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A Letter to Hacienda La Puente School District 给“孔课堂”学区负责人的一封信

A Letter to Hacienda La Puente School District


Kai Chen 陈凯 3/19/2010

Kai Chen


Barbara Nakaoka
Superintendent of Schools
Hacienda La Puente United School District
15959 E. Gale Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91745

Dear Ms. Barbara Nakaoka:

It was my pleasure to have met you in your office today. I look forward to meeting you for the scheduled talk next Tuesday. Thanks for your time.

"Tolerance of difference is a virtue. But tolerance of evil is beyond a vice. It puts us in a position close to an accomplice of evil." My father advised me right before his passing in Alhambra in 1988. I will always savor the wisdom in his words.

I am indeed concerned and alarmed by the news that Hacienda Heights School Board voted 4-1 to allow the Chinese government to provide teachers and material to implement a Confucius course in American high school curriculum. This is, among other schemes, one of the most insidious and blatant acts of the Chinese communist regime to infiltrate, corrupt and pollute American political culture. The untold intent of the Chinese government is to legitimize its own illegitimate and criminal regime, making despotism/tyranny acceptable as something only "different" in the culture of freedom in America. By accepting such a philosophical premise, the poisonous effect of despotic narcotics will indeed penetrate the mindset of American youths, rendering it impotent and confused in the realm of morality and ethics.

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal...." American founding fathers understood they were creating a new nation with a moral and legitimate government - a government by the consent of the governed. They also understood the philosophical premise upon which such a government was founded: We are equal before our Creator. Yet Confucianism is diametrically opposed to such a premise. It aims to castrate a person's mental and spiritual faculties to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil and truth from falsehood. It aims to establish a human behavior code that will forbid any question of authority - its origin and legitimacy. A state(government)-slave, not a free human being, is what this behavior code will ultimately produce. Blind following of such a code with a strict caste system by birth, gender, age, trade, race is what Confucianism mandates. Zombies that only recognize power but not morality and ethics are the final products.

No emperors in the world have ever been elected. The Chinese communist regime is keenly aware its own illegitimacy and criminal nature. Since the communist regime took power in 1949 on the mainland of China, 80 million innocent lives perished under famine, torture, persecution and murder in peace time, more than the death toll combined in two world wars. Today the criminal regime is doing everything to cover its own bloody trail and to erase its own murderous track. Even the Tiananmen Massacre 20 years ago has been eliminated from Chinese history books. Now all the school students in China are fundamentally moral and historical handicaps with no true knowledge of world history. But the regime knows that to stabilize and legitimize its own criminal enterprise, it must spread the spiritual AIDS and subject all the people in the world as addicts of its designer drugs/narcotics, combining the ancient Chinese despotism/tyranny with modern Marxism/socialism/nationalism/racism/communism. Beijing Olympics was only one such scheme to numb the world conscience. Establishing “Confucius Institutes” around the world to control all the people, not just the Chinese-speaking population is a must, for once one accepts the premise of "government Not by the consent of the governed" but "by the muzzles of guns", the Chinese communist regime will automatically become legitimate and its anti-humanity crimes/atrocities forgotten and forgiven.

Most Chinese-speaking people, due to their collective mindset and nationalism, will refuse to see the nature of Confucianism and its connection with modern communism/socialism. Here in Southern California, as well as in most part of US, most of the Chinese media/newspapers are controlled by the advertisement money of the Chinese government. When the biggest Chinese language newspaper "The World Journal" published the article on the protest of some local parents over the Hacienda School Board's decision, it had such a title: “Southern California Whites Protest Confucian Courses”. It used racism/nationalism to confuse the real issue - the Chinese communist infiltration, encroachment and contamination upon the landscape of American political culture. Even the White House is not an exception nowadays: White House officials now have quoted Mao many times as some kind of wise “political philosopher”. Mao's image was even hanging on the White House Christmas tree last holiday season (2009). Not long ago, I protested in front of a restaurant named "Mao's Kitchen" which extols Mao’s great deeds in the Cultural Revolution. The Mao's statue displayed with other world leaders such as Winston Churchill further demonstrates the extensiveness of Chinese communist regime's effort to infiltrate/corrupt American mind and soul. In 2007, I successfully protested a display of painting of Mao and Washington together in Alhambra City Hall. The conscientious Alhambra City Hall officials simply took it down.

The pervasive and omnipresent 'political correctness" nowadays spreads like poisonous fog, obscuring all moral issues into racial, national, power, class.... Moral clarity is indeed a seldom-seen phenomenon – a rare commodity. A curious occurrence I term “affirmative action on communism” also gives breathing room and preferential treatment to communist tyrannies in non-white countries. Government as God or above God is gradually being accepted, or emulated from countries like China, in America. Freedom with personal responsibility is gradually fading away as some past mores. I am disturbed, alarmed and infuriated indeed.

I urge you and the members of Hacienda Heights School District authorities to reconsider the decision to allow the Chinese communist government to brainwash American Youths in such a blatant fashion. I urge all the parents of the students, teachers, and staff members of the school district to take action to resist and oppose such an anti-freedom course in our educational system. American Constitution is Not a suicide pact. Freedom does not mean “freedom to abuse and destroy freedom”.

I thank you for your attention on this extremely important issue.

Sincerely Kai Chen
Hacienda La Puente School District
Board of Education Members:

Mrs. Anita Perez (President) 626-706-6516
Mr. Jay Chen (Vice President) 626-534-3544
Mr. Norman Hsu (Clerk) 626-485-9511
Mr. Rudy Chavarria (Board Member) 626-961-8661
Dr. Joseph Chang (Board Member) 626-705-6359
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