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陈凯再版/奥巴马及美左派向往中国式集权专制 Obama Worships Socialism/Communism

American Leftist Liberals' Fallacies 奥巴马与美左的社会主义幻觉


Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism

(博讯北京时间2010年5月04日 转载)
World Tribune 世界焦点导报 (转载)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/1/2011)


今天中国的人们并不认同人类的普世终极价值 – 生命、自由与人对幸福的追求。

斯德哥尔摩症是中国的人们普遍所有的病态心理。 他们来到西方但并不认同西方的价值,反而处心积虑地挖掘那些反西方的理论与伪价值(如马列主义,左派谬论,社会主义,救星政府等等)并想要用中国式专制加西方伪价值去击败西方。 他们享受着西方社会的自由,但幻想着用西方的自由去腐蚀、消灭世界上所有的自由社会。

大多数来到西方的中国学人们是被中国政府(领事馆、大使馆)的金钱与组织机构所控制。 他们也被自身的、由于长期洗脑而产生的灵残、智残与专制文化心态所控制。

大多数中国的人们,因为他们的文化传统中缺少真实的信仰,希望有一个救星般的大政府作为他们心理与生理的依靠。 他们欲求着的并不是自由与必然而来的个体对自身的道德责任。 他们宁愿建立一个所谓的在仁慈专制者下的“完美专制”。

现在这种剧毒的专制心态开始从中国向世界的每一个角落侵袭蔓延。 二战前的专制与自由的文化较量正在今天被历史重演。 美国在中国所精心炮制的“软冷战”中首当其冲。

奥巴马被选入白宅似乎意味着一个微妙的、重大的与不可否认的在美国正在发生的文化心态的转变 – 从一个崇尚自由与个体责任的文化堕落到一个个体逃避责任并崇尚救星大政府的专制文化。

中国的专制者们看到了鸡蛋上的裂缝。 专制的苍蝇们便一拥而上,从裂缝中产下专制的卵并孕育专制的蛆虫。 “孔子学院”与“孔子课堂”就是这些专制的卵与蛆虫。


转载者注: 陈凯是一个前中国国家男篮成员,一个不动摇的反共反专制的活动家: “我反对世界上所有的专制,不管它是古代的还是现代的。”

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism

By Kai Chen

Despotism and tyranny are the essential features of China's cultural tradition.

Today most Chinese do not identify themselves with universal values — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Stockholm Syndrome is a very common phenomenon for most Chinese. They come to the West wanting to learn something negative in the West, in order to defeat the West. They enjoy the freedoms in the West, yet yearn to use the freedom to destroy freedom in the world.

Most Chinese students in the West are either controlled by the Chinese Consulate (with their funding and organization) or by their own despotic mindset.

Most Chinese, because of their own upbringing and a lack of faith, desire a savior-like government. They seem to prefer a perfect (gentler and kinder) despotism in which each one does not have to assume a free individual's responsibility.

Now this poisonous mindset has started to spread and is permeating every corner of the world, even contaminating America (much like what it was before WWII).

Obama's election to the White House seems to indicate a shift of a culture from freedom toward despotism.

China now sees the crack in the egg. The fly wants to exploit the crack to insert the maggots. Confucius Institutes and Classrooms around the world is only one such example.


Kai Chen is a former Chinese National Basketball Team player and a staunch anti-communist activist. "Actually I am against all despotism in the world, from ancient to modern."

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