Friday, August 27, 2010

[One in a Billion] E-Book now Available 【一比十亿】电子版上市


[One in a Billion] E-Book now Available



【一比十亿】电子版已于近日在Amazon等七个电子购书点上市。 请愿购书者点击如下链锁购书:

Kai Chen Announcement:

"One in a Billion -Journey toward Freedom" E-book is now available in seven E-book purchasing websites. If you want to purchase this book, please click the following E-book sales links:


One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom

一比十亿 - 通往自由的旅程

Author: Kai Chen 作者:陈凯

1. Amazon - Kindle (E-book)

2. Barns & Noble

3. AuthorHouse E-Book:


"One in a Billion" E-book also available on:

*Google Editions
*Sony Reader

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