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《一比十亿--通往自由的旅程》 [One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom]

Killer Chic/Interview with Kai Chen 陈凯访谈/崇魔的时尚


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Kai Chen: [One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom] Forewords

The Story of a Pro-Basketball Player in China

1988年我父亲的去世与1989年的天安门事件使我感到一种前所未有的,想要把心中的话说出的激情。 我拿起了笔。

一个人的生命结束了。 一个国家的大事件发生了。 这中间有任何的联系吗? 并不是很多人可以看到,并不是很多人愿意看到,并不是很多人有勇气看到这其中的联系。

我所经历过的中国是一个所有的人都将自己看作是他的种族,他的文化,他的国家的代表并以此来逃避个人自由与责任的国度。 我所愿看到的未来的中国应是一个基于个人选择与个人责任的国度。 我从我个人的经历中看到个人必须做出努力,付出代价才能自由。 我们,作为自由的个体,可以选择并创造一个充满希望与正义的未来。

每一个人在建立这种未来中都具有不可推卸与逃避的个体责任。 这本书是我用我在中国的经历去激情地表达我对人的伟大的,不可征服的,对自由的渴望与信念追求的一种努力。 这本书也是我对未来的新中国的一种期待的表达,并希望用我的故事去激励每一个人去无畏地追求去争取他的梦想。

我在中国长大的时候,每一个人都在教我,告诉我是国家,文化与群体给与了我个人生命的意义。 我至终认识到真理是正正相反 -- 我们每一个个人每一刻都在用我们的思维与行为赋予国家,文化与群体它们的意义。 我旨在用书写这本书去表达此义并通过对每个个人灵魂的冲击去造成一种新的,正向的影响。 一个新的世界只有在这些新的,自由的个体产生与确立的时候才有可能。

我的书是直截了当的,通俗易懂的。 虽然现在是英文版,将来应会有中文版。 但我仍希望读者用英文汲取我想在书中传达的讯息,基于英文内在的逻辑性与理性。


【于洛杉矶 1993年6月4日】


The coincidence of my father’s death and the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 provided me with the critical mass I needed to get started. I was faced with the reality that I wouldn’t live forever and pummeled by media image of the Chinese Revolution - a revolution I thought tragically resembled just another dynastic change. I started this book.
A single individual died and an entire nation went mad. The two became linked in my mind because I believed in the potential of the individual, not in the power of the masses to control the individual.

The China I have known is one where everybody claims to be the representative of his race, his culture and his nation and acts as such in order to evade individual freedom and responsibility. The China I would like to see is based on individual choice and responsibility. I have found that one must work to be free. We, as individuals, can choose what we want and create a free and just world for ourselves.

Everyone of us is responsible for building a nation. This book is my effort to express my passionate belief in the power of the human spirit to achieve the impossible. Sharing my story is my contribution to a new China, and to others seeking the power within to achieve their dreams.

When I was growing up in China, I was taught that the nation gave me the meaning of my life, but I came to believe that the individual gives meaning to the nation. I focused my anger and frustration on my own goals, not on hurting others. In a similar way, I want to use my outage and indignation to create a positive effect on people, and through these individuals, on nations.

I do not believe in obscure language and fancy words. I do not like indirectness and ambiguity. At first, I tried to write this book in English directly. I failed because language differences broke my train of thought. I tried to collaborate with an American writer, but the communication gap defeated us. Finally I decided to write this book myself in Chinese first and then translate it into English. Following is the result.
Kai Chen
June 4, 1995

“One In A Billion: Journey Toward Freedom”
“一比十亿 - 通往自由的旅程”

by Kai Chen 陈凯 著







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Producer 制作人Fiona Zhao 赵枫

“我的路”- 2008年制作,2008年北京奥运期间被“新唐人电视台”全球播放,Youtube Available。

“My Way" is a TV program about Kai Chen's life, produced in 2008, released by NTDTV globally before the Beijing Olympics. "My Way" is available on Youtube.com as well.


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