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陈凯再版/良德与邪恶vs.优点缺点说 Good and Evil vs. Collective Perfection

Song: When you believe - Prince of Egypt “Moses: Let My People Go" 歌:只有你坚信时世间才会有奇迹 - 摩西:“让我的人们自由”


Good and Evil vs. Collective Perfection

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words: :

要大象不要象鼻子;要毛驴不要驴耳朵的“优点缺点说”是中国文化中最畸形与怪诞的道德观。 这种道德观必然导致中国人的抽精保糟的“全面”,“中庸”的专制价值观。 当所有上苍的自然法则与特定造物都变成了可有可无的,任人剪取的“物化”的,一个模子出来的行尸走肉的时候,畸形的人们就人为的发明了自然之外的“龙”去取代上苍的自然法则。 中国的皇权,强权致上的文化与政体就逻辑地成为了“优点缺点说”的文化思维必然。

Wanting the elephant by cutting off the elephant's trunk, wanting the donkey by cutting off the donkey's ears.., these are the most bizarre, most perverted features in the Chinese morals which distinguish not good or evil behaviors, but a person's "good features and short-comings" and a collective perfection (perfect despotism). This warped view on morality necessarily leads to the Chinese culture of "all face"(全面) and "middle-road"(中庸)that escapes all moral judgment by extracting all essence/substance from all natural phenomena in physical world and human society, therefore destroying morality and spirituality all together.

When the natural law of morality based on unique individual human life becomes relative and fuzzy, when all the mental and spiritual beings become physicalized, robotic existence is formed by the featureless mode of despotism. These pathological and psychotic Chinese man-eaters invent the un-natural and anti-nature image of "Dragon" to replace God as their ultimate moral arbiter. They invent it to scare themselves into a permanent and unconditional submission to the will of artificial/arbitrary authority - the emperors, the popular culture, the majority and the government. Indeed, this perverse view of morality based on the queer and corrupt "good features and short comings" ultimately forms the Chinese obsessive worship of power and despots who wield absolute power.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/24/2006, Reprint 3/19/2011)

The Chinese always think of their culture as superior to all others' because it demands people to withhold any moral judgment toward anything or anyone. People with moral clarity and conviction are looked down as "biased", as "extreme", as "less intelligent", as "less all-around (less all-face)"....

The most commonly used tactic in the Chinese "non-judgmental" culture is their daily use of "good feature and short-comings"(which is itself extremely judgmental). Many Chinese assert that even the worst can have beneficial effect and even the best is damaging (i.e. Hitler and the Communists must have some goodness and America and Christianity must be evil in some aspects). So they constantly look for good in evil and find short-comings/evil in the good. Yet they forever escape any moral judgment based on "good vs. evil". With such a amoral/immoral cultural practice, bizarre and logical phenomena can occur and indeed occur in the Chinese cultural environment: People have become featureless zombies, robots and eunuchs roaming around to castrate any person's uniqueness and attack/destroy any person who has any moral clarity. Chinese society has thus become the most colorless/fuzzy that is void of any creativity and/or outstanding human beings. It has become the most boring human existence the world has ever seen. It has become a morass composed by the moral-less to devour the good, and an abyss suited only for despotism and slavery to obliterate human freedom.

In China, all emotional excitement and feeling of existence come from war, revolution, bloodshed, chaos, rumors, intrigue, plot and destruction. And this is the only way the Chinese entertain themselves and feel a moment to be alive from their own routine anti-climatic, neutered existence (of lifelessness).

The "全面“(all face)/"优点缺点说”(good features and short-comings) effectively eliminates all uniqueness of any individual in Chinese society. It effectively eliminates the most prominent feature our creator/God has endowed upon us -- individuality with a unique meaning only to oneself and God.

This bizarre Chinese view of morality leads to some bizarre phenomena we have all witnessed and are so familiar with: Everything the Chinese import from overseas has to be stripped off its essence, from the concept of freedom, democracy to the Bible and Christianity. Nothing original, nothing meaningful, nothing with essence/substance will be preserved, (thanks in part to the Chinese-character based syllabic language) when it reaches China's shore. It is like that when they want an automobile, they have to take the engine out; when they want an airplane, they have to cut its wings; when they want democracy, they have to take out individual freedom; when they want freedom, they have to eliminate responsibility and individual uniqueness; when they want joy and happiness, they just have to castrate themselves emotionally/physically to achieve it.

With this pathological/psychotic mentality, "Dragon" is the man's only creation that dominates the Chinese life/landscape. Power, authority, emperors, fear and threat from others have become the only things before which they kneel down. The culture of "Dragon", a culture based on fear, passivity and submission, has become the only source of Chinese identity, and has even been perverted into Chinese pride.

I want you all to examine your own sense/standard of morality and decide whether or not you have already been poisoned to a point that you will never admit the existence of moral absolutes.

人只有好人坏人,没有优点缺点。 个人只有其特性,而没有其全面性。 试图改变个体的特性特征是不道德的与败坏的。 制度也是如此,只有好制度与恶制度,没有全面与完美的制度。 追求后者必然导致忽视道德与自身的腐败。 甚至婚姻爱情也是如此: 你只能决定你是否接受你的伴侣的品质与特性,你不能决定而只能鉴定他(她)的好坏,更不能试图去改变其特性以适应你自己的需要,因为这就是专制奴役的基点。

An individual human being can only be defined as good or bad, based on his moral behavior and moral orientation. But he cannot be modified into some ideal being by "enhancing his good features and eliminating his bad features/short-comings", like all despotisms attempt to do, such as creating "socialist new man" by communist China and USSR. To take such a view only shows the view-takers' moral corruption/degradation. A political or social system is the same. There is only a good (progressive, perfecting and moral) system, or an evil (despotic, stagnant, cyclic, corrupt and man-eating) system. There can never be an "all-face, all-around", "perfect" system. Pursuing the latter/ignoring the former leads to/reflects the view-takers' moral corruption/degradation. Even "love and marriage" is the same. You can only decide whether or not you will accept your partner's morality and uniqueness. You cannot dictate his or her morality and personal characteristics. You can not change his or her uniqueness to fit your own need and satisfy your own whim, because doing so or attempting doing so is the definition of evil and the foundation of slavery and despotism.

Song: There can be miracles when you believe 歌:只有你坚信时世间才会有奇迹

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