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In his talks with the owners of China, Obama neglected to use the word 'slavery' 奥巴马本应称中国为“奴国”

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

那夫罗佐夫对所有专制国家的,尤其是对中国的定义是确切的:奴国。 奴国就是那些以个体人们为政府与国家效劳作为人生意义的国度。 --- 陈凯

Navrozov's definition of a Slave State applies to all despotic societies in the world, especially to China. A "Slave State" is a society of a population in which individuals have only one meaning/purpose in their lives -- to serve the government/state. --- Kai Chen


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

In his talks with the owners of China, Obama neglected to use the word 'slavery' 奥巴马本应称中国为“奴国”

By Lev Navrozov

"But Obama never used the words slave, slaves, slavery as applicable to slaves in China today. It is possible that his half-brother has no inner need for that freedom, which Obama described. This does not mean it exists in China. A voluntary slave is more of a slave than a slave suffering from slavery."

(Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1972. His columns are today read in both English and Russian. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies.)

Several years ago the speeches of Gen. Chi evoked a common accusation among American experts on China that his speeches about how the Chinese army would invade the United States and annihilate two thirds of its population were forgeries.

Today, there are 1,429,000 “results” to my inquiry in Google about how China can or will rout all of its enemies.

We learned from Western newspapers that during his three-day trip to China, U.S. President Obama met with his half-brother, who had been living and was going to live in China. On the other hand, I call post-1949 China a slave state, since the words slave and slavery should be applied not only to those to whom they were applied historically as to slaves in ancient Athens or Rome, but to all who have been denied freedom, because they are considered slaves, though the word may never be applied to them out loud. Obama, a “partner” of China, was allowed to explain to local Chinese schoolchildren and students that the freedom of speech is part of freedom banned in China. But Obama never used the words slave, slaves, slavery as applicable to slaves in China today. It is possible that his half-brother has no inner need for that freedom, which Obama described. This does not mean it exists in China. A voluntary slave is more of a slave than a slave suffering from slavery.

Who was Einstein to have been able to convince Roosevelt in 1939 that the United States and all the free countries would become part of the German world slave empire unless the United States immediately proceeded to the development of the atom bomb, which Germany was evidently already developing.

In his youth, Einstein had enrolled at a university because he needed a degree to teach even school physics and thus to make a living. He cut all classes at the university and used only its physics lab. When Hitler came to power, Einstein (a Jew) went to the United States, where he wrote a letter to President Roosevelt on August 2, 1939. He had not yet become officially an “immigrant.” So one could not even call him “Immigrant Einstein.” No! Just Einstein. The meaning of his letter was a warning: either Hitler becomes the owner of the world, since the development of the atom bomb in Germany was evidently under way, or the United States too could develop it—perhaps earlier? So, in 1945 the United States dropped two atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which made Japan, a powerful country, surrender, while in 2009, it is clear that China (population 1,330 billion) is capable of defeating the United States (population slightly exceeding 300 million) because the population of China may become developers and users of the latest weapons.

Einstein is as necessary today as he was in 1939, though nowadays the military victory is determined not by which country can produce nuclear bombs, but by which country has the largest population to produce developers and users of the latest weapons. Hitler invaded Stalin’s Russia on June 22, 1941, and soon ran out of money to adequately finance his atom project. He had been routed before his atom bomb was ready and eventually committed suicide, while the United States was able to drop atom bombs on Japan and thus to avenge itself by Japan’s surrender for Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor, and to stop Japan’s occupation of China.

There are inhabitants of free countries who understand the geostrategic turnover between 1939 and 2009 no worse than Einstein understood the geostrategy of 1939. The trouble, however, is that we do not have Einstein’s aura. Besides, there are too many talkers with academic degrees, dominating the media with their safe and cozy talk even when a general of an enemy country explains that three quarters of the population of their country will be poisoned and infected with a morbid disease to turn it into part of their slave world empire.

It must be obvious that unless the free countries unite into a single military whole, Gen. Chi will prove to be right: they will be annihilated due to the enormous population of China. Yes, in 1939 and earlier, a vast population of a country was regarded as a sign of its “backwardness” and hence military death. Today a vast population of a country, able to convert it into producers and users of latest weapons, is a sign of its forthcoming military victory and hence its life of a global empire at the expense of its defeated enemies.

We must expand our audience to make it national and then multinational, including, first of all, the free countries. Finally, the free countries should have their united world armed forces, able to cope with a slave population giant like China.

What about the U.S. Congress? Surely this is to where our discussions should spread.

Such will, hopefully, be our radiant future. But at present, the situation seems hopeless. The United States has never faced anything similar. The two oceans and Canada defended it against Hitler’s invasion like his war in Russia (which he lost). No non-Western country except China has such gigantic possibilities for military technology and military science, with its human base that can be turned into global military forces the scale of which the world has never seen.

In their today’s visions, the owners of China can see the world in their possession. Which and who can stop them? Nothing and no one. Which can be more desirable? For them, nothing. An American billionaire spends his life on becoming a multi-billionaire. How pathetic, compared with the ownership of the world! What are previous conquests compared with the acquisition of the globe?

What are all medical achievements compared with a possibly medically achieved immortality of the world owner? He will be God, as Stalin dreamed to be in Eastern (Orthodox) Christianity, but died and will be forgotten.


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George said...

i don't like obama either, he looks like a liar and he's so under chinese government's rule. he want to enslave americans to the ccp. 我认为你的思想很深邃。

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Dear George:

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