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你没有反自由的自由 You Have No Anti-Freedom Freedom

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

我现将2006年关于自由的一文与一读者(卞理)的对话贴在这里。 希望读者们对自由有更深的理解。 --- 陈凯

I now paste my article about Freedom and some responses from a reader here for you to think more deeply and gain more understanding about the concept of Freedom. --- Kai Chen


你没有反自由的自由 You Have No Anti-Freedom Freedom


存在是价值; 虚无是反价值。 一个人有自由的自由,但没有反自由的自由。 --- (陈凯)

Existence is a value; Nothingness is an anti-value. One has freedom to be free, but has no freedom to be anti-freedom. --- Kai Chen

自由的人首先发明了轮子; 吃人者首先发明了辩证法。 --- 安、兰德。

A free man first invented wheels; a man-eater first invented dialectics. --- Ayn Rand.


Dear visitors:

The "Ying Yang" mindset of the Chinese compels them to lean toward Marxism and his Material Dialectics. Both are none-value or anti-value. Both are against Freedom and the concept of human free will.

I have heard many times from the Chinese, due to their dialectic mindset, that because Democracy means diversity, China should be different from America in its values: If America values freedom, China should value unity and despotism, just to be different, just to have diversity. Many in China mention, as some Beijing University student demanded Bill Clinton, that the United States should respect China's freedom to value despotism/tyranny, for the Chinese have chosen to be under oppression/misery.

Does diversity mean the world has to have anti-freedom to counter the principle of freedom, or anti-value "Nothingness" to counter eternal human values (Truth, Justice, Liberty, Dignity) and existence? Only the addicts of cultural and spiritual narcotics, such as many in China, can have such idiotic and pathological explanations of the universe and its values.

Should we put matter and anti-matter together to have diversity, or mix gas with water to power the engine, or castrate a man to impregnate a woman, or kill everyone to have freedom?? Believe it or not, this is what a typical Chinese mindset comes up with. They have claimed that if the world becomes just like America, it will be wrong and boring, or it will be anti-democratic, or anti-freedom, for the Chinese want their anti-freedom freedom, and want their anti-democratic democracy, and want their anti-life livelihood, anti-joy happiness, etc...

This sickness has permeated the Chinese society, prompting a feverish anti-West nationalistic movement, represented by people like 郭飞熊 and many others who claim to be anti-communist. The dialectic mindset, initiated thousands years ago, and reinforced by Marxist Material Dialectics, poisons everything the Chinese touch.

There is no such thing as moral absolutes and objective values such as freedom, life, pursuit of happiness, justice, truth.., in a Chinese mind. Everything is twirling around in a Chinese mind: The history of China is cyclic, right is wrong, black is white, just is unjust..., everything is relative. But relative to what??? To Power. In the Chinese mind, only Power can get their attention, only Power determines outcome of everything, only Power makes the earth spin, only Power makes kings out of winners and bandits out of losers...

Power is God to a Chinese. With power, they have freedom to kill, rob, rape, humiliate, persecute.... With power, everyone can be God. With power, freedom and human values become relative. With power, they are free of law of nature. With power, even Nothingness can be of value. With power, even slavery can be freedom....

The cyclic nature of the Chinese despotic culture has repeatedly shown us that "Ying Yang" dialectics is the very center in the Chinese complex and worship of Nothingness/power. Combating the Chinese dialectics, combating Chinese worship of Nothingness, combating Chinese addiction to Power, have to be the prerequisites in the arduous journey the Freedom-loving people in China are about to embark on.

Being aware of this insidious and powerful ingredient in the Chinese cultural narcotics is so important in formulating the map for the Chinese toward progress and directional history.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯



Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:04 pm Post subject: Re: 你没有反自由的自由 No Anti-Freedom Freedom

“存在是价值; 虚无是反价值。 一个人有自由的自由,但没有反自由的自由。 --- (陈凯)”




Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:45 am Post subject: response.

Dear Bianli:

If you have read my essay "On Freedom", you will understand my definition of "Freedom".

A person "free from his own Freedom" is not a person, or a true existence. He is defined as "Nothingness". Freedom is only meaningful when it is attached to individuals, specifically, an individual's "self". There is no "other's freedom", or "self-freedom". There is only "Freedom", period.

