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不一定与一定不(中英文)"May-not“ vs. "Will-never"

不一定与一定不(中英文)"May-not“ vs. "Will-never" (in Chinese & English)


如果中国人仍旧迷恋在”环形思维“的恶圈里停滞不前,而拒绝进入”线性进步“的良性思维中去,中国人自救的可能性是绝没有的。 --- 陈凯

If the Chinese refuse to abandon their "circular stagnant thinking" and as a result the vicious cycle they have mired themselves in for the last two thousand years, and if they refuse to whole-heartedly adopt the "linear progressive thinking" the West has been engaged themselves in since Christ, China will have no hope. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

I will list many "May-nots" and "Will-nevers" here to illustrate the quote above, so you will have a better grasp about what is "circular stagnant thinking" and what is "linear progressive thinking".


An individual with freedom may not find his happiness; but an individual without freedom will never have a chance to find his happiness.


A drug addict may not be devoid of pleasure from time to time; but a drug addict will never experience true joy and happiness.


Election may not necessarily lead to democracy; but without election there will never be democracy.


Those who believe may not have conscience and morals; those who don't believe will never have conscience and morals.


With logic one may not reach a correct conclusion; without logic one will never reach a correct conclusion.


With capitalism a society may not be a free society; without capitalism, a society will never be a free society.


With freedom of speech and press, a society may not be an honest society; without freedom of speech and press, a society will never be an honest society.


With individual freedom, a society may not have law and order; without individual freedom, a society will never become a society of "rule of law" with order.


With strong will, courage and ability, one may not succeed; without strong will, courage and ability, one will never succeed.


With an objective view of history, one may not have a vision for the future; without an objective view of history, one will never have a vision for the future.


Honesty may not lead to freedom and happiness; dishonesty will never lead to freedom and happiness.


A person merely breathing may not be a person in true existence; a person in true existence will never be a person who is merely breathing.

憎恨中共的人不一定都是好人; 支持中共的人一定不是好东西。

Those who hate the Chinese communists may not be all good people; those who support the Chinese communists will never be good people.

支持美国的人不一定都是好人; 憎恨美国的人一定没有好东西。

Those who support America may not be all good people; those who hate America will never be good people.

中共消亡后不一定有自由民主社会; 中共不消亡一定不会有自由民主社会。

There may not necessarily be a free society after the Chinese communists perish; there will never be a free society if the Chinese communists still are in charge.


I only list a few "may-nots" and "will-nevers" for you to think about. You may also find your own "may-nots" and "will-nevers". But always remember the Christ teaching:

"Only truth shall set you free."

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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