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BBC TV Program "The Chinese are Coming" BBC纪录片“中国人来了””(哈崗孔学堂)

BBC TV Program "The Chinese are Coming" with My Interview BBC纪录片“中国人来了”(哈崗孔学堂)


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Review: Base British Commenter(BBC) “The Chinese Are Coming” episole2 Brazil to USA
影评:BBC “中国人来了”

(Kai Chen Note: BBC is a left-leaning British TV media outlet. In this TV documentary, BBC spread the message that China will dominate the world - a liberal leftist lie and a vicious pro-communist/socialist fantasy. Nonetheless, I am glad I have gotten my point across on the nature of the Chinese communist party-dynasty in this episode about Hacienda Confucius Classroom.)

(陈凯 按: BBC是一个基于英国的左派电视媒体。 在“中国人来了”这部纪录片中西方左派媒体试图散布“中共党朝将要压过美国称霸世界”的险恶预言 - 美西左派反美,崇共崇社,反资本主义的共同愿望。 无论如何,我很高兴我仍旧在这个节目中将中共党朝的性质告知了世界。)

Posted on Feb 16, 2011

Justin Rowlatt with Zhu Hanqun, who runs a Chinese plate factory in Tanzania. Photograph: BBC

The Chinese are taking over the world. Such, at least, is the premise of The Chinese Are Coming (BBC2). Justin Rowlatt investigated what Chinese influence meant for African countries, nicely skewering racist presumptions about China as he travelled. Intriguingly, the Chinese have often revivified old British colonial infrastructures. But are they as rapacious as we were? Tough call. Zambians resented their new imperialist yoke, while Angolans and Tanzanians seemed pleased by their countries’ reinvigoration.

Could the Chinese do the same for Britain? Probably not. At least Africans have stuff – copper, cobalt, cheap labour – that the Chinese want. What do we have? Our coal and oil are depleted, our manufacturing base destroyed; our only surplus is celebrities. Perhaps we could trade Myleene Klass and Stephen Fry for an overhaul to the railway network. The Chinese probably wouldn’t go for that.

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