If a person cannot respect Freedom manifested on any particular individual, he is not only against so called "others' freedom", he is against freedom, period. A person who is against freedom is not a free person. He is an Anti-Freedom person, period. Or we can call him "a man-eater".

Your definition of Freedom tends to confuse people. And it verges on traditional Chinese circular thinking. Directional (linear) history only occurs when people stop thinking in a circular fashion. This pattern of thinking is crucial in the concept of "Progress". And this indeed separates Chinese dynastic cycles with Western directional history and Human Progress.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

Best. Kai Chen



Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 9:12 pm Post subject: Re: 你没有反自由的自由 No Anti-Freedom Freedom


你可以注意到“反对“和“限制“的区别。 “反对“是个观点和言论的概念;而“限制“是行为的范畴。言论自由的原则是公民有思想的自由,有持有不同观点的自由,有发表自己观点的自由。既然“反对自由“是个人的太度,这个态度又可以以言论的方式表现出来,本着言论自由的原则,这个人的反对自由的言论应该允许自由地表达。即是“有反对自由的自由“。我说“反对自由“这个观点可以自由表达并不意味着我赞同这个观点。言论自由核心是:经管我不同意你的观点,可是我尊重你持有和表达你的的观点的权利。尽管我不同意“反对自由“这个观点,但是,“反对自由“这个观点有自由表达的权利。自由不会因为被反对而丧失;自由只会在受到限制,被剥夺的时候才会失去。


Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 4:59 am Post subject: response.


Our difference is: You think when a person declares that he is a devil, he still is a person. I think when a person declares he is a devil, he is a devil, and he must be responsible for his declaration, and he must be treated as a devil.

While you think preaching hate and murder is OK, I think otherwise. Words carry responsibility and consequences. This is why being parents is not easy, and being a responsible, true free being is never easy. We must be aware of what we say and do and be ready to take the responsibilities and consequences.

To demand everyone be responsible for his own words and actions is to treat him as a free being, to respect him and his choices. To demand everyone to be responsible for his own words and deeds is to demand ourselves to be the same. Logic is simple.

A free being is a being with great power, and along with that power comes tremendous responsibility. If we treat our words and deeds as jokingly and lightly as we treat others', we are not truly free, for we are not ready to take the tremendous responsibility attached to that true Freedom. This is what I mean "You don't have freedom of anti-freedom". The moment you do that is the moment you cease to be a Free being, and you logically invite others to trample on your own freedom. The dire consequences is that No one is free.

How one defines freedom will form one's attitude toward freedom. Either you fear and loath freedom, or you treasure and appreciate freedom. Either you have hatred toward freedom, or you have love for freedom. Either you are enslaved by your own confusion and fear, or your are free because of your will, courage, ability and moral clarity. The ones who want to walk the middle will cease to exist. You must choose.

Thanks for the response.

Best. Kai Chen

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 8:19 am Post subject: Some Thoughts by Kai Chen


Existence exists. Nothingness is not a value. Slavery is not the opposite of existence. It is a perverted existence. The opposite of existence is nothingness. Oriental nihilism is at the bottom/core of every Chinese vice and at the bottom/core of the very evil of the Chinese existence.

I often say that one has every right to be free, but no right to be anti-freedom. Now in their perverted state of mind, from Europe to Mid-East to Asia, many want to assert their right to be anti-freedom. They want to assert their right to be Nothingness - a Blackhole to swallow everything in existence. They view their anti-freedom freedom as the ultimate state of "being free".

In such an anti-freedom existence, humans lower themselves to the state of not only sub-human, but sub-animal. This is why when the Chinese start eating their own babies alive, they feel no moral guilt or remorse, they feel nothingness. Their own excuse was, is and will be that they are hungry. Not even animals do that to their offspring.

So it is no surprise that there have been countless atrocities and anti-humanity crimes committed by the Chinese, from ordinary people to the government authorities. They are still continuing their anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-existence thinking and behavior today without a shred of self-awareness, without a shred of moral fiber and moral standard. So the atrocities continue.

Another tragedy, another atrocity, another human disaster of unimaginable cruelty is brewing on the horizon and it will manifest itself very soon.

Best. Kai Chen

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