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陈凯再版/你值得自由吗? Kai Chen Reprint: Do You Deserve Freedom?

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Do You Deserve Freedom?

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series


Impersonal as justice of God. --- Victor Hugo

上苍的正义是铁面无情的。 --- 雨果

Justice is truth in action. --- Joseph Joubert

正义就是用行为去体现真理。 --- Joseph Joubert



Kai Chen's Words:

Moral confusion, fear of truth, abandoning dignity to acquire safety and escaping individual identity/responsibility have characterized the Chinese culture. Those who adhere to such a despotic culture do not deserve freedom and happiness.


Do You Deserve Freedom?

Kai Chen 陈凯
9/16/2006 (Reprint 2/1/11)

Indeed, it is God who gives us rights to be free. Yet it is us who are using our moral conduct to deserve the rights of freedom. Freedom will not fall on your head from heaven. You must rise up to meet freedom. You must conduct yourself morally under God to earn and deserve freedom. Passivity and perversion of truth will doom you to eternal slavery and misery.

I hope all the Chinese understand the words I have just written above: Truth and moral conduct are the prerequisites for your freedom. Do not ever just dream of freedom yet remain in your old ways and old thinking of non-truth and passivity. Freedom will never come to you or be given to you by some others - those who claim to be your saviors. You must change yourself and act in a righteous way under God to deserve freedom.

Have you seen Clint Eastwood's movie "High Plains Drifter"? I highly recommend this movie to you, especially to my Chinese readers. It will teach you what is "deserving or non-deserving" regarding freedom. Justice is ruthless if people conduct themselves in an immoral and evil way.

In the movie, a small town of people perverted the truth and did an evil deed to one among themselves -- they kept silent when they were witnessing villains beating their own sheriff to death with whips, because of fear and because of their greed to benefit from the death: The sheriff threatened to expose/impede their scheme to profit illegally.

So for money and for fear and for a temporary material gain, the town's people turned their blind eyes to injustice and evil. But when the evil villains returned to harm them, they hired a new sheriff (Clint Eastwood) to help them to resist the villains. Knowing the evil and fear of the town people, the new sheriff (the after-life of the dead sheriff) demanded absolute power from the town people and exposed their evil ways. And after he killed the villains, he ordered the town people to paint the entire town red and burn it to the ground.

This is God's retribution and justice at work: When you tolerate evil and profit with the help of evil, when you resort to fear, injustice and non-truth to prosper, you are digging your own grave. Allowing injustice done to any one of human beings is allowing injustice done to us all. Freedom at the expense of harming and enslaving others is only another name for despotism and slavery.

With this said, I just have to ask the Chinese:

Do you deserve freedom when you lie, when you take advantage of others, when you harm your fellow human beings, when you allow the fear in your heart to stop you from speaking out loud, when you keep silent seeing evil trampling on your loved ones and other innocent lives, when you join the evil to profit for yourself, when you acquiescent to cooperate with evil in oppressing others and suppressing the truth, when you become a "monkey king" (standing everywhere and nowhere) to evade responsibility, when you identify yourself only with your evil culture, your despotic ancestors, your tyrannical government, your racial and ethnic characteristics, but Not your conscience, Not morals by God's law as a decent human being?????

Do you truly deserve freedom? Ask yourself and conscience in your heart: What exactly have you done to deserve freedom?! Only you, as an individual, can truly answer these questions.

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