Thursday, August 7, 2008

难道姚明不承担个体责任吗? Is Yao Ming not Responsible for His Action?

难道姚明不承担个体责任吗? Is Yao Ming not Responsible for His Action?


难道一个奴隶就不承担容忍纵容专制奴役的个体责任了吗? 爱迪(Eddie)的勇敢的个体行为与道德的清晰和姚明的懦弱与道德混乱形成了鲜明的对照。 我们每一个人都要反省我们在自身选择与决定中的个体道德责任。 --- 陈凯

Does a slave bear any individual responsibility for his being enslaved? Eddie's brave action with moral clarity provides a stark contrast to Yao Ming's timidity/fear with moral confusion. We as individuals should all reflect on what roles we play in tolerating and sustaining despotism and tyranny. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

How do you feel about this photo (Yao Ming with torch)? Proud? Shame? Stunned? Confused? Detest? Paralyzed? What?

Henry, Jojo and I went to Eddie's church yesterday to tie some yellow ribbons to express our support to his brave effort. We offered our prayers to Eddie to wish him a safe journey back home. We shed tears of pride for Eddie and concern over his safety.

Nowadays, I still sense the residual Chinese collectivism in many that is the basis for tyranny/despotism. It seems the collective pride to them is somehow more important than a single individual's dignity and freedom. If that is so, they and I are entirely in the opposite of the spectrum. If being a Chinese is more important to them than being a free man, they and I are in two entirely different planets.

Have you ever reflected on where all your suffering and misery (in China) came from? Are you, as an individual, somehow not responsible at all for all that misery and deaths in China? Is Yao Ming who bears the torch of despotism and tyranny not responsible for his own action at all? Is a slave ever responsible for his own helplessness and hopelessness?

One must answer all these questions, in order to strive toward freedom.

Best. Kai Chen

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