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John Rabe / Coral Ridge Ministries

Learn to Discern by John Rabe:

Would you send your children to the Chinese Communist Party for indoctrination sessions? A dictatorial regime, born out of centuries of despotism, is hardly the most-sought-after role model for American children. Yet, a California school board has voted to import instructors from China to implement a controversial new program.

Cedarlane Middle School in Hacienda Heights, California plans to offer a “Confucius Classroom”, supposedly, at no cost to the district. But opponents maintain that there are plenty of negative costs to implementing Chinese-government sponsored propaganda.

Chinese immigrant and anti-communist activist Kai Chen says that, quote, “Confucianism is the foundation of Chinese despotism for 2,000 years. The combination of Chinese despotism and modern communism forms a most poisonous brew...” Unquote.

Chen says that Confucianism, which has formed the basis for millennia of emperor-rule in China, has become a virtually missionary and evangelistic ideology, with Confucius Classroom programs in 87 nations.

Teaching the truth—that America was founded as one nation under God, with the state subject to Him and our rights granted only by him—can now land you in court in some places. In a time when the basic truths about our country are virtually illegal, it’s unthinkable to import Chinese ideology, which has never produced freedom, into American classrooms.

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Anonymous said...

What would be taught to the students if they are going to introdce this program in the school?

Surely and obviousy that those imported instructors from China would no doubt talk about Chinese charaters and culture - which has destroyed the ablity of thinking and soul of Chinese people in centries and continue on a journe of its own termination, and now it attempts to pollute American children. What a tragedy! If only they can just have a look at those children in China and what type of life they are live in, they should be able to see to where the future of American children lead - the land of hopelessness!

In the meanwhile, for those whose support this program, if they could ask themselves - why in the first instance they chose to live in the America ? - clearly though they have freedom to chose and live, still they are hopeless and they can see no future.

Thank you Kai, you are like a torch in the darkness, and surely you are not alone.

All the best.