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陈凯再版/让世界多一个幸福人 One More Free/Happy Soul in the World

Magnificent-You are a unique individual by God 每一个生命都是上苍所创/歌


One More Free/Happy Soul in the World - Your Power as an Individual

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

“道德相对”与“文化等同”造成了中国人畸形的奴性的幸福观: 他从不问他自身是否自由与幸福。 他只问他自己的牢笼是否比别人的牢笼更舒适;他只问他是否比其他奴隶从奴隶主那里多得到了一条毯子。 他人的状况是中国人鉴别自身状况的标准: 他人的奴役是自身的自由。 他人的痛苦是自身的幸福。


"Moral Relativism" and "Cultural Equivalentism" have created a sick and warped view in some people's, especially the Chinese mindset about freedom and happiness: He never asks whether he himself is free and happy; he is only worried about whether his cage is more comfortable than his neighbor's cage, or whether he has obtained one more blanket from his master than his neighbors. Others' state of living is the standard by which the Chinese judge their own state of living: Others' slavery is their freedom. Others' misery is their happiness.

Only by making oneself happy and free, the world will have a possibility to become happy and joyful.


by Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 6/28/2006, Reprint 2/24/2011)

Lenin once said that only by liberating all the people (mankind) in the world, oneself can be finally liberated. According to this view, no one in the world will ever be happy and free, because there is always someone in the world that is unhappy and enslaved. This is "Moral Relativism" carried to the extreme. Of course, only an atheist can have such a point of view, for he is never sure about anything beside yearning for power over others. He will never love anyone, for he has no basis for judging what is love. He will never be happy, for he has no foundation to assess what happiness is. He will never be free, for he has no criterion what freedom really is...

A person with no faith will never be certain about freedom, happiness and anything else for that matter. Fear, confusion and uncertainty will always accompany him. Abusing and being abused/using and being used is his daily experience.

Due to the potent cultural narcotics under which the Chinese have subjected themselves for thousands of years, many have effectively castrated themselves off the capacity to be ever happy and free. Modern communism has further purified the narcotics and rendered the Chinese complete zombies/vampires without souls preying upon one another: They think an unhappy person can make himself happy by saving others from their unhappiness; they think a self-enslaved person can help others to find freedom. Only a complete narcotic addict can have such a view. Only a complete idiot can believe in such a view.

Looking around the world and searching throughout history, is there a free country established not by free beings, but by slaves and overlords? Is there a happy country established by a bunch of self-loathing miserable eunuchs, slaves and whores (Eunuslawhores)?

When I was in China, I had made a promise to myself and my best friend who died from communist persecution that the biggest revenge I would ever exact on the evil regime was to make myself free and happy. Today I have fulfilled that promise. I am free. I am happy. And I think I have become the biggest threat to the evil, despotic Chinese Communist regime, for I will never perpetuate a vicious, despotic, slave vs. overlords, man-eating-man cycle. I have freed myself from that vicious dynastic cycle and from that man-eating cyclone. There is one less destructive element today to ruin other people's lives and to add to the world misery. I have indeed liberated myself.

Having become an element of freedom and happiness, I feel every moment that I am projecting the light of freedom and happiness around me, onto my own environment, onto others. I have become the most powerful person on earth -- I have become a free being.

Do not join in the vicious, deceptive cycle of pain, misery and mental slavery! Separate yourself from the destructive cycle and extract yourself from the perpetual man-eating-man quick sand. Then and only then the vicious cycle, the quick sand, the insidious swamp that have swallowed millions of lives will finally lose their power and disappear into the oblivion, into the past. Hereby I urge every living soul: Free yourself to become a happy and joyful being, before you can truly contribute to the cause of liberty and human freedom.

Only after you have liberated yourself, only after you have become a happy, creative and productive being, the world around you will finally progress toward a better tomorrow. Those who want to save the world but themselves are self-castrating, self-deceiving, God-pretending man-eaters. We have been through many dynasties. We have been through many forms of despotism/tyranny and we have been through Mao - the Devil himself, and the evil spell of communism. We have to ask ourselves:

What have we ever learned? Are we ever capable of learning and progressing at all?

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