Friday, October 29, 2010

诅咒 - 陈醒新幽默短片 The Curse - My Daughter Dominique Chen's New Short Film


The Curse 诅咒

I now present you a short film by my daughter Dominique Chen for her class assignment. -- Kai Chen

这是我女儿陈醒所导演制作的幽默短片。 望你欣赏。 谢谢。 -- 陈凯

By Dominique Chen

Youtube Link 视频连锁:


陈醒的另一短片连锁 Dom's Other Short Film:

种族主义必败 Racism P.S.A

By Dominique Chen (When she was still in high school)


陈醒的最新短片连锁 Dom's Newest Short Film:

猛醒 Wake-up Call: 12/10/2010

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