Sunday, March 6, 2011

China's Ghost Town 世界最大的购物中心-中国东筦现在是一座无人的“鬼城”

Largest mall in the world is a Chinese ghost town



资本主义在中国并不存在。 自上而下的官僚腐败经济造成了多种畸形的现象。 为了脸面而发展,为了政府而经营,为了维稳而建设,为了强权而生产、、,是“中国模式”的特征。 这个泡沫已膨胀到马上就要爆裂的时刻了。

Kai Chen's Words:

Capitalism in China is only a myth. "Bureaucratic Mercantilism" is more accurate to describe China's present state of economy. Top-down command to maintain growth causes perverse phenomena happening everywhere: Development for "Face and Vanity", doing business for the Party-Dynasty, construction for stabilizing the communist regime, production for dominating the others with despotic power.... The bubble is about to burst.

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While China recently announced 45 new airports due to booming travel growth, several of their development projects have been enormous duds. The New South China Mall is twice the size of Minnesota's Mall of America, but hovers at around a 1% occupancy. The rows of empty shops are piped with serene elevator music, and guards police the empty halls with echoing footsteps.

Announced in 2005, the mall is located in Dongguan in the Guangdong province of southern China. The location is between Guangzhou and Shenzen in an area that may one day be considered the world's largest mega city, estimated to have a population near 50 million. Today, the mall has yet to live up to any distinction associated with mega cities, and is a sobering example of what happens when idea implementation precedes growth. Separated into seven districts modeled after international cities, the mall boasts an Arc de Triomphe, Venice canals, and even a mini Egypt. Of the 2,350 leasable store spaces, around 50 are actually in use. Check out this award-winning video directed by Sam Green and Carrie Lozano for PBS that showcases this bizarre mall.

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