Thursday, August 14, 2008

430 亿美元-精神毒品的昂贵 Spiritual Narcotics are Very Expensive

430 亿美元-精神毒品的昂贵 Spiritual Narcotics are Very Expensive


物质毒品是昂贵的。 精神毒品就更为昂贵。 这两种毒品都不能营养人的身体与灵魂,但却能使人在走向死亡中有达到高潮的幻觉。 北京奥运就是这样一种昂贵的(430亿美元)精神毒品。 中国的人们正在幻觉的路上走向精神的死亡。 --- 陈凯

只有真理才能使你自由。 --- 耶稣基督

Physical narcotics are expensive. Spiritual narcotics are even more expensive. Both cannot nourish a person's physical and spiritual existence, but both are designed to induce orgasmic illusions. Beijing Olympics is such an expensive spiritual narcotic product - $43 Billion. And the Chinese are on their illusory and glorious way to hell. --- Kai Chen

Only truth shall set you free. --- Jesus Christ


Dear Visitors:

I can't imagine a free/democratic society would allow its government to spend 43 billion dollars to host Olympics. People in a free society have more important pursuits for themselves and their children, and they would tell their own government to go to hell if the government wants to spend their tax dollars for some illusory glory in the Olympics.

But Beijing Olympics breaks all the spending records in Olympic history - 43 billion dollars and counting. A despotic government will never consider the interests of the people in that society when it spends the money it robs from its people. Controlling the population by drugging and paralyzing them in order to stabilize the criminal regime is the ultimate objective. So what the Chinese people get is a highly potent spiritual narcotic that induces a temporary high while reducing a person into a spiritual cripple. Now the Chinese are highly illusory and delusional. The society is speeding toward hell. This is not a surprise at all, for all despotic societies are doomed to walk the same path anyway.

What do you expect when a narcotic addict wakes up with a reality check? A paranoid schizophrenic state, what else? Danger looms after the Olympics. People will need more potent narcotics (more expensive as well like what would cost in a war) just to keep going. What do you expect to happen then?

No unjust societies are stable. This is the truth that many don't want to see, including many Westerners. I see troubles and potential collapse loom in China's future. Look out!

Best. Kai Chen

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