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陈凯再版:"中国人"的三个绝缘体 The Three Chinese Impasses/Insulations

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The Three Chinese Impasses/Insulations

"Free Being" vs. "Chinese" Series





中国目前的与西方的沟通不过是用麻绳绑在电线上。 硬件与软件,表象与实质在中国人“难得糊涂”的“阴阳辩证”的“中“的陀螺的高速旋转中丧失了它们的本质区别。

Kai Chen's Words:

The insulation (impasse) between the Chinese and reality/truth/abstract essence is the Chinese character-based, pictorial, syllabic language.

The insulation (impasse) between the Chinese and their own conscience/God/true faith represented by Christianity is the Chinese traditional Confucian culture that worships the collective and the cast system in that collective, the culture that forces everyone in it to lose his or her individual self-identity.

The insulation (impasse) between the Chinese and the Western democracy that is based on individual liberty is China's unity-oriented, power-worshipping, despotic polity and political system.

The current Chinese connection with the West, with America is only superficial much as someone using a rope to connect an electric wire. The qualitative difference between hardware and software, between appearance and essence is entirely lost in the "confusion-worshipping", "Yin-Yang dialectics" and the Chinese mindset of "middle-road as justice". And the "Chinese Top" 中 is still spinning with high speed like a top being whipped.


Kai Chen 陈凯 (4/17/2006 Written, 2/10/2011 Reprint)

The three insulations (impasses) I mentioned above have to be drilled into the Chinese consciousness daily, constantly, to remind them of the difficult tasks and arduous journey facing them in the near future, if China is to have any hope of progress into the future joining the free world.

These three insulations (impasses) have to be dealt with simultaneously in order for China to move slowly, but surely, forward into the future with a moral compass as guidance.

Many Chinese have already realized how important to learn English if they want to succeed in the world of reality. At least most Chinese parents will push their children to be at least adequate, if not fluent in English. This is only a start, nonetheless a positive start.

To rid off the insulation (impasse) between the Chinese and their individual conscience to establish a true faith is a tough one. The recent protest launched by the so called "ten Chinese scholars" to resist Christmas celebration is only one such example how fearful and insecure the Chinese are with regard to their own self-image/identity, facing the loss of their own shackles and chains (their own despotic cultural tradition) to be free.

To destroy the current Chinese political system should not be as difficult as to banish the Chinese despotic culture represented by Confucianism. The current regime has already been shaken to the core and no one in China, including the communists, believes in communism anymore. But to make the Chinese see that their own ancestors/emperors indeed have never had any clothes on is not that easy. That is to say that to establish a free society with a solid moral foundation, on the ruins and swampland composed of the Chinese despotic, power-worshipping mindset, is indeed a daunting task.

Don't despair. Do start now. Do work to achieve the goal of freedom. Do begin and begin with only one spot -- you and me. Do begin with yourself.

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