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陈凯再版/只有小人才在群体中找存在 Small Men's Existence Can Only Be Found in a Crowd

Mao's Red Guard 毛的红卫兵

Chinese eunuches being castrated 正在被阉割的宦官/太监


Small Men's Existence Can Only Be Found in a Crowd

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words: 

伟大的人用不着他人的认可与承认便知道自身的伟大。 他的道德中心是在上苍赋予他的良知之中。 懦夫小人则需要常常混在人堆里,因为他的存在是由他人的认可与承认而确立的。 这些懦夫小人的行为基点是对权力(控制摆布他人)的无止境的追求。

A great man doesn't need others constantly admiring and recognizing him to recognize and realize his own greatness. His center of morality is within his own conscience endowed only by God. Small men and cowards, on the other hand, need constantly to be with others in a crowd. They need others' constant admiration and recognition to know that they exist and they are worth something. Therefore, their only motive to live is to pursue endlessly that elusive, limitless power to control and manipulate others.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 5/17/2011)

All leftists, socialists, Nazis, people racists and communists need to permanently operate in and among the crowds. That is why in America most liberal leftists are concentrated in the urban areas by the coasts.

A simple explanation of this phenomenon is that the prominent feature of the collectivists is their faithlessness. Others' recognition is central to their own personal worth and their only standard to know they are alive and they exist at all. If they are alone to face only nature and God, they will truly be lost. They will not know what to do with themselves. They will panic.

This phenomenon is much more pronounced in China, which I have termed "Small Man Syndrome" or "Eunuch Culture". The cowardice small eunuchs band together to dominate/destroy great individuals, trying to enslave them to serve the state. This indeed is the history of China. The end result? Those who have self-recognizing ability all left China and started somewhere else, if they are not physically eliminated by the small eunuchs in the first place. All overseas Chinese communities, outside of mainland China, are prosperous communities. This is NOT because they are Chinese. Rather, it is because they, as self-establishing, self-recognizing individuals, have decided to stay away from that oppressive China composed of only small, cowardice, self-castrated eunuchs.

Every time I see those timid and pathetic faces full of self-doubt, man-eating thirst for power and hatred toward existence, I feel only contempt and anger. This is why when I see a truly free, independent, self-recognizing man/woman from China, I feel great affiliation and admiration toward him/her.

A nation composed of only small eunuchs can never be a great nation, no matter how much one wishes. I now live in America, a nation mostly composed of great individual human beings who don't need others to recognize their own existence and greatness, for they have themselves and they have God. I am very proud to be with these great human beings. I am very proud to be American.

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