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善 vs. 好 Nicety vs. Goodness

善 vs. 好 Nicety vs. Goodness


在中文里,“善”只意味着“不从恶”而并没有“为正义而站立/斗争”的“好”的含义。 中国的宗信,对照西方的基督精神,充其量不过是在虚无中逃避现实、容忍邪恶的懦夫的苟且偷生的处世哲学而已。 只有当中国的人们懂得为自身的自由与幸福,为社会的正义勇敢博争的时候,“好”才会取代“善”成为真实的“活着”的人们的终极价值。 半死不活/行尸走肉般的、懦夫胆小鬼的、“宦奴娼”们的“善”才会被抛到人类价值的垃圾堆里去。 --- 陈凯

In Chinese, "善", nicety, only means that one does not do bad things. It does not entail the meaning of “好”, goodness. "好", goodness, means not only one does not do evil things, it means one must stand up to face down all evil around oneself regardless whether the evil is harming oneself or others. The Chinese religious tradition, as contrasted to that of Western Christian tradition, has always been a tradition of cowardice escape from reality, timid tolerance of the powerful evil forces, nihilistic existence in one's own fragile shells built to block out all sunlight to hide in the darkness.... Only when the Chinese start to understand such a fundamental difference between Nicety (善)and Goodness (好), only when they pluck up their courage to stand up for truth, justice, liberty and human dignity, only when they pay a necessary price to pursue these ultimate human values as the living, not half-dead, Nicety (善)can be discarded into the trash can of human values. Goodness (好)can finally take over to ensue human progress toward better tomorrow. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

I have long realized that "善", not "好", is what the Chinese obsess as a fake value. That is why in China people tend to hide in their own shells and tell themselves that they are not doing evil, therefore they are good. But the truth is not such. The truth is that one is indeed doing evil when they refuse to do anything to the evil manifested around themselves.

In Western Christian tradition, the saying that "injustice done to one is injustice done to all" has always been well accepted as the moral code for everyone. "Live free or die" is a common slogan/expression in a free society. But in China, the saying that "one should rather live in slavery than die for freedom" (好死不如赖活着) is a wide-spread, deeply rooted code of behavior everyone adheres. I have invented the term "Eunuslawhore 宦奴娼 - eunuch, slave, whore" to describe the living condition of the cowardice Chinese mindset.

I can only pray that one day the Chinese people will understand the corruption and degradation among themselves, therefore understand the source of their enslaved state of living and mindset. "God is short for Goodness". I can only wish that one day the Chinese can grasp the meaning of this saying.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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