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奥运开幕式-新纳粹的表演-没有人的人们 Opening Ceremony - People without Humans

Kai Chen on Freedom 陈凯论自由

奥运开幕式-新纳粹的表演-没有人的人们 Opening Ceremony - People without Humans


北京奥运开幕式是1936年柏林纳粹奥运的重演。 其中心主题就是:“小心!不要阻止中国的崛起 - 我们将要主导世界”。 一个没有人的人群,一个没有个体的社会,一个没有意义的组合,一个没有内容的表象,一个没有自由的存在,一群没有独立尊严的机器,一些“不以为耻反以为荣”的宦奴娼、、。 这就是今天的中国。 --- 陈凯

Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, as I expected with no surprise at all, was only the carbon copy of the 1936 Berlin Nazi Olympic Opening Ceremony. The distinct message is: "Be careful! Here we come and we will bury/crush you!" A people without human beings, a crowd without individuals, a collective without meaning, a manifestation without content, a party-state without freedom, a bunch of "borgs" without independence and dignity, a country of eunuslawhores without souls.... This is what you have just witnessed. This is indeed China today. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

As I watched the last night's Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, with certain apprehension and boredom, I realized that the Chinese despots with their lackeys so lacked imagination that the entire show was nothing but a Chinese propaganda in a driest and most tasteless form. They are simply running out of tricks. They are simply to their wit's end. And indeed they are nearing their end.

The world has just witnessed the entire replay of the 1936 Berlin Olympics Opening Ceremony, with one exception - American president's attendance. As the robotic performers danced mechanically on the field, accompanied by some elaborate special effect to enhance the greatness of an evil empire, the world held its breath. Ghostly images from not too distant past must have come back in front many people's eyes. Bloodshed, torture, persecution, discrimination, mayhem, misery and deaths.... I bet many Jewish people watched the Opening Ceremony with lingering horror that invokes vivid images of the Holocaust.

As the NTDTV program "My Way" hit the screen, the communist 50-cent attack dogs retched up their vicious offensive on me. Here in, dirty names are called upon me and I expect more to come. I wear these dirty names on my lapel with pride. I indeed have done something right. I hit the nerves of despotism.

Here I want to remind people again of the coming danger and the free beings' responsibilities to ourselves and to our children. Be vigilant! Be ready! Be courageous! Be righteous!

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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