Wednesday, August 13, 2008

形压质,群压个,利压乐-典型中式奥运 A Typical Show of Chinese Despotism

形压质,群压个,利压乐-典型中式奥运 A Typical Show of Chinese Despotism


要形象而不要真实;要群体而不要个体;要地位而不要欢乐、、。 从女童假唱到没有欢乐,充满欺骗的女子体操,假、伪、虚、痛、无望充斥了中国的体坛。 你看到了一丝发自内心的笑容了吗? 那些装出的、皮笑肉不笑的表演只令人作呕。 --- 陈凯

Images over truth, the collective over the individuals, social status/power over joy and happiness.... From the Chinese girl's lip synching to the blunder of Chinese women's water polo to the joyless performance of the Chinese women's gymnasts..., everything the Chinese do is full of deception, pretentiousness, nihilism with a silent inner pain/torment. Have you ever seen a smile from the heart of anyone? The joyless performance to achieve gold medals, to me, is only a shameful, nauseating manifestation of slavery under despotism. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

The Chinese girl's lip synching to perfect the Chinese image around the world is only a small confession to the world what the Chinese society is all about -- a society without substance/truth, only symbolism with fake images. How other people see China has always been an obsession/preoccupation for the Chinese themselves.

When I watched the Chinese women's water polo team playing against the US, I could foresee the result when the Chinese had the last chance with 8 seconds left to even the score. The Chinese women simply passed the ball around and wasted the precious opportunity. They didn't even get the shot off. I could see what was in their mind: avoiding taking any individual initiative and responsibility. As long as we all fail together, failure is only a success - no single individual will take the blame, or glory and everyone will be satisfied living with the consequences regardless. What a state of silent desperation!

When you watch the Chinese women's gymnasts taking the gold, don't you feel shame? First they fake the age of the girls, against the Olympic rule that under-aged girls should not compete in gymnastics. Then have you sensed the inner pain, suffering and tremendous torment of those under-aged girls? When they smile, it is not because of joy, but because they have to put up the smile, by the officials' orders, to deceive the world, against their own unbearable pain and suffering inside. I truly feel for those girls seeing their tears of pain swallowed when they put on the gold medals. There is a big price to pay in their lives that they are yet to be aware of. I fear for their future.

I hope you all can see what I see. But I know not all of you can see through the surface to detect what is behind. You need not only your fleshy eye balls, you need your own conscience and intellectual honesty to see that is truly going on.

I bet there are many things you did not expect that will happen during the Beijing Olympics. To me they will never be surprises.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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