take risks of being free, to grow wings and fly like a beautiful butterfly, like a brave eagle soaring above the sky... If you can do this, you can inspire others to do the same, you can inspire your children and loved ones to do the same, you can pay it forward and create a better future for yourself and mankind.

Best wishes to you all. Kai Chen 陈凯

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